Why Do I Feel Depressed as a Millenial Man: 5 Reasons Why

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Do you feel depressed all the time? Maybe feel like your life is meaningless? Do you feel like you are not fulfilling your true destiny? This might seem strange, but you are not alone. Most millennials today are asking “why do I feel depressed?” In this article, I will show you the top 5 reasons why you feel depressed as a millennial man.

Last night…(Foreword)

I met my friend for a few drinks at the local bar and we got into a discussion about the prevalence of depression in our generation. I told him how crazy it is that today most people I know just seem down and unfulfilled.

The younger crowd especially, they tell me about how they hate their jobs, how they still haven’t figured out what they want to do with their lives, and how they don’t have any hobbies, which makes them feel miserable.

My friend agreed and told me about how the day before when he was in his college class the professor asked the class, “how many of you know what you want to do with your lives after you’re done here?” Sadly, only 3 hands were raised in a room of more than 50 people.

1. You Are Soft

The number one reason why you feel depressed and shitty all the time as a millennial man is because… you are soft.

You are as soft as a girl’s tampon.

I know, I know, for most of us guys this thought has never even crossed our minds because we all think that we’re real men, but do you exhibit any of the following signs?


Men don’t complain, it is not in our nature. Complaining doesn’t solve any problem, it only shows the rest of the world how weak and soft you are. It shows the world how unfit you are to be a man and get shit done.


How the fuck are you supposed to know who you are as a man if you have never tested yourself?

Now you don’t need to have been born in a poor country or get your leg cut off to be able to experience struggle.

There are many ways to put yourself in hard shitty situations like going to the beach and running 5 miles in 90 degrees or – 10-degree weather. Hard shit like this stresses your mind and soul so much that by the end of it you end up stronger and hungrier.


Most of us millennial men have the help of our family most of the time, you know that if anything bad happens in your life you’ll always be safe.

If you lose your job or can’t make a car payment this month you know you can always ask your parents or sibling for money.

This safety net that we all have behind us is what’s fucking us up taking away from our masculinity.


Do you fucking realize that if you are reading this article you have it good?

Most of the world doesn’t have the luxuries you do. Millions of people right now have to walk 20 miles a day to get a bucket of water.

Millions of people right now live in countries like Venezuela where the president has absolute power and does whatever the fuck he wants.

There are people right now that have the same problem you have but on top of that, they are stuck in a wheelchair. You lack perspective and it’s hurting you as a man.


Have you ever ordered food at a restaurant and the waiter brings out the wrong dish? Most millennial men don’t say anything to the waiter and eat something they don’t like just because they are afraid of a small confrontation.

This might be small, but this is how it fear starts and ends up being something that holds you back in life.

When was the last time you got into a fight?

For most guys, it was back in middle school if not ever. We as men need to be comfortable with confrontation and be able to take action at any moment.

If you relate to any of the things I mentioned above, then you my friend are a pussy, but let that not discourage you, for your nature is to be the opposite of a pussy, your nature is to be a fucking man. Now let go of this weak trait and be a man!

2. You Don’t Follow Your Heart

why do i feel depressed

How the fuck do you expect to be excited and happy about life if you insist on doing the opposite of what your heart tells you to do?

This might sound crazy, but I truly believe that whoever created this thing called life, put this “Heart” thing in our chests to guide us all the way to happiness.

You are the only one in this world who knows what you truly want, not your parents, not your friends, not your co-workers, not your boss, not even me.

Quiet the noise around you and listen to yourself because you are the only one that knows what you want and need.

People’s Opinions Mean Shit…

Going against your heart also means caring about what people think about you. How the fuck did we end up thinking that others opinions are more important than ours?

That’s some crazy shit right there!

You care about people’s opinions about your life because you don’t listen to your heart and end up being insecure and unsure. You like cowboy hats but won’t wear them because you care about what Tom’s reaction might be when he sees you on campus.

Make sure you always do what feels right to YOU! Don’t ever put your needs and wants on the line for other people’s opinion.

3. You Haven’t Fixed What’s Broken

why do i feel depressed

Another reason why you feel depressed all the time as a young thriving man is because you still haven’t fixed what’s broken inside of you.

You see, we all have these demons inside of us that bother the shit out of us every minute of every day.

We go around the world pretending that everything is fine and nothing bothers us, when in reality at the end of the day when you are laying in bed and the shadow of the ceiling fan is hitting your face… you know what’s broken inside of you, and you know that it’s slowly killing you.

I was overweight when I was a kid and it fucked with me and I absolutely hated it!

I’d think about it all day and stop doing the things I wanted to do because of it. I would feel like shit and I would numb my pain by eating more shitty food instead of doing something about it.

Listen, you can fix every little thing that is bothering you; it may be that you suck at dancing, then you can practice and become good. Maybe you are a fat and hate it or you suck at speaking in front of a crowd, whatever it is that needs fixing,

YOU need to fix and fix it now! Not when “I’m ready”, you need to do it now because it is costing you your fucking happiness. And then you wonder why do I feel depressed? Smh.

4. You Are Surrounded By Toxicity

why do i feel depressed

Have you ever heard the saying “You are your environment”? This is a very common saying and for a good reason, because it’s TRUE.

There was this recent study that I read a couple of days ago about some scientists taking out muscle cells and placing them in a sample dish full of bone cells.

Can you guess what happened?

The muscle cells turned into bone cells. The same happens to us human beings. Whatever we’re surrounded by, we become. This is all you need to know in order to take action right now and change your surroundings.

If you love your family but all they do is criticize you and focus on negativity, then get away from them. If all your friends do is complain and whine, and don’t do anything about their situation, then get away from them.

Negativity and positivity are equally contagious…

Therefore, you need to make sure that if you’re getting one or the other from other people, then let it be positivity and not negativity.

How do you expect to be happy if you are constantly surrounded by toxic people? And on top of that, the things you see and hear are nothing but negativity.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to be on top of what’s going on in the world, be it good or bad, but do you really need to know about how Kim Kardashian hates Beyonce? Do you really need to know how people hate the president?

The things you repeatedly see and hear give rise to your THOUGHTS, and eventually your ACTIONS.

Before you know it you’ll wake up having an awful life and be wondering why. Make sure to be surrounded by things that inspire you, by things that are constantly reminding you that YOU CAN.

5. You Eat Like Shit

The final reason why you feel depressed as a millennial man is because you eat like shit. Let’s be honest here, we human beings should only eat things that come straight from the earth, everything else is garbage, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The way you eat has a significant impact on the way you feel. The stuff that you put in your body affects your chemistry and your chemistry affects your mood and your mood affects your actions and your actions affect your life.

So why in the world would you want to consciously make yourself feel like shit?

You want instant satisfaction

You are basically an addict and you can’t help but eat and drink something that you know it’s causing you problems in your life, just because it gives you immediate satisfaction. It makes you feel good for a minute and then you feel like crap the whole day and start over the next day.

We as millennial men need to start listening more to our bodies and start getting out of our bodies way.

Don’t you think the reason why you feel tired and sluggish after eating a big mac is because your body is desperately trying to tell you that this is not the fuel it needs? Let me tell you right now. It’s not normal!

Your body is literarily showing you that consuming that substance is bad for you and you shouldn’t do it next time. This is what happens with depression and feeling like shit overall. Your body is doing whatever it can to tell you, to show you that you are doing things wrong.

We were designed to be and feel healthy…

Us humans weren’t designed to feel tired all day, we weren’t supposed to feel sad and down at 23. We were meant to feel good and healthy in order to survive in the wild.

Can you imagine way back in the day a cavemen asking himself Why do I feel depressed?

That caveman would have gotten killed by a fucking lion and forever lost in history.

Nature wants us to thrive and survive but we stubbornly go against it and insist on getting on its way by putting fake shit we were never meant to put in our bodies.

# Recap

Things you need to do to start feeling better and kill your depression.

  1. Stop being soft and weak.
  2. Start listening to your heart.
  3. Fix what’s broken in you.
  4. Get away from toxic environments.
  5. Start eating foods that come straight from the earth.

Remember, you are living in the best time in history. Now you know what you need to do in order to live an amazing life free of depression and mediocrity. Take action now and you will see immediate results from day 1.! Let me know how it goes, I would love to know!

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