How to Kiss a Girl For The First Time Ever

How to Kiss a Girl For The First Time Ever
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Let me tell you the story of my first kiss…

I had just turned 17 and I was at a friend’s party. I had been drinking and dancing and fooling around with my friends the whole night. Having a good time was my focus, if I met any girl that night it was a bonus, the cherry on top. I kid you not, the girl I ended up making out the whole night was a girl that was at the party but I had not noticed all night. Sometimes that makes me think if some things in life are just meant to happen. So back to the story, the party had ended because the cops came and told my friend’s parents to shut everything down and call it a night. We were forced to leave his house, so we did, but I don’t know why but we decided to chill for a little outside by the parked cars next to the street. Some minutes later we hear this group of girls saying they were going to the beach to keep the party alive. My friend and I overheard them and I told them that we needed to say something if we wanted to keep drinking. So I turn around and told them that I was down to come with them and party all night if we had to, but my friend said no, and told me to go by myself, so I did. To make the story short I made out with one of the girls the whole way to the beach then when we got to the beach we kept making out. Believe me, I tried to fuck her but got denied 4 times so I just confirmed with making out. I couldn’t complain, I had never made out with a girl and I had been practicing for hours. The point of the story is that I never expected to have my first kiss and make out session that night. The point is that I stressed out for the longest time for nothing. Things happen at the right time and it is your job to put yourself in as many situations as possible, to basically improve your odds. I hadn’t even noticed this girl all night and I ended up meeting her at the parking lot after the cops kicked us out. We went to the beach together at 2 in the morning and had a great time together.P.S I ended up fucking her several times.;)

How the HELL are you supposed to know what to do?

How the hell are you supposed to know what to do when kissing a girl for the first time ever?. Millions of young man struggle with this every single year but it has got to come to a fucking end. Not knowing how to kiss a girl can be nerve-racking, especially because you really like the girl but you don’t want to fuck things up at the same time. The first kiss you have with a girl can be the determining factor in deciding if you fuck her or not. Trust me, you want to do as much as possible to have the odds in your favor and not against you. In this article, I will show you the way to make that first moment the best and remember it with pride in your 80’s.

1. Eliminate Expectations

Have you ever noticed that things you plan go like shit or don’t turn out to be as you planned them and they go totally the opposite way? The same thing happens with kissing and with most things in life. You want to be free of outcome and not even care about the final result. If you have great expectations about the first kiss you give a girl, you’ll end up overthinking it too much and fuck things up instead of letting go and just do what feels right. It’s similar to giving a hug, in that you just do and do what comes naturally to you.No one thinks about the way they’re going to hug a person before they do! Doing that will only make the hug awkward and unnatural. Aside from eliminating expectations I want you to stop being so hard on yourself. I remember being 16 and over thinking about the way I was going to kiss this girl and wanting everything to go perfectly as I imagined it. The reality is that things never go as planned and you just have enjoyed the moment. You are about to have your first kiss and you want it to go absolutely perfect! That’s like you expecting to be great at playing the guitar the first time you try to. Stop being so hard on yourself and think about this: Every time you kiss a girl you will become better and better!.

Quick Fact

“The average age in The United States that someone has their first real kiss is 14 years old” 


2. Remember that you will have many possibilities

You think that the first time you kiss a girl will be the only time you kiss a girl in your life? Fuck that! You my friend will have hundreds if not thousands of kisses throughout your life. When you first kiss a girl you think this will be the only girl in your life and thus that you need to do things 100% right. The reality is that the chances of you being with that girl more than a month are very slim. After kissing the first girl you’ll meet 100 more girls through the years and every single one will make you better and better. Some of the girls will suck at kissing and you’ll have to teach them and some will be so good you’ll be wanting more and more. The key here is to kiss that first girl with the mindset of “After kissing this girl I’ll kiss a hundred more, so whatever happens happens”.By having this mindset you’ll be calm and relaxed and the odds of having a great kiss will be on your side. Kissing is all about practice and repetition, the more you kiss the better you’ll become at kissing. Mentality combined with practice will make you the best kisser around, don’t ever forget that.

Quick Fact

“Studies have shown that men on average have more kissing partners than women. Men have kissed on average 20 people, whereas women kiss on average 15 people”


3. She will also be concerned with her performance

What you think you’re the only one that is nervous the first time you kiss that girl? The first kiss the both of you have will be something new for the both of you, meaning that she will be as nervous if not more than you. If you guys are thinking about kissing it means that this girl likes you as well, she wouldn’t be giving you hints if it were otherwise. Bet your ass she’s doing the same things you’re doing, overthinking, imagining it, planning it. and doing all this stupid shit that only makes things worse. Besides that, girls are more insecure than us guys and this should at least make you feel a little better. Can you imagine you kissing a girl and at the end of the kiss you telling her she sucks at kissing? That right there would crush her heart and confidence like you getting beat up in front of you girl. In the other hand if that happened to us we would feel bad but would recover much faster, that’s why were men. Another thing that might help you is imagining her sucking at kissing and you being the one leading her along. I remember the first time I kissed a girl I would constantly think that I was the one with more experience and that it was my duty to lead her and show her how it’s done. Just remember before kissing her that she is also concerned about her performance and it’s not a big deal.

Quick Fact

“Overall, kissing is more important for women than for men in having a satisfying sexual experience”


4. Be positive

I don’t care what you think or say but I truly believe that things go better when you are in a positive state.You can be an expert at something but what decides your performance is your attitude and your mental state.I know you might be nervous and anxious before having your first kiss but you must remain positive and do whatever the fuck you can to have a positive attitude.You don’t want to end up having your first kiss the day you had an argument with your parents over taking out the trash. Know that there is nothing to be afraid of, the girl you are about to kiss likes you and she’s putting herself in that position with you for a reason.Kissing is all about pleasure, otherwise we humans wouldn’t do it in the first place! Focus on giving pleasure and also having pleasure yourself , at the end of the day it’s all about having fun.

Quick Fact

“Happiness makes you successful rather than success makes you happy”

5. Millions of people kiss every minute

Kissing is not a big deal! Kissing is something we humans have been doing for thousands of years. I want you to think right now of someone over 30 who you think is a loser. Okay now pay attention and realize that that person you consider a loser kisses and has been kissed. That should take some of the pressure off you! If that person you’re thinking about does it all the time then why not you! Come on now…Kissing is normal and natural we all do it and we ain’t stopping anytime soon. Millions of people kiss every second of every day of every year and here you are thinking you are no good. Right now after many years of kissing girls and gaining experience I see kissing as giving someone a hug, it’s just something we do to show affection, nothing more.10 years from now you’ll look back at this moment and laugh out loud and think to yourself “Younger me was so naive”.

Quick Fact

“The earliest literary evidence we have for kissing dates back 3,500 years to India’s Vedic Sanskrit texts”


6. Practice in your room (seriously)

The last tip of advice I want to give you is this: Practice in your room. I swear this is not a joke, it truly can help and give you some sort of an idea on how it feels like and what to expect. Stand in front of a mirror, place your lips on it and start kissing it like nobody’s business. Move your lips in different ways, use your tongue, do different kind of shit so you know what to do and what not to do, what feels good and what doesn’t. Another way to practice is by using your hand. You can make the form of the girl’s lips by using the side of your thumb and your index finger and make this shape resembling to her lips. Once you have your lips just start kissing your fucking hand. I know it sounds stupid but it actually works! Just do it and try different shit with it, you’ll see that kissing is not a big deal like you thought. If you are not into kissing mirrors or kissing your hands try watching videos on the subject. There are hundreds of videos on youtube that teach you how to kiss and show you the different ways you can kiss. Sometimes seeing two people kiss in slow motion can do the trick and teach lots of valuable shit.

How to make lips with your hand


Best How To Kiss Videos on Youtube

Last Words…

I have been in your shoes and I know how you are feeling right now. Trust me. Without a single doubt in my mind, I think that after reading this article and absorbing all the tips I’ve given you your first kiss will be a success. There is no trick here, it is just a matter of doing and experiencing yourself. There is nothing else I can say to you that would make you a better kisser without having experienced it yourself. If you forget everything I told you above just remember the following things:


Kissing is normal

  • Millions of people kiss every single minute
  • Losers kiss every day
  • Enjoy the moment
  • She feels the same way you do if not worse
  • You’ll kiss hundreds of girls after this one
  • You are a fucking man

Good Luck!


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