How Thinking Like an Immigrant Can Get You Women, Money and a Sick Physique.

How Thinking Like an Immigrant Can Get You Women, Money and a Sick Physique.
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Have you ever wondered why so many small businesses around town are owned by immigrants? I noticed this the first time I went to New York City. I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of small businesses were owned and operated by immigrants.

Imagine moving to another country and starting from zero again, what would you do? How would you act? How would you think? How would your personality and mindset change?

See, this is what an immigrant goes through when they first arrive in their new home. Immigrants have no choice but to thrive and do the right things at all times in order to survive, they are literally against the wall and have “burned all their ships”.

Now, what would happen if you take up this mindset and start thinking and acting like an immigrant?

Not only will your thoughts change but so will the way you respond to things and the way you carry yourself! When you have the immigrant mindset you prioritize what’s really important in your life and think long-term instead of short-term when making important decisions. When you start thinking and acting like an immigrant you stop making excuses and start doing shit.

I believe this change of mindset can benefit you in a very significant way. Not only will you improve your financial situation, but you will attract more women and improve life.

I am an immigrant…

I myself am an immigrant. I came to the United States when I was only 11 years old with my parents and sister. I immediately adopted the immigrant mindset and hustled to make it happen in a new country. I still carry this mindset at 25 years of age and I have to say that it is a gift. In this article, I will show you how you can adopt this way of thinking even if you have never left home and reap the benefits of thinking like an immigrant.

#1 Immigrant Mindset and Women

Why are immigrants so attractive to women?

There is something appealing in being the type of man that leaves everything behind to accomplish his dreams in a new land. Making the decision to leave your homeland, your friends, your family, in order to fulfill your destiny is a very masculine trait. It is not easy to just pack your bags and pursue the unknown, you need to have big balls and a courageous heart.

Women are attracted to brave men, this is a fact. I would even dare to say that we are all attracted to brave men! No one is attracted to cowards and pussies. We are biologically predisposed to reject whatever makes us weaker and puts our lives in jeopardy, aka pussy males aka cowards.

By adopting the immigrant mindset you can be assured that women will notice. Not only will your voice change but your whole demeanor will change and come off as more courageous and confident.

See, immigrants don’t have time to waste, they can’t afford to be depressed or to overthink shit, they are literally uncomfortable and their only goal is to attain a better way of life than they currently have. Don’t get me wrong, thinking like an immigrant doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid of anything.

It means that you acknowledge the fear and you still push forward with your plans, it means that you have no other option but to keep improving.

An immigrant comes to a new country and immediately he has two options: to move forward or to go back home, plain and simple! It literally means that you are constantly hustling and working on what truly matters, on what really counts, on what will actually improve your life.

When you start adopting this mindset you will instantly become more manly because you will instantly have a purpose and a mission to go after.

Women like leaders and they will notice that you are the leader of your own life and they will want to be a part of that reality. See, women naturally seek to be led by someone stronger than them. Someone who will protect her and her future offspring. It is in your best interest to be that someone, we all know why ;).

#2 Immigrant Mindset and Money

Money is not the most important thing in life but it gives you freedom, control and affects those things which are.

I see so many millennial men working shitty jobs from Monday to Friday, then spending their weekends watching tv or spending money on dumb shit. This behavior is the exact opposite of what an immigrant would do.

The first task an immigrant has as soon as they get off the plane is to find a job, then the next one is to find a second job, literally. The mindset of working every single day, every single hour is very important because it builds your character and it shows you how pussified this society really is.

Who said we needed 2 rest days a week? I guarantee you that whoever invented that system was broke! What are we supposed to do in those two days? Scratch our balls and talk about how hard we worked during the week?

Get the fuck out of here! That is pussy mentality!

Work as much and as smart as you can! Find the best ways to make money and keep improving your skills!

Thinking like an immigrant in terms of money means that you never give up, that no excuse is valid, that you either make it or you fucking make it!

If you go out to the world with this mindset I assure you will start making more money, not because of the amount of work you put in every day but because of your new “kill or be killed” state of mind.

Immigrants save money

Furthermore, another trait immigrants posses is the trait of saving money. Immigrants don’t waste their money on things they don’t need. They buy the basics and save the rest in order to invest in the future.

What do most people do when they get their paycheck?

They go to a bar and spend all of it on drinks with people they don’t even like in order to appease their low self-esteem. Immigrants don’t care what people think or what people do with their money, they have one purpose and that purpose is to save as much as they can with the hopes of investing it in the future and move to the next level.

Start living a frugal life and don’t buy shit you don’t need! Instead, save that money and start planning on your future investment.

Extremely competitive

The last reason why thinking like an immigrant will help you with money is by killing the competition. Let’s get it straight, life is about competition. How are you considered successful or rich?  You just need to be 1% richer or more successful than the next guy, that’s it!

If you start adopting this way of looking at life, you’ll start seeing life as a game and it will become more fun to work hard and be disciplined! If you focus on being better than the next guy you will always be successful in every aspect of your life including money.

The money is already out there and it is your job to make people give it to you. Maybe you are not accustomed to being a competitive guy, maybe when back in school you never played sports and you never developed this natural instinct that we all men have. Don’t lose hope because it’s never too late! You can always develop this trait!

Start by looking at life as if it was a game and get your first win and see how great it feels to know that you are better than someone at something(it can be anything). It’s not about the ego or thinking you are the best but it is about thinking that you can do whatever the fuck you want and that you are better at some things than other people.

#3 Thinking like an Immigrant and Fitness

The immigrant mindset is all about the hustle and being disciplined, setting your priorities straight. That’s why having this way of thinking when building your physique is the best way to go if you’re looking for the best results possible.

Let’s start with discipline…

You can’t expect to build a great physique without having discipline, it is just impossible.

What is discipline?

For me, personally, discipline is to have self-control, to do the shit you said you were going to do even if you don’t feel like it.

Let me tell you a quick story..

I started going to the gym back in college, but I was never consistent. I would go for a few months and stop for a few months. It felt like a complete waste of time…

Today as I write this article, I’m 2 years into consistently going to the gym, 6 days a week, every single week. The results I’ve achieved are amazing!

The truth is that there are some days where I just don’t feel like driving all the way to the gym and lift heavy shit, I just want to lay on my bed with my hand on my dick, and that is where self-discipline comes in action…

Even though I absolutely don’t want to go to the gym and train, I still do! And as punishment I make myself train even harder to teach my brain that laziness is something bad that shouldn’t be rewarded.

After 2 years of lifting almost every single day, my discipline muscle is very strong. Now, I see the gym as something I must do, same as taking a shower in the mornings or brushing my teeth. It’s become part of my life and I’ve already decided that I will train until the day I die, I fucking love it!

The hustle & fitness…

This trait is the cherry on top of your physique goals. I see so many guys at the gym lifting weights and they don’t even break a sweat! They simply go, do the same shit they do every day, fuck around on Instagram in-between sets and call it a day. You don’t even see them breathing heavily or a drop of sweat on their face!

Fuck that!

When you go to the gym, you go to fucking hustle motherfucker. You go lift heavy shit and break down every fiber of your muscles until the only thing keeping you alive is your fucking soul… now that’s the spirit.

If you want to see optimal results you must fucking make it a priority to break a sweat every single gym session you have and actually be uncomfortable… for once.

How do you expect to be stronger and grow if you are constantly comfortable doing the same shit? How about you embrace being uncomfortable and make it a decision to have minimum rest between sets.

Not only will you get stronger but your cardiovascular system will become more efficient! It’s a win-win situation.

#4 Thinking like an immigrant and life

Finally, I want to tell you that if you have the capacity to read this on your laptop or phone right now, then you are lucky and privileged. Nowadays young men are soft and spoiled. It is rather disgusting if you really think about it. First world millennial men have been brought up in such safe, easy conditions that now, instead of having men we have pussies.


By adopting this new immigrant mentality you will realize that you have it good, that you should be 100% grateful to live in a world where you have the most opportunities. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to fucking compete, to fight for a position in this world. Be grateful that you are young and that you were born a male.

No excuses…

Make a rule to yourself that you can’t make any excuses whatsoever. That no excuse is valid or acceptable. When you have this “No Excuses” attitude tattooed on your brain you will come to realize that everything is possible. You just have to find a way or make the fucking way yourself. When you adopt this mentality your life will dramatically change and you will be freer than before.

Common Mentality
“I don’t have time”
“Girls aren’t attracted to me”
“I’m fat”
“I’m not that type of guy”
“You’re lucky”
“Is not meant to be”
“The economy sucks”
“I had a bad childhood”
“I can’t because of my genes”
Immigrant Mentality
“I’ll make the time”
“I’ll make them attracted to me”
“I can do anything I want”
“I’ll become that guy”
“I create my own luck”
“I’ll keep trying until I get it”
“It’s a good time to invest”
“I only have control of the now”
“I’ll eat less and workout”


Hustle means to do anything you can to accomplish your goal. Immigrants have no other choice but to hustle and accomplish their fucking goals. What is their other option? To go back home with nothing? No way!

Incorporate hustle in everything you do. Be it cooking, training, studying, working or even talking to girls.

Every time you need to cook say to yourself “hustle bitch” “Let’s make the best meal ever”. When you are benching, say to yourself “Let’s go motherfucker, hustle”. When you are studying or working, say to yourself “bring it, bring it, I love working”.

Basically, do whatever the fuck you can to convince your brain that you indeed love hustling. Sooner or later you will be a hustler.


When you are an immigrant, you arrive in a new country with nothing. But the thing you do have and will never lose is PERSPECTIVE.

You’ve seen what the other alternative is, you have lived it and you don’t want to go back. You naturally appreciate everything most people take for granted. You appreciate the freedom, the roof under your head, the stable economy, the laws, everything that makes the place you come from shitty.

The only way to have perspective is to experience the opposite of what you are currently living. If you live in an ok neighborhood, grab your car and go for a ride to the poorest neighborhood in the city and really try to imagine what your life would be like if you lived there. 

We often lose track of everything we have and as a result, take them for granted. Try to put yourself in this scenario as much as you can and you will see that little by little your perspective will shift and make you more conscious and aware of all the great things in your life.


You only have one life and you are in control of how it goes. Take the best traits from different people and adopt the ones that will benefit you in your life. In this case, I showed you the immigrant mentality, which resembles the mentality of a warrior. The mentality of someone hungry to achieve whatever they seek to achieve. I leave you with this quote by Gary Vee:


  • Women are attracted to courageous man
  • Hustle in everything you do
  • Discipline is king
  • No excuse is acceptable
  • Never reward laziness
  • Be grateful
  • Have perspective
  • Embrace hard work
  • Set your priorities straight
  • Don’t be a bitch

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