How to Be More Attractive: 7 Ways to Become a Girl Magnet

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Learning how to be more attractive to the opposite sex is something a man should strive for in his life; and not for the women, but because it is his duty to actualize all that vast potential hidden within him.

The funny thing is that by you merely becoming the best version of yourself, the byproduct of that is women becoming insanely attracted to you. So if you’re here expecting some tricks on how to “appear” more attractive, then you’re in the wrong place.

Here, I’m going to give you the raw truth.

What Do Most Men Do?

Most men:

  • Think that one is born either attractive or not, and that there is nothing they can do to change their luck.
  • Just conform to the way they are, even if women don’t value their character
  • Blame world for feeling undesirable instead of doing something about it.
  • Envy the attractive guys that get all the attention instead of learning from them and improving themselves.

If you are like “most men” but have finally decided to take control of your destiny, and become the most attractive version of yourself, then you are in for a treat.

In this article I will show you how to be more attractive to girls by showing you the top 7 things you can do to be more desirable, and end up being the type of guy hot girls fantasize about.

1. Love Yourself

how to be more attractive

The first thing you have to fix in yourself is self-love.


Got it?

Okay, good..

If you want to learn how to be more attractive, then loving yourself is crucial. Why would anyone be attracted to you if you don’t even like yourself?

Now you may be asking…How do I start loving myself?

Loving yourself means accepting who you are right at this moment. It’s talking to yourself in a positive way instead of treating your own self like garbage.

Now don’t confuse loving yourself with being complacent, they are two different things.

What you should love the most is the potential that you have within you, meaning that; you should know that you are capable of so much more and it would be a crime to your own self for you to ignore and fail to actualize all that potential.

An excellent way to practice self-love is by looking at yourself in the mirror, stare at your own eyes and honestly, for the first time in your life, realize that your life so far has been a rollercoaster ride and somehow you are still here fighting. Take a deep breath, and send love to yourself, feel it deep within.

2. Be in Shape

how to be more attractive

Being fit is not about looking like the guys on fitness magazines but about being the type of guy who:

  • Respects his body enough to maintain it in top condition
  • Controls his body and mind.
  • Goes after his goals by being disciplined.
  • Is capable of protecting his loved ones at any moment.

You see… being fit is more than looking good and having an attractive set of arms. It’s more about the type of guy you have to be to maintain a healthy physique during the madness of life. Don’t get me wrong, girls love touching your body and are sexually aroused by the hardness of your chest but trust me when I tell you this:

Girls are attracted to the qualities that you have that they can gain something from.

  • Being disrespectful to your own body and maintaining it in bad shape only tells her that you won’t respect her either.
  • Not being in control of your mind and body only tells her that you can’t deal with life’s problems and that you are weak.
  • Not being disciplined and not going after your goals only tells her that you are a weak man and not strong enough to go after what you want.
  • Being fat and unfit only tells her that in the moment when some other man disrespects her you won’t be able to defend her.

So why the fuck would she even consider being with you if she’s better off alone?

3. Get Your Money Right

how to be more attractive

The people that said that money didn’t matter or that money was not important to be happy were clearly poor.

Having money in your bank account is vital if you want to be more attractive to women because money equals power, and power equals freedom. It’s not about the things you can buy her but about the qualities that having a good amount of cash gives you.

The thing you get when you have a lot of money is POWER.

  • Power to do whatever you want with your life.
  • Deciding what kind of food to eat everyday.
  • Power to see the world.
  • The means to help others on a bigger scale.
  • The option to decide where your kids go to school.
  • The power to have any experience you want.
  • Ability to save time.
  • The power to be free.
  • Power to increase your survival.

How can girls not be attracted to all of the benefits that being with a powerful guy gets them? They would be crazy not to be attracted to the rich guy, they would be literally facilitating their survival.

The bottom line is:


Maybe this article on entrepreneurship can guide you to the money tree.

4. Find Your Passion

how to be more attractive

Most of people die with never, ever, being able to find their true calling in life, their PASSION.

Not because they were unlucky or because they didn’t have one, but because they didn’t have the balls to take risks in their lives.

Finding your passion in life should be a priority in your life, and once you find it you should do whatever you need to do to spend the rest of your life doing it.

Why Passionate Men are More Attractive?

Passionate men are attractive to women because deep down, they can sense the man is a risk-taker and has the balls to be who he is without caring about the consequences. This is why it’s common to see girls with broke musicians or artists. 

The guy can be broke, but his passion makes him unique and exciting. The girl knows this guy is himself at all moments and follows his heart. 

Finding your passion also makes you happy. Have you ever heard a passionate person speak? It is as if they had a fire in their chest, you can sense the energy they emit, it’s inspiring.

5. Be a Leader

how to be more attractive

You’ve seen the common occurrence of the school girl having a crush on her professor. Or the secretary that is madly in love with her boss.

Those two situations are common because they are real.

Women are attracted to men who are leaders.

Being a leader means being the type of guy that has direction in life, and is willing to rise to the occasion to make the hard decisions.

Girls, by nature, are followers and enjoy having an active leader in their lives. When they’re little, they have the father figure, the head of the family (the leader). Once they become adults, they look for the same leadership qualities in their partner.

Nothing more attractive to a girl than seeing a man lead a group of men without fear or doubt. It conveys to her that if other men trust you to lead them to success, then she must also do the same.

6. Have Goals

how to be more attractive

Having goals in your life shows girls that you take your life seriously, in other words, your chances of survival is very high.

Setting goals and accomplishing them tells her that; if she was going to have sex with you or if she’d manage to be in a relationship with you she’d be well taken care of.

Even if it’s not true at all and you guys have a one night stand she’d still be subconsciously attracted to you for these exact same reasons, it is imprinted in her genetic code.

7. Be A Man

The bottom line is that whoever created us, created the man to be attracted to the woman and the woman to be attracted to the man. So if you are not getting girls attracted to you then you might not be acting like a man.

See, we humans tend to overcomplicate shit for no reason and often believe things are harder than they actually are.

Healthy women were designed to have sex with healthy men, giving rise to healthy babies.

The reason why you are not attractive to women is simply because you are not hitting the attraction triggers they have.

If I can only leave you with one thing here that will help you tons is:


Whatever that means to you. Act like a man, think like a man, speak like a man, eat like a man, fuck like a man…

The more of a man you are = the more women will want to fuck you.


Now stop overthinking shit and become more of who you were meant to be!

A hunter, a warrior

The motherfucking man!

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