How To Quit Coffee: A Simple Guide For Men

How To Quit Coffee: A Simple Guide For Men
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Let’s get something straight… I fucking love coffee and it’s not that I ‘need’ it per se, but I choose to. I’m aware of the bad side effects it has on my skin and overall body, but the energy boost is crucial for me. If you are at a point where you just want to stop drinking coffee for whatever reason, I’ll show you how. In this simple guide, I will show you how to quit coffee the easy way.

The best way to quit coffee is by replacing it with something else.

The easiest way to quit the addiction of coffee is to replace it with another addiction.

See.. we humans are programmed to act upon things that make us feel good and run away from things that make us feel bad. Everything in your life is an addiction and they’ve become an addiction because they make you feel a certain way (reward). Eating is an addiction, working out is an addiction, drinking water, sex, etc. Coffee is just one of them.

Why is coffee an addiction?

Because it gives you energy! It makes you feel good!

The easiest and best way I’ve managed to quit coffee in the past is by replacing it with another substance that provides me with a similar type of reward.

Here’s a chart with the other types of drinks I have used to replace coffee in the past. Some of them are healthy and others not so much but if you want to quit coffee they will do the trick!

how to quit coffee

The second best way to quit coffee is by decreasing the amount gradually.

how to quit coffee

Another foolproof way to quit the addiction to coffee is by fooling your brain.

Your brain right now is addicted to coffee and does everything it can to make you sip another cup. The good news is that you don’t have to quit it cold turkey and suffer all the withdrawal symptoms. Instead, you can still give your brain what it wants and decrease the amount gradually. This way the brain gets used to having less and less without noticing the intent of vanishing coffee out of your life!

How to do it…

This process might last a week or two but its results are almost guaranteed.

  • The first day you start with your normal cup of coffee.
  • The second day you have 3/4 of that same of coffee and dilute it with water.
  • The third day you have 2/4 and add even more water.

And so on…. Until you end end up drinking JUST WATER.

Pretty easy huh? Now go try it if you really want to make coffee your bitch!

The third best method to kick coffee out of your life is by keeping yourself busy.

how to quit coffee

Let’s face it… Quitting coffee shouldn’t be that hard, even with the ‘withdrawal effects’. Stop being a pussy.

By reading this article on how to quit coffee you’ve already taken the first step and I respect you for it, but…

The bottom line is that the only thing stopping you is your mind. Have you ever noticed that when  you have busy days you stress less or you even forget to eat? It is because your brain is so busy that if forgets to alarm you with less important things.

If you manage to keep yourself busy all day you will literally forget about drinking coffee.

Nobody said it was easy but if you want to really do it without replacing it with another substance or by removing it gradually you will have to keep yourself busy. The trick here is to fill your day with so much to do that you literally forget that coffee even exists!

Things you can do to distract your mind:

  • Listen to upbeat music (this increases your energy)
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Eat
  • Workout
  • Sex

There are many things you can do to keep yourself busy outside of work. Music is personally my favorite one whenever I’m feeling low in energy because it gives you a boost in energy without having to drink anything!

Now that you’ve learned the best ways to quit coffee, learn the 5 reasons WHY you should

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