How To Lose Arm Fat: The Secret Nobody’s Telling You

How To Lose Arm Fat: The Secret Nobody’s Telling You
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How to lose arm fat has to be “THE” thing I wondered during my teenage years. You see, I was the chubby kid in high-school and I hated it. I would’ve done anything for someone to tell me the truth about losing fat in my arms. It would’ve saved myself many hours of research and failed attempts to do so. If you are in the same situation I was back in the day, let me save you time and tell you the TRUTH. It is impossible to lose fat in a single spot of your body! The only way you’ll lose arm fat is by decreasing your overall body fat percentage.

What’s overall body fat percentage?

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Your overall body fat percentage is basically the amount of fat you posses versus the amount of lean muscle you have in your body.

When I was a chubby kid one of the problems I had were my fat arms. Aside of looking like an avocado, my arms were soft and literally had soft,giggly fat on them. I tried everything recommended in youtube videos and magazines.Things like “toning your arms” by doing low weight high rep exercises to “sweating off the fat” in the sauna. Trust me nothing works!

It wasn’t until I decided to get off my ass and cut out all the junk food that I started seeing results. When you start losing weight you start to lose body fat. The first few pounds you lose are pretty much water weight and then the real fat loss begins. You won’t only lose fat off your arms but every single part of your body. Your overall body fat percentage will go literally from 20%-30% to 15%-10% which is a really healthy range to be at. It is only when you get to the 15% to 10% range where you’ll see you arms shrinking.

How exactly do I lose body fat then?

Losing body fat is a very simple process. See, people tend to overcomplicate stuff all the time and this also happens with losing fat. One thing you have to be aware of is the difference between something being “simple” and something being “easy”. People tend to mix these two words all the time, making this subject complicated for no reason. 

Losing Fat is simple but hard…

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Nobody ever said losing fat was easy. It literally takes willpower and consistency, which is the part most people struggle with.

Being hard doesn’t mean something is not simple. Losing fat is a really simple concept, you just burn more energy than the one you get in. As long as you make sure that you are burning more energy than the one you are consuming by eating or drinking you are losing fat. See, the human body as-is burns energy(calories) every single day in order to maintain itself and work properly. The reason why people accumulate fat in their bodies is because they consume way more energy than they need. Your body doesn’t know what to do with the extra fuel so it stores it all over your body as reserves for the day you “run out of food” (in nature). Your body is a smart machine and its sole objective is to help you survive… so if it means storing energy(calories) around your stomach or arms it will do so.

Now that we got that explanation out of the way let’s talk about practical things you can do to reverse the fat storing process and burn off all your extra reserves around your body.

Diet is king in order to lose fat…

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The food you take in is the most important factor in this equation. As long as you make sure you eat below your daily caloric needs you’ll be good. Let’s say that for your height and current weight you need 2000 calories in order to maintain that weight. What you would do is simply eat below that number(2000) or whatever yours is. You can cut down 500 calories or maybe start with 300. If you are desperate and want to see quick results you can go ahead and cut down 800-1000. But, make sure the remaining calories come from healthy nutritious foods like meat, eggs, and veggies.

A common misconception is that if you cut down that “many” calories you will starve to death. This is complete bullshit because yeah you might be eating only half of your daily needed calories, but the rest will be used from your body fat reserves. If you keep consistency and do this for a couple of weeks you will definitely see results, no matter what!

The human body is perfectly designed and if you let it, it will reverse itself to optimal condition. You just have to let it do its thing and not get in the way.

Cardio…Do you really need it?

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The honest truth is that you don’t need “cardio” in order to lose body fat. The reason people opt for cardio is because they lack the discipline to stick to the calories they need in order to lose the fat. They eat a “few hundred” more calories than they need and then they need to do “cardio” in order to burn that unnecessary energy off before their body stores it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, cardio is super important for your overall health and cardiovascular fitness but do you really need it? …NO!

If you can’t commit yourself to cut down the calories that much then I would recommend you do cardio that way you still burn way more calories than you need. The goal here is to always be at a deficiency, that way you give your body the chance to use your fat reserves as fuel.

What are the best forms of cardio to burn off fat?

From personal experience, the best cardio exercises to burn the most fat are JUMPING ROPE AND RUNNING.

If you’ve never jumped rope before, let me tell you… you will know why this is considered the best way to burn calories once you try it. You literally start jumping rope at a moderate pace and after 2-3 minutes, you will start sweating like a maniac. Even if you have trouble keeping up the pace or lack jump roping skills, you can always start, stop and so on. As long as you keep your heart rate up you know your body is spending energy to keep up with the action.

The same happens with running or sprinting(highly recommended). Your heart rate goes up in order to keep up with the fast movements you’re doing and thus burns fuel to do so.

Although running or jogging is highly effective nothing beats sprinting. Sprinting literally forces your body to find energy from anywhere it can(fat storages) and use it as fuel to keep up with the action. You have to realize that your brain and body doesn’t know that you are “sprinting” per se, but it thinks you are running away from danger. So since the body’s main objective is to help you survive, it will literally do whatever it fucking takes to get energy from wherever it can. And, since you have a lot of fuel stores as fat around your body it will use that as its source.

The bottom line…

The bottom line is that you can use both of these tools in order to burn off all the extra fat in your body. But remember, diet is number one! You can do all the cardio you want but if you are eating more than you are burning you won’t lose anything! and do the opposite(store more fat).

If you make sure that your caloric deficit is on point every single day and combine it with cardio, you’ll quick results! Now, how do I lose arm fat? This is exactly how! Not only will you lose body fat all over your body but your arms will shrink as well. Follow the formula above and success is inevitable.

Remember that it is simple but not easy! There will be days where you won’t feel so good, but always keep in mind that if you stick to your plan you’ll get the results in no time, 100% guaranteed! Life is all about recipes and if you follow this recipe 100% you will get the prize. STAY CONSISTENT AND DISCIPLINED AND DON’T BE A BITCH.

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