How Making Your Bed In The Morning Can Change Your Life

How Making Your Bed In The Morning Can Change Your Life
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I used to be the type of guy who’s bedroom was always a mess. I never thought that making my bed first thing in the morning and keeping my room organized was such a big deal. Until I heard this quote, “How you do anything, is how you do everything”. This quote literally changed my life and will change yours if you let it. Today, I will show you how making your bed in the morning can change your life forever. It did to mine and I’m 100% sure it will to yours as well.

How does making your bed in the morning change your life?

There’s something magical about making your bed first thing in the morning. You see, the reason most of us men feel bad about ourselves is that of a lack of accomplishment. But what would happen if you’d begin your day by winning? What would happen if you’d start your day by feeling accomplished?… You see where I’m getting at right?

By making your bed first thing in the morning you’ll get an instant feeling of accomplishment way before you go out to the world. You’d basically start your day not only in a positive mindset but with the sensation of winning. This is huge because something so simple as making your bed will have a major influence on all of the other tasks you must do on that day.

The first week making your bed as soon as you wake up will take some conscious effort, but as time goes by, it’ll be automatic. You’ll get to a point where it’ll bother you going out of your house without having that task done. This is where the magic happens because you’ll realize how easy it is to automatize a new habit into your life. You’ll realize that incorporating positive and beneficial habits in your life is literally effortless.

Most of us men start our days losing…

How Making your bed in the morning can change your life 2

I remember the days where I would wake up 30 minutes before work and rush my morning routine in order to get to work on time. I would start my day losing and feeling unaccomplished. This is what most people on this planet do and it’s become the “norm”. Then you wonder why your day goes to shit. Why you feel the way you feel and don’t feel like doing much.

By forcing this new habit into your life you’ll inevitably be forced to get more shit done. How do I know that?…Because I did!

When you make up your mind on making your bed first thing in the morning you are literally forced to wake up earlier. Once you are forced to waking up earlier you’ll realize how easy it was. You’ll start thinking of all of the other things you could be doing along with making your bed. Things like having enough time to meditate, read a book, wash the dishes, work on your side business, shave, laundry, etc…the possibilities are endless.

What are the benefits I’ve gotten with this new habit?

  • Positive mindset
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • More new positive habits
  • More time
  • Organization skills
  • Winner mentality
  • Productive days

These are some of the positive benefits I’ve gotten after implementing this habit into my life. Not only has my mentality changed but I’ve realized how easy it is to change your life. You might be thinking…How did making your bed in the moring made you realize changing your life is easy?…Easy, because your brain doesn’t differentiate one “task” from another. Your brain doesn’t differentiate a “hard” task from an”easy” one. For your brain both take the same amount of effort and repetition.

What was it like to build this new habit?

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By the way, my entire life I’ve been the guy who never made his bed in the morning. I could literally leave my bed undone for a week straight, easily!… But not so easy because it would bother me. I would literally feel bad about it but was too lazy to make an effort. Okay now, let me tell you what happened the first few weeks…

Week 1

Week one was hard. I had to force myself to wake up earlier than my usual time and consciously put effort into making my bed. I promised to myself that I would make the bed as perfectly as I could. Waking up earlier was a bitch, I’m not going to lie to you, but then something magical happened. Every time I came back from work I would find my room clean and organized. Every time I came back from work and saw my room the way it was, I would get this feeling of pride and accomplishment. This is the “reward” everyone talks about when explaining “habit building”.

Week 2

Week 2 was a breeze! by this time I would wake up early in the morning and automatically make my bed…the habit had stuck!

The habit was so ingrained by now that even if I had woken up a bit late for some reason I couldn’t leave my house without making my bed. The thought of failing at that first task would bother me so much that there was no way in hell I wouldn’t do it. Even if laziness kicked in, the pain of failing at that first task was 10 times worse. My standards had changed…

Week 3

At this point in the game, I didn’t even think about making my bed. I already knew this was part of my life and part of my standards as a man. Making my bed in the morning had magically transformed from something I hated to something I enjoyed. It became as automatic as taking a shower, brushing my teeth or going to the gym. It became something I had to do in order to survive.

Repetition is the key to success…

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Something so simple as making my bed in the mornings taught me a great lesson on success. It taught me that the key to being successful at something is repetition. It was because of the repetitive act of making my bed for 3 weeks that I successfully formed a new habit in my life. I realized then, that the same thing had happened with bodybuilding. I repeatedly went to workout every single day without excuses and got the reward of a nice body and bigger muscles. 

Everything you want to be succesfull at in life comes down to repetition. At first, your brain will put on resistance, but as long as you make sure to repeat the action for a long period of time, you will get the result. Once you get the result, not only will you start enjoying it but it’ll be effortless!

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