Entrepreneur Burned Out At Work: What To Do?

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If you are a real entrepreneur who works his ass off, then you know exactly what being burned out at work feels like…

You’re tired not only physically, but mentally as well. The creativity that got you all the way to where you currently are is not quite there anymore. It’s almost like your brain expanded inside your head and it doesn’t have any more room to think properly.

So now you find yourself working the usual long hours, but much less is getting done. The efficiency is just not there anymore.

What should you do now? I mean, you’re still hungry for success, and those goals aren’t going to reach themselves.

Feeling this way can be pretty confusing and annoying, I know, for it happened to me many times over while working on my business. Fortunately, I found several ways to combat this feeling of being burned out, and it’s what I’m going to share with you in this article. There is no time to waste; there’s a business to build, let’s get to it!

Burned Out At Work Tip 1: Take A Complete Break

burned out at work

Taking a break is the most obvious solution; but if you’re anything like me, a workaholic, then this is what you are avoiding the most!

I mean, who can afford to fall behind when there’s money to be made! Now before you completely shut down th idea of taking a break; let me tell you how it can actually be a significant benefit to your business in the long run.

Exhaustion is part of the reason why you’re feeling burned out at work, but what really is affecting you is the routine!

You see, your creative muscle grows by putting it to use often, which is quite apparent. Not so obvious though is the fact that it also grows by continous exposure to novelty.

Studies are now finding that by exposing yourself to new places, situations, or ideas, you can increase your creativity. So when you take a break not only are you getting the must needed rest, but you’re also letting new information into your mind which will come in handy for your creative process later on.

When I say take a break, I don’t mean a couple of hours or even one day.

The timeout needs to be complete; at least a weekend in length. During this break, there must be zero work involved. Use this time off to have fun, and enjoy yourself. The fun will release feel-good chemicals in your brain which will relieve the stress and leave you fully refreshed.

A mini vacation is the best. Get away entirely from the work environment; this will give you a sense of adventure, which in turn will excite you and expose you to novelty.

Things you can do for a break

  • Go hiking
  • Get a hotel by the beach
  • Take a flight to a nearby country
  • Go on a spiritual retreat
  • Go camping

Notice all these activities are out in nature. You need to get out and get away. Just going somewhere and staying inside will not be enough to refresh your brain. Get creative!

Burned Out At Work Tip 2: Work At A Different Location

burned out at work

There’s no better feeling than setting up comfortably on your desk and getting to work. But sometimes time away from the office is necessary, especially when you’re burned out at work.

By getting away from the office and working at a new location, you’ll get the same effects as taking a complete break (creativity & excitement) without having to really take a break.

It’s like you’re making a deal with your brain, where you provide him with a dose of dopamine coming from the new location, and he gives you with the metal power to get some work done. It’s a WIN WIN!

When picking out a place to go to work; I suggest you pick a high energy place, one where you can see people and feel their energy. Preferably, a place where other people are working as well, that way you can get in the mood.

As bizarre as it is, you will feed on the energy in the room and feel motivated. Here are some places you can go work:

  • Park
  • Coffee Shop
  • Library
  • Beach

Of course, to work in these populated areas, you will need some tools. I suggest you take the following with you:

  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Jacket (in case the AC temp is too low)

Burned Out At Work Tip 3: Take On A Different Task

burned out at work

Sometimes it’s not work itself what is causing the entrepreneur to be burned out at work, but it’s the current task he’s working on.

A couple of years back I was working on a phone case business. My business partner and I had to come up with the designs that were going to be used as a template inside the cases. Since the designs had to be done before we sent them to the manufacturer, we spent two months working on ONLY the designs.

It was driving me crazy!

Not because it was too hard of a job, but it just didn’t come naturally to me. I didn’t enjoy it; therefore I ended up burning myself out.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, where you’re getting burned out at work because of doing a task you don’t enjoy, or because you’ve just been doing the same job for too long. Then you could do the following…

  1. Trade-off the task you don’t enjoy with somebody else, like your business partner or employee. By trading, you’ll get a more enjoyable task which you’ll now focus on, and your old task still gets done by the other person.
  2. Take a break from the task to work temporarily on a task that you do enjoy; that way you get some momentum and enjoyment, which you can then carry back on to the tedious task.

Burned Out At Work Tip 4: Ask A Friend To Tag Along

burned out at work

Do you remember the first day of school when it was time to go to your second class, and you had no idea what it was going to be like, or who was going to be in it?

It was an exciting but scary feeling all at the same time; up until…

You walked into the classroom, and your best friend happened to be sitting in there. All of a sudden all your fear turns into excitement because you know very well that you and your best friend are going to have so much fun together.

Now, what if you can apply that same principle to work? I’m here to tell you that you can!

In fact, whenever I’m feeling pretty unmotivated about my work, I call one of my best friends and ask him to meet up with me to work. I know that once my friend and I are out working, we will push each other to get shit done.

Also, we will not let each other get bored. We will take short breaks, joke around, and stimulate each other’s creative juices. Be careful though, make sure you pick the right friend. The type that is not going to distract you and keep you from getting work done.


As an entrepreneur, staying focused at all times isn’t easy, after all, we are all human. And since we are human we work off emotion, it is emotions which motivate us to move, hence the “motion” in emotion.

With that being said, do not beat yourself up when you feel burned out at work or unmotivated. Instead, find ways to keep yourself interested and creative, and as I mentioned above some of those ways are:

  • Take a complete break
  • Work at a different location from the usual
  • Take on a different task at work
  • Ask a friend to accompany you to work

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