Is She Girlfriend Material? : 25 Green Flags That’ll Tell You If She Is

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When you’re a high-value man you have high standards when it comes to love. You understand that who you spend your time with either makes you better or makes you worse. Having a pretty face and a sexy, well-proportioned body just doesn’t cut it. You are aware that external beauty is what attracts you to her, but then something else is needed. I’m talking about her personality, the way she thinks and behaves. When you’re a high-value man you actually have certain requirements in order to consider her girlfriend material. This time I bring to you: 20 green flags that’ll tell you if she’s girlfriend material or not. Is she girlfriend material?… Let’s see.

1. She’s feminine

Is she girlfriend material

Femininity is what masculine men crave and need. It balances the masculine energy out.

2. She’s optimistic

Is she girlfriend material1

No high-value man would accept a pessimist around him. He knows anything is possible in this life and having optimism is necessary to grow and prosper.

3. She has a vision

Is she girlfriend material22

A woman with vision is a woman with dreams and aspirations. This type of women think outside the box and are very ambitious.

4. Doesn’t need alcohol/drugs to have fun

She doesn’t need to numb her emotions in order to have fun. She understands that drugs are escapism and bring nothing to her life.

5. Takes care of her image

Is she girlfriend material3

Looking her best is a priority for her. Not only is it respect towards herself but respect towards her partner.

6. Has hobbies

Is she girlfriend material33

Has many hobbies and practices them regularly. Because of this passion and consistency she’s very good at them.

7. Has good relationship with dad

Is she girlfriend material4

Having a good relationship with her dad tells us she’s had some sort of discipline in her life and respect for men. It also tells us she’s less likely to have been a slut.

8. Is respectful to service workers

Is she girlfriend material44

How you treat the waiter shows a lot about a person’s character and mentality…enough said.

9. Has goals in life

Is she girlfriend material5

Having goals in life show us she’s got a winner’s mentality.

10. Is an open minded individual

Is she girlfriend material55

Smart enough to understand that life is an endless mystery and one doesn’t know everything. Having an open mind brings opportunity to learn and grow.

11. Good sense of humor

Is she girlfriend material66

She doesn’t take herself too seriously and knows how to laugh of herself. She’s a happy person who sees the bright side of things…

12. Has valuable skills

Is she girlfriend material7

Has multiple skills that can be of service in your purpose in life. Things like writing, drawing, coding, marketing, designing, cooking, etc.

13. Doesn’t spend too much time on social media

Is she girlfriend material77

Doesn’t need the validation of strangers to be happy with herself. Understands that social media is mostly a waste of time and waste of energy.

14. Her room/house is clean & organized

Is she girlfriend material8

If your room is cluttered and dirty your mind is cluttered and disorganized as well. Having her room clean tells you a lot about what’s going on in her mind.

15. Supports you in your dreams

Is she girlfriend material88

She’s always there for you and supports your dreams. She understands that you purpose comes first and is okay with it. She’s always there when you need advice.

16. Is good with children

Is she girlfriend material9

She has a very high nurturing instinct and loves to take care of kids.

17. Doesn’t smoke

Is she girlfriend material99

Nobody should be smoking period.

18. Knows how to cook

Is she girlfriend material0

Knows how to cook very well and there’s always something warm to eat at her place. She takes pride in cooking and feeding the people she cares about.

19. Is very flirty with you

Is she girlfriend material00

She’s very flirty when she’s with you and makes it known that she’s into you. High value men don’t have time to play mind games, this is not high school.

20. Is emotionally stable

Is she girlfriend material111

She’s not a drama queen and understands that overreacting or making a scene are big no no’s. Being emotionally unstable is a big burden for high value men because it drains too much energy.

21. Doesn’t hang out with “guy” friends

Is she girlfriend material222

Men and women can’t be friends, we all know this by now. Her having many “guy friends” is like a Zebra having many “Lion” friends. Not only that but it tells you she likes the constant attention from the opposite sex…she craves it.

22. Doesn’t show too much skin

Is she girlfriend material333

Showing too much skin is another way of saying: “look at me and want me sexually”. “I need to constantly know that men want me to feel good about myself…to feel valuable. Plain toxic behavior…

23. Has a deeper understanding of life

Is she girlfriend material444

Has some sort of deeper understanding of life, be it through religion, science, spirituality or other means. This tells us she’s smart enough to think and form her own opinion about something so important as LIFE.

24. Maturity

Is she girlfriend material555

The level of maturity and ability to have an adult conversation is crucial.

25. Is not a feminist

Is she girlfriend material666

No explanation needed :D.

So is she girlfriend material?

  • 22-25/25 = SHE DEFINITELY IS
  • 18-22/25 = SHE HAS POTENTIAL
  • 15-18/25 = NOT LIKELY
  • 7-15/25 = SEX ONLY
  • 1-7/25 = STAY THE FUCK AWAY

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