How to Be More Disciplined in 2019: 4 Key Things You Need To Do

How to Be More Disciplined in 2019: 4 Key Things You Need To Do
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There are several qualities and skills that can contribute to one’s happiness and successes in life. But there’s one, in particular, that is able to generate consistent success in every area of your life. This I talk about is called DISCIPLINE. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish. It doesn’t matter in what area of your life you focus on. Be it your physique, your business, your relationships, or your finances. Self-discipline got to be the most important trait you can have in order to have a better life. And if you think about it, self-discipline is no secret if you want to be extremely successful in life. Below I will show you how to be more discipled in 2019 in order to help you have the best year yet.

Self-Discipline Is A Man’s Salvation

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Men with self-discipline are more capable of dealing with obstacles and difficulties when going after what they want. These types of men are more aware of behaviors that can negatively affect their health, finances, and relationships. This is why they make better decisions because they don’t follow irrational impulses, leading them to a stress-free life.

The problem here is that being self-disciplined isn’t something that’s been taught to us. Aside of requiring extensive practice and repetition in our daily lives, discipline isn’t something you can take breaks from or forget time to time. You can’t pretend to be disciplined in your job and undisciplined at home. ou can’t be disciplined with your physique and let your mind wonder without any direction.

Discipline requires continuous commitment. But the great news is that when you do commit to developing self-discipline in your life, you’ll be able to set successful habits and break the negative ones. On top of that, you’ll have more control over yourself and your life.

The bottom line is that discipline will let you live a better life and free you from suffering by taking healthier decisions by acting out each day on stuff that gets you closer to your goals.

1.Eliminate Distractions

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Developing discipline is much easier and simple when you eliminate the temptations and distractions around you.Do you want to lose body fat and put on some muscle? Then get rid of all the junk food and unhealthy shit. I assure you it’ll be way easier to stick to your diet and workout routine once you get rid of those temptations around you. Do you want to be more productive? Do more shit in less time and get projects going?…Then turn the phone or at least on silence and far away from you reach when working. Avoid going on Instagram when working and I guarantee you it’ll be much easier to focus. Without a doubt, the first step to become a disciplined man is to get away from those things that actually prevent you from being disciplined.

2. Eat With Regularity

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I’m no doctor or nutritionist but I can tell you a thing or two about your health that will help you be more disciplined. For example, when your blood sugar level is low, what tends to happen is that your level of effectiveness drops with it, like running out of gasoline. When you’re hungry, your capacity to focus lowers drastically and your brain seizes to perform at its maximum potential. This is why when you’re hungry you tend to feel irritated and pessimistic(you’re not the only one!).

In order to not lose track of your daily tasks, make sure you’re well fed during the day. Specially with healthy, nutritious foods and not sugary foods like chocolate or soda, for that will bring you the opposite effect. Many people nowadays leave the conventional 3 meals a day and instead opt for 6 small meals or even 1 big one during the day. I advise you to try for yourself what works best for you and brings you the best benefits. Lastly, don’t forget to maintain your energy and sugar levels on a normal level this way your capacity to make decisions and focus are not affected.

3. Set Breaks & Rewards

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Being disciplined doesn’t mean suffering under a hard and authoritarian self-regime.As a matter a fact, for your brain to perceive that being disciplined is something good for you, you ought to set certain breaks and rewards for being disciplined and having self-control. Be it letting yourself watch your favorite show on Netflix after working out or going to a bar to chill after a very disciplined work week. The end goal here is for you to stop seeing self-discipline as this monster that has you prisoner. Instead, the goal is for you to see discipline as that tool that will help you achieve your objectives and enjoy the path to them.

I’m not going to deny to you that self-discipline could be hard at times. Being disciplined is one of the hardest things you’ll do in your life, this is why it’s crucial to reward yourself constantly for the extra effort your doing.

4. Forgive Yourself & Keep Going

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Things won’t always go your way…sometimes you’ll fail, sometimes you’ll lack discipline and some days you won’t be able to get out of bed. Things will simply not go according to plan…you’ll have great successes and great failures…and you know what? It’s part of life. The key here is to keep moving forward. Recognize what caused the problem in the first place and learn from it. Always move on from shit and don’t let the guilt, frustration and anger have power over you. Negative emotions don’t help you be self-disciplined, they simply mortify you without accomplishing shit but lower your self-confidence. So put the obstacles of your life to good use and look at them as learning experiences.

Last Words…

Going under the self-discipline journey won’t be always easy but you can bet your ass is fucking worth it

Like they say: “If you’re too easy with yourself, life will be hard for you. But if you’re hard with yourself life will be very easy”.

Discipline is the number 1 skill of those men that manage to achieve great things in their lifetimes. What differentiates the self-made successes of the world and the rest is one thing only…DISCIPLINE.

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