7 Amazing Teachings About Money From The Greatest Book In Human History

7 Amazing Teachings About Money From The Greatest Book In Human History
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I’ve never been a religious person. Although I grew up in a Catholic family, I never bought the fact that GOD had written the bible. It didn’t make sense to me that, what was written in the bible was or could be true. Until one day, I actually made an effort to read it and see with my own eyes that this book was filled with wisdom and truth… What a fool had I been for not giving it a chance and being so arrogant, to the point of thinking I knew better. This Bible book has terrific teachings about money, ethics, women, work, nutrition, etc. I really felt like a douche when facing the fact that I thought I knew better than the most sold book in human history. I’m still not religious by any means, but I have a deep sincere RESPECT for the bible and the men who contributed to it.

1. Lasting Wealth Comes From Constant Discipline, Not From “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

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 “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle,
    but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.”

Proverbs 13:11 

Nothing worthwhile comes quick in life. All those courses and ebooks that promise you quick results are bullshit.

  • You want to change something in your life?

Well, get to fucking work and stay consistent. See, the only way to change your reality is to do something different. You can’t expect to manifest different results in your life while doing the same things you’ve been doing…It’s not possible. Lasting effects come from discipline and consistency, 100% of the time, no exceptions. It’s only by laying one brick at a time that you build a house. It’s only 1 rep at a time that you create a sick physique. It is only 1 viewer at a time that you form a successful youtube channel.

2. Money Isn’t Bad, Greed Is

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“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

Timothy 6:10

Let’s get something straight. Money isn’t bad at all! Money is just a symbol of value “something” has.

It’s not that the bible says that money is wrong or that being rich is evil, it says that greed is bad. In other words, chasing money is what is fucking you up and probably the reason you’re not getting where you want to be. Instead of focusing on pursuing money and creating this scarcity mindset; how about we focus on solving problems and helping people out?

By focusing on helping instead of collecting paper, you’ll find that money won’t be a problem for you anymore. You see, if you give something of value(solution of a problem), people will give you something of value back(money). It is literally as simple as that…

3. You Can’t Take It With You, But You Can Shape Eternity With It

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“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:19-21

Everything we have and dream of having will never be OURS.

Everything you buy with your hard earned money will stay here on this earth forever. It will disintegrate and be forever forgotten. All your shoes, houses, clothing, cars, etc. are nothing but something you rent while on this earth. You won’t be able to take anything from this earth the moment you pass to the other life but your experiences and memories.

4. Generosity Blesses Both The One Who Gives & The One Who Recieves

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“A generous person will prosper;
    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25

Whatever you put out, you will get. You can’t expect to plant an apple tree and get oranges.

Being a generous person will always bring prosperity into your life. When you are useful to somebody, that somebody now has the urgency to be “useful” back. Whereas, when you’re bad to somebody that person is more likely to be “bad” back. You literally get what you give. When you have a business where the sole purpose is to make money, then it’s tough for you to make money. Instead, when the sole purpose of your business is to help people, money will be a side effect.

5. It’s God’s Money, We’re Only Administrators

” The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
    the world, and all who live in it.”

Psalm 24:1

Everything on this planet and universe is God’s creation. We’re just players in this game(life) “borrowing” resources while we’re here.

Don’t look at money as something you have to create, instead look at it as something you must earn and collect. The money you earn will never be yours. It’ll merely go from hand to hand during your lifetime. The trick here is to make it grow while it’s in your hands and realize that as it came, it can also go.

6. Debts Are A Form Of Slavery, Get Rid Of Them As Soon As Possible

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” The rich rule over the poor,
    and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

Proverbs 22:7

Being in debt is like trading your freedom for money. It’s like making a hole to cover another hole.

Getting in debt might sometimes be necessary. Things like taking out a loan to buy a car to get to work or getting a loan to start your business. But, this doesn’t mean being in debt is good; it is actually bad. Owing someone money is like going through your days carrying a rock over your shoulders. There doesn’t go a single day where you do not think about the money you owe. This is why it’s a bad thing. It not only causes unnecessary stress but it takes away your freedom. It’s as if you’ve have sold your soul to the devil.

7. Real Wealth Is Measured In Relationships, Not Money

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” Do not wear yourself out to get rich; do not trust your own cleverness.”

Proverbs 23:4

The hungry think “eating” will make them happy, just as the poor think getting rich will make them happy.

If there’s one thing most people regret on their deathbed, is not doing what they really wanted to do. You’ve never heard an old person lament the amount of money they made. Most of them regret “not seeing the world,” “not spending time with their kids,” “working in a job they hate,” “not making their idea come into reality,” and the list goes on… The bottom line is, don’t spend your life chasing money. Instead, pursue your dreams, chase relationships, experiences; for they’re the only things you’ll take when you pass.

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