7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive

7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive
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We as human beings have a natural desire to want to be more attractive. After all, wanting to be more attractive only increases the chances of attracting the opposite sex and being able to pass along your genes. There are many tricks and products you can find all over the web that promise you to make you more attractive immediately. But, what really works, in the long run, are the habits you can incorporate in your day to day life. By adding new habits into your daily routine, you not only become more attractive but you improve who you are as a person. That is, without having to spend money on clothes or unnecessary products… Are you ready to find out what are these habits that will make you more attractive? Let’s go.,.


7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive 2

Incorporating more whole foods into your diet will not only change your outer appearance but also improve your mood.

This is important, given that what first attracts a person is your physical appearance. And then, what makes them stick around is your personality( the way you are, aka your mood ).

Eliminating things off your diet like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar will also have a big impact on your body and how you feel. It’s been proven by many scientific studies that the consumption of sugar can speed up the aging process of a person by at least 10 years.

Now imagine the effects cigarettes and alcohol have on your body…

Another habit you should incorporate is the habit of working out. Exercising and lifting weights increases the good feeling chemicals in your brain and makes you look incredible.

Other benefits of working out are said to be:

  • Higher testosterone
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Better sex
  • More confidence
  • More women checking you out ;).

The bottom line is that you can’t be confident if you are not okay with how you look.

Most people hate the way they look and don’t do anything about it…but complain. If there’s 1 thing working out will give you, is the ability to stand in front of the mirror and be fucking proud of who you are as a man.


7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive 3

It’s not for nothing that mother nature made human beings NEED to sleep every day. It’s this practice where we shut everything off and close our eyes and lose consciousness, where the body has a chance to repair itself and recharge for the next day.

Sleeping well is crucial if you want to improve the way you look and feel.

How can you expect to be more attractive if you’re always tired and feeling grumpy because of you lack of energy?

Feeling grumpy will only make you repel people around you. ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

You need to make it a priority to let your body rest and do what it needs to do, which is repair and recharge!


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Having a daily meditation practice could be a great addition to your daily habits. Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety…especially when you do it every day.

Think about it…

What do women generally find attractive in a man?

Yeah… Being cool and collected.

The practice of meditation will clear up your cluttered mind and get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

By constantly practicing this, you’ll inevitably end up becoming a more cool and collected individual. Next time you’re faced with something stressful in your life, instead of reacting immediately you’ll take a second and see things for the way they truly are… which is, not that important!


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If there’s one single habit that you must possess in order to attract not only women but everyone around you, is to talk the talk and walk the walk.

This means that you are consistent to what you say and think. Meaning that if you say you’re going to do something, you go and fucking do it. If you have an opinion about something, you stick with it and stay consistent to your beliefs.

There’s nothing less attractive in a person, especially a man, than talking too much and when it’s time to show what he was talking about, he fails miserably or under performs.

The best ways to cultivate this habit is to:

  • Only make promises that you’re willing to keep.
  • Not say shit that you don’t mean
  • Not pretend that you know something when you don’t
  • Be consistent to your words and opinions


7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive 6

Does a tree ever decide to stop growing?


Like Jim Rohn says…( without the fucking ;D )


Now… We, humans, are the only beings in this world that actually make the conscious decision to STOP growing and stay where we are.

If you had the option of reaching your full potential as a human being, wouldn’t you do it?

If a genie came out of nowhere and offered you to make you your best self, wouldn’t you take it?


Only a fool would say no. Everyone wants to be the best they can be, it’s only because of fear that most people decide to settle and conform.

If you want to become a more attractive person then be constantly bettering who you are. Improving yourself means that you’re growing and becoming more interesting and this is very appealing.

See yourself as a product.

Wouldn’t you want the newer model of that product? or… would you settle with the old model? Would you get an “iPhone 6” instead of the “X”?… Hell no!


7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive  7

This is one of the obvious ones you MUST incorporate in your life, if not already.

I’ll make it simple…

  1. Shower daily
  2. Be well groomed at all times
  3. Keep your mouth and teeth clean
  4. Always smell good
  5. Wear clean clothes
  6. Take care of your skin
  7. Clean your ears (no wax)


7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive 8

Now this habit is one you should always keep in mind and in your life.

Being authentic is being EXACTLY who you are without changing yourself for outside validation.

This doesn’t mean you can’t change or acquire new ways of thinking, etc. This means that you always stay true to yourself and keep the essence of what makes you… YOU.

Don’t become someone you’re not in order to please anyone in this world. Always keep the essence of who you are and add different traits to make yourself better if you want.But never compromising your true self along the process.

For example:

Let’s say you’re a Zelda gamer and love reading comic books. But… you’re not currently attracting women, so you decide to change and improve yourself.

Now let me give you the authentic and the inauthentic way of doing this…

The INAUTHENTIC way of doing this would be to stop playing Zelda which you love and throw all your comic books away, thinking that it’s too nerdy and women might not like it. You instead become a “jock” and get into sports just because it seems cool and attracts girls.

The AUTHENTIC way would be to embrace your “nerdy” hobbies and on top of that improve yourself by acquiring “new” hobbies. Being nerdy is who you are…your essence. But you can always be the cool nerdy guy, the bad boy who likes nerdy shit, etc. You get the point?

Embrace your essence without apology.

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