Stop Thinking And Start Doing: Why Pulling The Trigger Is Everything

Stop Thinking And Start Doing: Why Pulling The Trigger Is Everything
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You can read and think all day long about doing push-ups but it’s only when you actually do the push-ups that you get the result. You can also read 300 books about business, entrepreneurship, success, fitness, etc. but that’s not what’s going to get you the result you seek. It’s only by taking action that you get whatever you want in life. There’s a current epidemic in the world called overthinking, where people confuse thinking and reading about something with accomplishing something. Pulling the trigger is everything if you want to achieve massive success in anything you do, this is why you need to stop thinking and start doing.


First let’s start by explaining why most people overthink instead of doing shit.


Alright this article is done, see ya.

No, but seriously…Fear is the main reason people hide behind a book instead of going out and trying shit for themselves.

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If you really think about it…How many damn information do you fucking need to do what you want to do?

How many self development books do you need to read to start taking action?

How many courses and seminars do you need to go out and try for yourself?

I have read a lot of books about different kinds of things, from self-development to philosophy to biographies and although they’ve helped, what really has changed my life is ACTION.

Listen, there’s no need to read more than 10 books about success. There’s no need to read more than 5 books about nutrition/fitness, etc.

There’s no need to keep reading books and consuming information about shit you deep down know how to do. Most things in life are hard but very simple to do.

Want to get a nice physique?

Read a book about weight lifting and then dedicate the rest of your time taking action and actually experiencing it.

Want to make money?

Read a book about money and how to earn it and then spend the rest of your time trying and failing all the way to success.


For god’s sake, if you would only read the bible and that’d be the only book you’d read in your life you would know how to make money, how to stay healthy, how to treat people and how to have a great life.

Is there really a need to have new books come out every single year about the same fucking topics?

Is there something new they’re telling us?

NO, they’re just repeating the same old shit in another way, in another style… THAT’S IT.

You see, the only reason why so many books come out talking about the same shit is cuz people are naturally inclined to seek the “magic formula“, “the magic pill”.

So they keep buying books and consuming content in order to find it, not knowing that they’ll never get it.

You can read 100 books about swimming and know exactly what to do and what to expect, but you’ll never learn shit until you’re actually IN the water.

First, you’ll be uncomfortable as fuck, then you’ll try different shit, then you’ll remember what you read and apply it, then you apply it… and shit!… it works! so you keep doing it and on and on… until you’re actually good at it.

Action is where it’s at. Pulling the trigger is where it’s at. Stop thinking and start doing.

Now that you know that reading won’t get you to the finish line but action will…


The #1 reason why people refrain from taking action is because of “failure”. Failure from facing the fact that they’re not as smart, cool, etc….AS THEY THOUGHT.

The problem is that most of us see failure as a “bad” or “negative” thing when in reality is the exact opposite.

Failure is your greatest teacher and it actually gives you the feedback you need in order to succeed.

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It literally gives you “information” on what NOT to do the next time. And, by knowing what “not” to do you’ll eventually know “what to do” and get it right every time.

It’s like when you first learned how to drive…

At first, you’re super conscious of every little move you make and you do shit wrong time after time right?

But what happens after 2-3 weeks of doing it (aka constantly failing and learning what not to do)?

Yeah…you end up driving like a pro (aka succeeding)

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Next time you want to accomplish something make it a priority to fail on purpose and get it out of the way. You already know that there’s no such thing as “failing” at something but getting feedback on what not to do next time.


The #2 reason why most people don’t take action when they know they need to, is because they care about people’s opinions.

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Whatever you do, be it good or bad, fail or win…people will always criticize you…Every single time, without fail.

So why not do what you fucking like?

Why not do what’s right for you if you know criticism is inevitable?

Like I said before, EMBRACE FAILURE.

See, what is the rationale of being afraid of taking action?

It’s that you’re afraid of people making fun of you because you’ve failed. Because you said you were going to do something and you didn’t get the result…Yet.

But what would happen if you’d embrace failure and actually seek it?

Then it wouldn’t have any power over you and you’d stop caring about people seeing you “fail” because it’d be something you actually wanted in the first place.

So the solution would be to get used to the feeling of being okay with failing in front of people. Getting comfortable with falling in front of people and becoming one with it.

Once you master these two factors of action-taking (Fear of failing and fear of criticism) your life will be transformed forever and pulling the trigger will come naturally to you.


  1. People read more books than they need because of fear
  2. Overthinking is used as a defense mechanism to protect us from pain (FEAR)
  3. The main 2 fears of taking action are failing and people’s criticism
  4. Stop thinking/reading and start doing

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