Why Girls Like Bad Boys: 10 Reasons Why

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Is it true that girls like bad boys? Is it true that girls chase the bad boy instead of giving the “good guy” a chance? It is 100% true and in this article, I’ll explain to you why girls like bad boys and despise the nice guy.

Let’s’ start with number 1…


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 1

If there’s one trait bad boys are known for is for their extreme confidence.

Bad boys know exactly who they are and what they want in life. They’ve been brave multiple times in their lives giving them the gift of self-confidence.

They know they’re more than capable of handling whatever life throws at them, be it women, confrontation, problems, etc. They’ve basically put themselves out there so much, for so long, that they’re capable and well equipped to be “cool” (aka calm) under any stress of life.

This is very appealing to women since most aren’t naturally confident.

Bad boys basically give women what they usually lack…

  1. Assurance
  2. Comfort
  3. Protection
  4. Safety
  5. Decisiveness
  6. Bravery


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 2

Bad boys are naturally born leaders. They are so sure of who they are and what they are capable of, that leading others is only natural.

A leader is always inclined to resolve a problem and take significant risks. Leaders take control of all situations and guide the interaction.

Girls find these traits very attractive and comforting because they’re naturally designed to follow instead of leading.

See, evolutionary speaking, a prehistoric woman, was not capable of taking the “leader” role and taking care of her offspring at the same time. This was the male’s role. To lead her through this dangerous world while keeping her and her children safe.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 3

Bad boys are so carefree and rebellious that they come off as fun, thrilling, and edgy guys.

You see, in order to be a “fun” guy you can’t take life too seriously. After all, what’s the point? We’re all still lost in this reality without a road map or answers to our questions.

Bad boys understand this, and this is why they possess this “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, which makes them adventurous and exciting.

One day he might ask her to hop on his motorcycle and the other to skinny dip in a pool at night. These guys don’t take themselves or the girl too seriously, thus, creating this aura of fun and excitement.

The reason women are so attracted to “fun” men it’s because these men make them feel good emotions. When women are having fun, they’re basically riding a rollercoaster of emotions in which they don’t want to get off from.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 4

Whoever created this world, created women to be attracted to men and men to women.

Bad boys are the ones that tend to have the manliest qualities out of the pack. This is why they stand out and are perceived as sexy.


  • Charismatic
  • Brave
  • Powerfu
  • Most of the times good looking
  • Strong
  • Assertive
  • Ballsy
  • Dominant
  • Confident
  • Smart

How could a woman not be attracted to him?

If he possesses everything she is programmed to seek… if he has everything she lacks.

It’s simple, by being with him she and her offspring have the highest chances of surviving and thriving.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 5

Bad boys are always better than the girl they’re with( at least in their mind).

See, women always date up. They(most of the times) look for men that are better than them.

The bad boy is usually older, more experienced, more confident, stronger, more ahead in life.

These characteristics make the girl admire him and respect him, eventually, making her fall in love with him.

See, a woman can’t love a man she doesn’t respect and admire. This is the reason why women go for the bad boy instead of the nice guy. The nice guy is usually a pushover that does everything she says.

How can you respect someone that puts your needs above their own? It’s not possible.

It only shows weakness and a lack of self-respect. Back in the day, a weak man that lacked self-respect wouldn’t be able to protect her or her children.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 6

Bad boys say what’s on their mind. If a girl asks them how they look in a particular outfit, the bad boy has no problem with telling her the truth.

If the bad boy doesn’t want a serious relationship, he makes it known unapologetically.

Women are attracted to this because it lets them know that the guy has balls and doesn’t care what people think.

It also allows her to see that the guy has enough balls to speak his truth without apologizing for it.

Why would this guy lie? Think about it…

The reason why guys lie is because they’re afraid and weak.

“Nice guys” are the number one liars and manipulators.

See, they put up an act of being overly sweet and agreeable just to fuck the girl. They’re so unsure of themselves that they’re willing to break their own honor to have sex with a girl.

This only tells the girl he is weak, lonely, desperate, and lacks self-respect, qualities girls genetically run away from.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 7

Most bad boys are very competitive, and they love to win more than hating to lose.

It’s because of this competitive nature that they tend to be very successful in whatever they put their focus on.

The bad boy always gets what he wants. For him, there’s no other option. Be it getting the girl or choosing where to eat… getting his way is what he expects.

By having this “winner” mentality women see him as “dominant” and “ambitious”, qualities women are genetically prone to respond to.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 8

Having balls is one of the most attractive, manly traits that bad boys have.

Bravery is something women are very attracted to since it represents pure strength; both physical and mental.

A man can pretend, and put up a facade of being strong all he wants, but when the shit hits the fan, the truth comes out.

See, the only way a woman can really know if the guy is as strong as he “pretends” to be is by testing his bravery.

Bad boys excel at these “bravery tests” (aka shit tests) since they have no problem with taking risks, giving out their opinions, disrespecting her, or defending themselves if they choose to.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 9

Bad boys usually tend to be confident about who they are, making them very easy to be around.

They have nothing to hide and say it how it is; making them naturally charismatic and charming.

They don’t take anything too seriously and tend to find the funny side of things. This relaxed state that the bad boys possess, makes women feel comfortable around them, therefore, allowing them to loosen up.

Because of society’s rules and expectations, women tend to be a little uptight and reserved. But when they’re in the bad boy’s presence, they feel like they can let go for once and let the bad boy take them into his reality.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys 10

Bad boys #1 priority is:


And #2 is:

Also themselves.

This way of thinking allows bad boys to have an exciting life. They do things on their own terms and don’t care what people think about them.

These unique characteristics let them experience many things in life. And by having experienced many things; it makes for interesting things to talk about and share.

Now you may be asking…Why girls like bad boys if their #1 priority is themselves?

Women are fascinated by men that have their own unique life and live in their own reality. This way of living, subconsciously lets women know that the bad boy is under control and is strong enough to thrive & survive in this world.


The “myth” that women are attracted to bad boys is actually true.

The bottom line is that women prefer strong men over weak ones.

With that aside, you don’t have to be someone you’re not to make a woman be attracted to you…that’s nonsense!

The reason why women go after “bad boys” is that the so-called “bad boys” are the guys that have the most “manly” and “strong” characteristics of the bunch.

So the advice is…

Just be yourself. Not the man you currently are but a man you would admire & respect.

The man inside of you with huge potential that begs you to get out.

When you start being that man, everything else in your life will fall into place.

I promise you that…

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