Tools For Success: Entrepreneur Edition

Tools For Success: Entrepreneur Edition
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It’s no secret that being a successful entrepreneur is damn HARD! According to stats, a little over 50% of people who try to start a small business fail within the first five years. OUCH! The odds are against you right from the start. For that reason, as an inspiring entrepreneur is imperative that you gather the necessary tools for success to help raise those odds.

Now, these tools I’m going to provide you with won’t guarantee your success, after all, they are just material objects. But if you already possess the character traits needed to win, then the following tools will be like a nitrous boost; enhancing those traits and keeping them consistent.

Tools For Success 1: Vision Board

Tools For Success

We, humans, are quite a remarkable species, and there is no question about it. Compared to the other living things on the planet our level of creativity and intelligence is otherworldly. After all, we are the only species to have left the earth! That’s pretty amazing if you ask me!

But as amazing as we are; we also have many flaws, and a major one is our ability to forget quickly. And that is where the vision board comes in.

The vision board is going to work as a constant reminder of your goals and ideas. Every time you pass by and look at your vision board, you will be reminded of WHY you’re working so hard.

Tools For Success

Ever since we developed the capacity to look forward into the future and back into the past; that WHY word became extremely important. It meant that we could learn from the past and work towards creating a better future. It gave us purpose and direction.

For that reason, it is imperative that we always keep that “WHY” fresh in our minds. The sacrifices we have to make for our future success every single day are already painful enough; now imagine not having a clear picture of why you’re making those sacrifices. Looking at it this way it’s easy to see why people get discouraged and give up.

To set up your vision board follow the steps below.

Tools For Success
  1. Head to your local superstore, like a Walmart, and purchase a Bulletin Board. If there is none by you, then order it online. Here’s one: from Amazon. Make sure it’s big enough for you to fit every one of the goals and tasks which you have in mind. Mine is 24x by 36x inches. *don’t forget the push pins*
  2. Find a quiet place to sit down with a piece of paper and pen. Once you do, you’re going to write down every single goal you want to achieve within the next seven years. Take two full hours for this step.
  3. Once you have written down all your goals; sit by a computer that has internet and a working printer. You are now going to begin looking for any pictures that symbolize your goals, wants, and ideas. Save all those pictures and print them.
  4. Cut out the remaining white paper out of the pictures and begin attaching them on the vision board.

Tools for success 2: Calendar

Tools For Success

As an employee, you know that as long as you show up to work, then every two weeks you will receive a paycheck; therefore all your bills get paid.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the same luxury. You don’t sell; you don’t eat — that simple.

Therefore, it is crucial for an entrepreneur to lift his business off the ground as soon as possible. There is no time to waste and a tiny margin for error. You must have radical discipline and organization; that is where a calendar will be of great help to you.

Tools for success

First of all, a calendar will allow you to plan for success. In the past, I can’t tell you how many times I would wake up with the intention of getting a ton of work done, but it probably didn’t happen. All because I couldn’t figure out where to start or what to work on. I was highly disorganized.

After getting my calendar, I now complete everything and more! Because I now plan everything a few days in advance. It’s so much more effective and more manageable; I don’t have to think as much!

Another great benefit of having a calendar is that it keeps you disciplined. Every night before I call it a day I look at my calendar and begin scratching off everything I’ve gotten done so far. If there are still some tasks I haven’t done, then I run for a cup of coffee and keep working.

Tools For Success

See, the calendar keeps you accountable. With it there is less slacking; therefore, more work gets done. Maintaining this type of discipline week after week leads to more revenue and faster success.

Lastly, believe it or not. Having that calendar works as a great motivator; here’s why.

Imagine after a busy month, looking at your calendar, and seeing how much tasks you have recorded and scratched off as done. If it’s a high number, then you’ll feel this glorious feeling of accomplishment. At that moment you think to yourself “man, I did all that in 30 days. I wonder how much I could get done in a year at that pace!” It’s indeed a beautiful, motivating feeling.

To set up your calendar follow the steps below

Tools For Success
  1. Head to your local retailer and purchase either a desk calendar or a big wall calendar. Make sure it’s one you could write on. I have a desk calendar because it’s easier to write on.
  2. Go to a quiet place and figure out all the goals you have for the year and break them down by month.
  3. Once you have your monthly goals, then in the calendar go to the month you’re in and write down deadlines on those goals
  4. Write down all the tasks you want to accomplish for the week in a list format. Set specific tasks for specific days

Every night check off the tasks you got done, and the ones you haven’t, reschedule them for the next day.

If you guys are wondering, this is the desk calendar I bought for myself. It’s on Amazon

Tools for success 3: Digital Watch

Tools For Success

With the previous point, we discussed how vital organization and discipline are to an entrepreneur. For that reason I suggested the calendar; to keep you disciplined and organized throughout the months and weeks. But what about throughout the day? How do you stay on top of things?

“The psychology of time management starts with this simple fact: your time is your money”

Brian Tracy

As an entrepreneur, you have to make every minute count. For that reason, you need always to be aware of time; and that’s why you need a Digital watch.

Notice I say digital watch and not a Rolex; that’s because we’re not using it to display status, no, we’re using it for efficiency. Plus you don’t want to be worried about scratching your pricey watch; all you should be concerned about is getting work done!

I find that digital watches to be the most effective because of the features it brings.

  • Digital time: easy and quick to read.
  • Alarm: Reminds you of any meetings or deadlines
  • Timer: keeps you on top of your time so you don’t waste it
  • Water Resistance: You don’t have to worry about the rain or the shower
  • Light: Allows you to keep track of time even when hustling at night

One feature that I have gained a habit of using is the timer. Whenever it’s time for me to sit at my computer and work; what I do is set the timer for one hour, and for that whole hour, I focus solely on the task at hand.

Tools For Success

I found that ever since I began doing this, I became more productive because I block all distractions during that period. After the timer goes off, then I take a 20-minute break before I set the timer and dive into work again.

Personally, I bought a watch made by Timex. I find them to be very durable and offer all the features I pointed out above. Here’s the Amazon link to the one I got.

Tools for success 4: Books

Tools For Success

I can’t even begin to describe how valuable a tool books are to an entrepreneur; they are the foundation to success. There’s a reason why Billionaire Warren Buffett suggests that the secret to success is reading 500 pages a day!

Tigers have teeth, strength, and claws; Elephants have size and tusks; Gorillas have superhuman strength and big teeth. Still, there is a reason why we rule over all of them: our one superpower, intelligence.

Our ability to gain knowledge and wisdom is the mightiest power in the world. We have built machines that fly, and ones that submerge into the deep ocean. We have created huge habitats out of stone and steel, and that’s why knowledge is the is the ultimate power.

A power that we can get access to through books.

With that being said; you need to read at least one book a month. It can be on entrepreneurship or communication, or even psychology, but you need to be always learning. If you don’t, then your competitor will get the upper hand in wisdom over you; ending up crushing you.

Also, reading about different topics aids your creativity. This is because now you have different types of knowledge in your memory. Ones that your brain can take and mesh together with your prior knowledge to create a new idea. So you should be reading anything and everything!

Personally, here are some of the books I’ve read in the past few years:

  • Happy brain
  • The 50th law
  • Genius foods
  • Why we sleep
  • Fascinate
  • Smarter
  • The sell
  • The pickup artist
  • The mystery method
  • Domination basics
  • Power communication
  • The way of the wolf
  • The noble art of seducing women
  • The secret to success
  • The charisma myth
  • Mastery
  • Influence
  • To sell is human
  • Social intelligence
  • Proof of heaven
  • Everybody writes
  • Captivate
  • Crushing it
  • Crush it
  • Can’t hurt me

It’s not as many books as I wanted to have read by now, but it’s not about overwhelming yourself. It’s about starting slowly and building up from there.

It is through those books that I have gained the confidence to take on different challenges and business ventures. Reading has also given me incredible wisdom on how to navigate through most aspects of life. It’s valuable knowledge that you can apply to your life, and later pass on to other people, so they can also achieve success.

Tools for success 5: Udemy

Tools For Success

If you’re more of a visual learner than this tool is going to be your best friend. s Udemy is a video course database where you can learn just about anything. It’s one of the ultimate tools for success!

Through Udemy I’ve learned:

  • Photoshop
  • Video editing
  • Writing
  • Website developing
  • Landing page optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebooks Ads

All of this I learned in a matter of a couple of months with disciplined studying.

Back in the day all of that knowledge would have cost me easily over five thousand dollars. But guess how much I spent on all those courses?

Only about 150 dollars! It’s dirt cheap! For all that practical knowledge I learned! Knowledge which has now made me way more money than what I invested in acquiring it.

Now, of course, you can also use YouTube as a video learning platform (which I highly recommend). But the reason I mention Udemy is because they are complete courses.

Usually, on YouTube, you have to learn chunks at a time because there rarely are full courses there. Therefore I find Udemy a bit more practical and time-saving.

How to use Udemy

  • Go to and create an account
  • Figure out what you want to learn; something that will help your business grow.
  • Search up the course in the Udemy search bar. If the price for the course is too high, then save it to your wishlist and wait till it goes on sale. (They usually have deals every month. Courses can go down to as low as 10 dollars)
  • Once you’ve bought the course. Take an hour every day to watch the course
  • Have a notebook that is specific to that course where you can write down important points (writing down helps with remembering)
  • Repeat the steps over and over. You should do at least one course a month.

Tools for success 6: NutriBullet

Tools for success

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur leaves you very little time for anything other than work; sometimes even eating is impossible. The thing is you don’t want to stop eating, and eating well. Because if you do then your health will take a hit, and eventually that health deterioration will affect your quality of work.

For that reason, you need some healthy on the go snacks to keep your health in check, and the Nutribullet will be of great use for this.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Nutribullet before, but if you haven’t, it is basically a small blender that chops food up into a delicious, vitamin-rich, smoothie. Since it’s a smoothie, it is super easy to make (takes 5 minutes), and it’s easy to take on the go.

Other benefits:

Tools for success
  • You can make it a calorie dense smoothie to keep you full for hours by adding bananas
  • Using the right foods can provide you with natural energy
  • Add blueberries which have been shown to improve mental acuity
  • Adding spinach can increase your immune system to avoid getting sick and losing precious work time.
  • Very easy to clean for no messes and minimal cleaning time
  • Taste delicious
  • Can be a great weight gainer if you want to gain a few pounds. Or it can help you maintain your weight.
  • Can help you lose weight by helping you avoid unhealthy fast foods

Usually, I like to take the shake in the morning with breakfast to keep me full until lunch. Or I save it for the afternoon, in case I’m too busy and need to skip lunch.

In my shake, I usually add the following ingredients.

  • One banana (for satiety)
  • Protein powder (keep my muscles in a growth state)
  • A handful of frozen blueberries (memory)
  • Four strawberries ( vitamin C for the immune system)
  • Water (healthier than milk)

This is my go-to shake because it tastes fantastic and keeps my body and mind running smoothly. Some other great ingredients you can use are:

  • All types of berries
  • Spinach
  • Peanut butter
  • Kiwi
  • Almond milk
  • Oranges

Get creative with healthy and delicious ingredients!

Tools for success 7: Coffee

Tools for success

Last but not least, is one of my favorite tools for success, my loyal sidekick, coffee.

Let’s face it; some days you’re just not going to be on top of your game. For whatever reason be it waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or getting very little sleep, or even being a bit hungover from the party the night before.

No matter what the reason; coffee is the secret to battling all these energy drainers and get you to a spot energetically, where you can be productive and efficient in your work. It’s one of those tools for success that never fails!

Tools for success

The energy producing benefits of coffee are no secret, that’s why a survey done in 2017 found that a staggering 64% of Americans drink coffee daily!

So if you haven’t joined the club, then I’d like to welcome you in now. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to take all the advantages you can get in order to be successful. So if drinking coffee can give you the benefit of better focus and more energy, then you need to get to drinking now!

If you’re still not convinced about drinking coffee, then take a look at the following list of other amazing benefits coffee can bring into your life.

Other benefits of coffee

  • Lowers risks of type 2 diabetes
  • Decreases chances of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps with depression
  • Protects against Parkinson’s
  • Reduces risks of colon cancer
  • Lowers liver cancer risk
  • Black coffee prevents cavities
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack
  • Improves mental acuity
  • May help you burn fat
  • Filled with essential nutrients and antioxidants

How to get the most out of coffee

tools for success
  • Buy your own to save the most money
  • Get a fast coffee maker
  • Drink it black
  • Keep the sugar low
  • Make sure it has caffeine
  • Get sweetened coffee creamers
  • Drink it only when you need a boost; otherwise, you will build a tolerance
  • Drink a cup in the morning
  • Drink cup after lunch
  • Do not drink coffee after 6 pm unless you want to work late
  • Get a coffee thermos to take your coffee on the go


Being successful is not about working hard; being successful is about working smart and hard. If there are tools for success which can give you an advantage on your journey, then why not take them?

If you’re ready to truly unlock your potential and take your business to the next level then I suggest you welcome into your life the tools for success mentioned above, which are:

  • Vision board
  • Calendar
  • Digital watch
  • Books
  • Udemy
  • Nutribullet
  • Coffee

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