How To Attract A Girl Using Instagram: 3 Proven Hacks

How To Attract A Girl Using Instagram:  3 Proven Hacks
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Whoever says attracting girls is too difficult or nearly impossible in this day in age cannot be more mistaken! In fact, I will tell you right now, that we are actually living in the best time in human history! To attract multiple women while exerting the least effort possible. All you need to get numerous women interested in you is 1) simple knowledge of what to do 2) A smartphone with access to the internet 3) An Instagram account. If you have those three things, then I will show you in this article to how to attract a girl in the easiest way ever known to man!

Asking for the phone number is DEAD

If you are the type of guy that still believes in asking a girl for her phone number, then you, my friend are living in the past, and it’s time you catch up to the current time. You have to learn how to attract a girl the 2019 way!

Let me get this straight; it’s not that asking a girl for her phone number is a bad thing, not at all. Anything that gives you the ability to get in contact with the girl in the future is a good thing.

However, there are much better ways to getting in touch with a girl later on. Ways that require minimal effort, and have a much higher chance of success; hell, they even do the work for you!

As you can tell by the title of this article, the method I’m referring to is social media; Instagram to be exact.

Why Instagram

How To Attract A Girl

Have you ever seen a male peacock attract a mate?

What he’ll do is: he will approach the female slowly, then once he’s within about 10 feet of her, he will expand his tail feathers and reveal to her his beautiful colorful patterns, that in turn gets the full attention of the female.

Once he gets her attention, he will shake his tails feathers, and this motion, along with the colorful patterns, attracts the female peacock into mating with him.

How To Attract A Girl

Ok, now think of yourself as the peacock, and Instagram is your colorful tail feathers.

When you approach a girl and get her number; 90% of the time you have not really gotten her attention unless you are an excellent gamer.

Most times a girl will give you her number because she feels bad or because your approach gave her a nice ego boost. This is evident when you actually text the girl, and she texts back with one-word responses, or when she doesn’t respond at all!

Now, using Instagram is a different scenario.

You approach her the same way, but now instead of asking for her number, you ask for her Instagram.

The first thing she’s going to do after you leave is look at your profile to see who you are. When she does, if you have an attractive profile (which I will show you how to in this article) where in your posts she sees you having fun with friends, working on your passion, and even hanging out with other females.

All of a sudden she is intrigued in who you are, and wants to know more. This, in reality, is what getting a girl’s attention looks like! And you have achieved it merely by having a cool Instagram and adding her to it.

You see, when it comes to how to attract a girl, Instagram is the best way if used correctly because: 1) Girls are more willing to give it out. 2) It’s super efficient 3) It does the work for you.

Girls are more willing to give it out

Let’s be real, in the world of social media it’s about who has the most followers. Both women and men love to have thousands of followers because it gives them a sense of popularity and admiration. For that reason, it takes minimal effort to get a girl to provide you with her Instagram.

It’s easy to the point that I once approached a girl at school; I engaged in a casual conversation with her for about 45 seconds, where I asked her name, her nationality, and finally for her Instagram. Guess what happened?

How To Attract A Girl

She gave it to me no problem!

And it makes sense because there is minimal risk in giving out an Instagram. On the other hand, giving out her number comes with the risk that the guy might be creepy and call her excessively.

Let’s not forget that a girl giving out her number has always be associated with a romantic advancement. So when you ask her to give you her phone number; you’re also pressuring her into making a decision right there and then to accept you as a possible romantic interest.

On the other hand, adding people on Instagram is seen as just a casual friendly thing to do. Zero risks = high probability of compliance.

It’s Super Efficient

I like mentioned earlier, getting a girl’s attention is not easy. She might give you her number, but it doesn’t mean she’s going to respond to your messages. To get that girl to respond to your text messages, you have to work some excellent game on her for at least 15 minutes, and that is just not very efficient.

However, by asking for her Instagram instead, then you become as efficient as can be. This is because like we discussed in the last point, giving out her Instagram isn’t a big deal to a girl. That means that you can approach ten girls in 15 minutes, and get all of their Instagram accounts!

You will now have ten different girls available to you. Unlike if you were going for phone numbers, then you would have to game them for a while before they give you the number; allowing you to get maybe two numbers in 15 minutes. I don’t know about you, but I prefer ten Instagram adds over two flaky numbers.

It Does The Work For You

Top reason to get the girl’s Instagram is that;

if you have an excellent Instagram page, then you can sit back and let the profile do the work for you.

How so?

Well, let’s remember what makes a man attractive to a woman:

How To Attract A Girl
  • Strength
  • pre-selection by other women
  • total confidence in himself
  • exudes dominance
  • a man with ambition
  • a leader of other men
  • a winner
  • a man with available resources/Provider
  • a man who is already happy and doesn’t need anything

Just to name a few.

After a man spends enough time with a woman for her to notice these character traits in him, then she begins to develop this irresistible attraction for him.

But in our case, we don’t have that type of time to be spending with her. So what you have to do is show these character traits through your profile and posts on Instagram. Once you do this, then just add the girl to your profile and let it create all the attraction for you. It’s that easy!

After your profile has done all the work for you, then she will either; direct Message you first, or you can go ahead and hit her up. At this point, I guarantee you she will be as receptive to you as can be!

How To Optimize Your Instagram For Maximum Panty Dropping?

How To Attract A Girl

Alright, so we have gotten to the juicy part of this article; this is where I am going to show you how you can completely optimize your Instagram profile to attract as many girls as possible. Therefore, answering how to attract a girl using Instagram.

If you don’t have an Instagram, then you are going to create one. If you do already have an Instagram; I recommend that you either open up a new one or clear your current one of all past posts.

The reason being that if you have an Instagram already, and you have not been optimizing it for attracting girls, then it probably sucks, and it’s going to hurt you.

So, your Instagram is broken down into three sections, and these three are the ones girls look at when they visit your Instagram.

Let’s start with the first one..

How To Attract A Girl Hack 1: Bio

When writing a Bio, you should keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. In my bio, I like to let the girl know what I value, and what my work and hobbies are.

How To Attract A Girl

So for my personal Bio, I would write something like this:

-Passionate Full-time blogger & Videographer (computer emoji)
-Part-time traveler (world emoji)
-God & Family First
-Hobbies include: Running with Lucy (my dog), jumping out of airplanes, and grilling burgers with the boys. (Burger emoji)

Notice the Bio comes across as casual, trustworthy, light-hearted, and a bit humorous. Any girl looking at that right away gets the impression that you are a busy guy that’s on his purpose. You are also having a blast, and you must be well connected since you have friends to grill burgers with.

Also, the fact that God, family, and lucy the dog are mentioned there; lets her know that you are a loving family man.

That Bio alone is enough for her to want to learn more about you because it sounds like the type of life that she would enjoy being a part of. And she for sure will want to meet Lucy, the dog!

The next section is going to back up the claims in your bio with actual “evidence.”

How To Attract A Girl Hack 2: Posts

The pictures you post on your Instagram must be all well thought out and with the purpose of showing that you possess the characteristics of an attractive man. How do you do that?

Look at the list below of pictures to demonstrate value.

1) Pictures with mesmerizing backgrounds: To prove that you do travel and have a great life. Take a pic of yourself with a beautiful background. It can be by the beach, ocean, mountains, desert, and even a beautiful city.

*Try to have someone else take the picture so that the girl knows that you are never alone, therefore giving you social proof.

2) Pictures of you in other countries: Once again proving that you travel

3) Pictures of you doing your hobbies: If you’re a great drawer, then have someone take a picture of you finishing up a masterpiece. She will think you are super talented and exciting.

4) Pictures with animals: It’s no secret that women love dogs! So use it to your advantage. If you have a cute dog, then take photos of you and him.

5) Pictures of your best features: If you have a greek-god like body, then show it off! Have someone get a picture of you and your friends at the beach with no shirts on. She will be impressed with the discipline you must possess to have a body like that, and she will be turned on by your aesthetics. DO NOT take a shirtless bathroom selfie! Only try hard losers do that!

6) Pictures of you while working: If you have a cool career that you’re proud off then show it. Make sure you smile! To let her know that you enjoy what you do

7) Pictures with all your friends: Being surrounded by people lets her know you’re a social guy and not a creep. So take as many pictures with your boys as possible while doing some cool shit.

8) Pictures of your preferences: If you have a favorite show, ice cream flavor, or food then post it on there. This is because if she happens to have a similar preference, then the similarity between the two of you will attract her to you.

9) Pictures with other girls: Lastly, but probably the most attraction producing post is pictures with other women. Pre-selection is a big factor when attracting women. Women love a guy that is desired by other women because it makes him the prize, and if she can get you, then she is the winner. So any time you’re hanging out with a friend that is a girl, or when you’re on a date. Take the time to snap a quick picture of the two of you. Make sure you’re hugging her of something; make it look like the girl wants you. The more girls in the picture the better; make sure you are the only guy in the photo.

additional tips

  • Use cool filters
  • A genuine smile in all your pics
  • Take distracted shots. Almost like if there were paparazzi around that caught you off guard.
  • Do not take bathroom selfies
  • No selfies in general!
  • No boring pictures. Keep them interesting.
  • Write a short funny description for your posts
  • Take the pics with a professional camera if you can afford it

Post those type of pictures I have shown you above, and don’t be surprised if girls start sliding in your DM’s!

How To Attract A Girl Hack 3: Followers

How To Attract A Girl

Having a large number of followers creates what I like to call the “celebrity effect.” Meaning that you seem like a famous person since all those people decided to follow you. To the girl, this massive amount of followers is a huge indication that you are a man of value so her attraction gauge will go through the roof!

Now, since you probably just started your Insta account or are using an existing mediocre one, then I don’t expect you to have many followers. But there is no need to worry because although having many followers can help you drastically; not having many followers does not hurt you that much.

Plus, I will be showing you ways in which you can gradually increase your followers over time.

Add All Of Your Contacts, Facebook Friends, And Everyone You Know

The best way to begin and add 100 followers to make your profile at least presentable is by adding everyone you currently know. I’m talking about lifetime friends, co-workers, classmates, high school friends, middle school friends, and even elementary school friends!

Whoever you need to add to make it to 100 followers; DO IT! From there, your Instagram is presentable enough for you to begin giving it out and start building your following.

Add Everyone At Social Gatherings

How To Attract A Girl

Adding followers at social gatherings is one of the easiest ways to get many followers. This is mainly because people are under the influence of alcohol and it makes them extremely friendly.

All you have to do is talk to someone for 30 seconds and then ask them if they have Instagram. They will excitedly say yes and add you instantly.

Take The Time To Go Out And Talk To Girls And Add Them

To gain followers what I like to do is go straight for the big fish. Meaning that I make most of the followers be the same girls that I talk to.

To do so, I make it a habit that whenever I go to a public place with many women, I approach two or three; I spark a quick convo with them and finally ask them for the Insta. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article most girls will say yes because they want to have more followers. Easy peasy…

Do this method consistently, and within six months you will have an extra 200 followers in your Insta, and all hot girls!

How To Attract A Girl

Which in turn will help you get more girls because of your following; It is a positive feedback loop. A win-win!


There is no reason to go around wasting precious time trying to impress a girl in person, and trying to get her to give you a flaky number. When you can just add her on Instagram easily, and let your content do the work for you. When learning how to attract a girl, It’s about working smarter not harder. The days of social media are here so you must utilize the tool provided to you.

Remember that Instagram Game is best because;

1)Girls are more willing to give it out.

2) It’s super efficient

3) It does the work for you.

To Optimize your Insta for max results focus on:




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