How To Overcome Jealousy: 40 Ways to Stop Once and For All

How To Overcome Jealousy: 40 Ways to Stop Once and For All
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How to overcome jealousy has got to be one of the most asked questions in today’s society. Especially in this Instagram “look at my cool life!” kinda era, where people tend to only show the best moments of their lives and make it seem like it’s an everyday kind of thing. Being jealous of someone is not how you want to live your life or waste your precious energy on. It only brings you negativity and puts you in a place of weakness right from the start.

Now, who in their right mind would want to be there? Apparently not you, since you clicked on this article…You realized that what you were feeling wasn’t good for you or for anyone else, and that’s the first step. Below I will show you how to overcome jealousy…Not only from your sentimental relationships, but with your friends and life in general, making you a better person and setting you up for success.


Before we start though, I would like to give you the exact definition of Jealousy. This way you actually know the exact meaning of the word and go from there.




  1. Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.
  2. Feeling or showing suspicion of someone’s unfaithfulness in a relationship.


How To Overcome Jealousy 1

  1. Realize that you don’t own anybody
  2. Have a life of your own
  3. Have friends of your own
  4. Realize you have something to offer as well
  5. Set respect boundaries and limits
  6. Find out if they’re making you jelly on purpose
  7. Distinguish jealousy from they disrespecting you
  8. Let your partner be. But always be ready to walk away
  9. Read books on female psychology
  10. Eliminate you insecurities
  11. Raise your value in the dating market
  12. Don’t make your life revolve around that person
  13. Love yourself first, before anyone else
  14. Realize if you’re a giving that person a shitty relationship or not
  15. Learn how to be alone first
  16. Realize love is about giving first


How To Overcome Jealousy 2
  1. Realize your friends are your allies, not your competition
  2. Instead of being jealous… learn from them
  3. Actually, have something to offer in the friendship
  4. Ask them for advice
  5. Fix what’s broken inside of you first
  6. Realize that you can help your friends instead of being jelly
  7. Start feeling proud of yourself
  8. Be aware that your friends care about you
  9. Be the best you can possibly be
  10. Realize that your friends are not the problem…you are!


How To Overcome Jealousy 3
  1. Increase your self-esteem
  2. Do things that make you feel proud of who you are
  3. Realize that being “jealous” puts you in a weak position
  4. Realize that being jealous means you’re inferior
  5. Don’t view people as competition. Instead, as allies and mentors
  6. Read books about evolutionary psychology
  7. Realize you’re not a victim
  8. Stop comparing yourself to other people
  9. Eliminate your insecurities
  10. Invest in yourself
  11. Be with people who have the same values as you
  12. Increase your self-confidence
  13. Realize we all have problems and struggles
  14. Focus on your purpose


If i’m jealous of another human being, it means i want something that they have.

They must have something that I think I should have and I’m jealous (meaning that I haven’t reached my potential and I’m bitching about it)

First, get this through your head:

You’re not gonna be jealous of something you don’t want.

If you’re jealous of someone “having” or “being” something, it means you want that “something” but you believe you can’t get it…thus you feel envy or jealousness.

If you feel jealous of your girl it means you feel you’re not “good enough” for her. You believe she’s not “yours” or that you don’t deserve her. That’s where jealousness comes from, from insecurity and inferioirty. When you’re jealous of someone it means that you feel “inferior” or “less than” said person.


Think about it…would an eagle be jealous of a tiger? No way jose..the eagle is the eagle and the tiger is the tiger..they know who they are.They’re both proud of being themselves and thinks their great…good enough.

How To Overcome Jealousy 4

What would it look like, an eagle being jealous of a tiger because it’s “bigger” it has “4 legs”, etc…it would be pathetic and would mean that the eagle thought of itself as less, as a victim.

When you feel envy or jealousness you’re basically telling yourself that you aren’t good enough to have or be the thing or person you’re being envious toward to.

Fix your insecurities. Most of them are fixable enough that you feel proud of who you are. Why would you feel less than anybody else? Fuck that…Accept the things you can’t change and fix the things you can change and know the difference.

Stay true to your own nature and make the best out of it…

Reach your potential. You’re unique, take advantage of it. Fix yourself, be happy with who you’ve become and then help others do the same. How would you feel less than anyone else when you’re changing other people’s lives?…it’s impossible.

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