How To Stop Being A Loser: The Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever felt like a loser? Like everything in your life just doesn’t seem to go like you want. You see people around you winning and being happy, while you’re here hating your life and feeling like a complete loser? Yea, man, we’ve all been at some point of our lives. You see, life is like a game where you and I are the players playing this virtual reality game called life. Like all games, there are winners and there are losers…this is what makes the game work and be balanced. Right now you are losing in this game and you have to options, either to change your current strategy and adopt a better one or keep losing and losing until you end up killing yourself (this is the harsh reality). Below I will share with you the ultimate guide on how to stop being a loser and change the outcome of your life forever.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Stop Being A Loser:

How To Stop Being A Loser Phase #1: “The Truth”

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The first step to stop being a loser is to realize and accept that you are a fucking loser. Yeah, it might sound a little bit harsh, but it is the truth and you can’t run away from it. The more you pretend you are winning when deep down you know you are not, the worse it gets. The more you try to brainwash yourself saying you’re okay when you know you’re fucking up, the harder it’ll be to change.

This is why when you have a problem you’re trying to solve it’s always best to:

  1. Admit it
  2. Accept it
  3. Start doing the opposite

In this case, you are losing more than you’re winning, this is why you feel bad…but, how couldn’t you?

Have you ever played a videogame and you can’t seem to fucking pass a level and win? Now, how does that feel? It feels bad doesn’t it…

The same happens when you stop being familiar with the feeling of winning in life. You start accumulating loses on top of loses, until you’re so sick of yourself you just give up and start hating life.

Feeling The Way You Do Is Normal…

I want you to know that feeling like a loser is completely normal. Now some people are so fucking weak and pathetic that tell you : No, you shouldn’t tell yourself that! Or No, you’re not a loser you just have bad luck!

Fuck that!…those people are so weak and scared that they’re covering the truth when in fact it is the truth that’s gonna set you free.

Task#1: Admitting The Truth

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The first task, my friend, is to stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and admit that you’re a loser.

After you do that, a big weight will be lifted off your shoulders. You’ve been carrying this fucking weight and lie for so long, that finally admitting it will relieve you.

Once you do that you can officially start the guide into transforming your life and change the outcome of it forever.

Task# 2: Writing down ALL Your Insecurities

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The second task is writing down on a piece of paper, everything you hate about yourself. Every flaw you have and everything that is ultimately broken in you. This could be your weight, the way you speak, your height, hair, your finances,skin, etc. Anything that is currently making you feel bad about yourself.

Once you have that list I want you to put a check mark next to everything that you can actually change and work on. No matter how hard it is or how much time it’ll take, just put a checkmark next to it. Then after doing that, put a star next to all the things that you can’t change about yourself…Things like your height or your nose, whatever….

Task#3: The plan

Now that you’ve admitted your current situation and have on paper all of those things that trouble you, it’s time to plan the strategy.

Every single thing that has a check mark next to it, are things you’ll be working on. And all the things that have a star next to them are things you have to accept.

Accept the things you can’t change(which are just a few), have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to tell them apart.

Last Words

Once you do the first 2 tasks of this phase the only thing left is for you to work on and eliminate every insecurity you have.

This part is super important because it’ll change how you see yourself. You’ll start seeing yourself as worthy of winning and this is huge.

Can you just imagine yourself not having to think about your insecurities anymore?

This will definitely transform your self-image and raise your self-esteem like nothing out there. When you begin eliminating flaws that have been there for many years you’ll also find it easier to accept shit you can’t change. So don’t worry about it too much for now, it will come.

How To Stop Being A Loser Phase #2: “The Hustle”

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Phase #2 is all about taking action and grinding. Now that you know which are the things you need to change, all is left is for you to grind and hustle. There are no more excuses now…

Task #1: Pick 2 Things You’ll be working On First

  • Pick 2 things on your list you actually believe you can change.
  • Work on them for a month non stop
  • Make them your focus and your priority
  • Be patient and lay one brick a day, eventually you’ll build the wall.
  • Don’t make the mistake of working on more than 2 things at a time. It will only spread you thin and you’ll end up with nothing.

Task #2: Wake Up Early

  • Waking up early is not only natural for us but it’s healthy and convenient.
  • Waking up earlier will set you up to have a great day ahead.
  • There are only 24 hours a day don’t waste precious time by waking up late.
  • Try waking up when the sun rises.
  • Sleeping 8 hours a day is important for your well being, don’t forget that.

Task #3: Eliminate Distractions

  • Social media is a pure waste of time if you’re not where you want to be in life.
  • Toxic people that don’t contribute anything positive into your life are a distraction.
  • Unless you’re eating lunch or having a rest day distractions are just pulling you back.
  • Anything that is not taking you where you want to go is a fucking distraction.

Task #4 : Win More Than You Lose

  • Everything you do in life has one of two feelings: a “winning” feeling or a “losing” feeling. Make sure you’re winning most of the time.
  • Don’t break your own promises. This will only result in feeling like a loser.
  • As long as you’re winning at least 7 out of 10 times a day you’ll feel like a winner.
  • If you do lose in something, just get back in the game and win next time.

Task #5: Maintenance & Growth

  • When you start seeing results it very easy to start slacking. Don’t fall for this and work as hard as you did to get where you are now.
  • Maintaining your results is like watering a plant, you have to do it constantly if not it dies.
  • Throughout your day you’re always reinforcing a behavior. Make sure it’s the right one.
  • Push yourself every day just 1%…Eventually, you’ll reach 100% and you’ll be a different person…this is how growth works.

Last Words

After this phase you should be feeling pretty good about yourself. You have already taken action in changing the direction of your life. Now it’s just a matter of time and consistency to get the fruits of your hard labor.

This might take at least 6 months but remember that every single week that passes by you’ll be feeling better and better. Don’t ever get discouraged, because time will pass by regardless of what you do, so take advantage of it and do what’s good for you. Don’t forget to track your results and grow just 1% a day.

How To Stop Being A Loser Phase #3: “Mindset”

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This phase is about the different kind of mindset a winner has vs a loser.

The game of life is a fair game in my opinion. Now, you might think that you have it worse than others. Or perhaps, that others have it worse than you. But the reality is that whoever made this thing called life, made it specially designed to always be in balance, in harmony.

Now, the reason most people think they have it worse than others is that they simply don’t know everything a person goes through…It’s impossible to know. We all have problems and flaws…Nobody gets away from this…Nobody.

The Game Ain’t Rigged

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Now, what differentiates the loser from the winner is that the loser feels like the game is rigged, while the winner believes the game is fair. That’s it!… Losers believe they’re victims of their reality when, in fact, they are the ones creating it. The winners of life, on the other hand, believe they have control over their decisions and end up winning the game.

It’s like if you’d start playing a videogame with the mindset that no matter what you do you’ll end up failing and losing. Inevitably you’ll end up losing because your decisions and thoughts where directed into not winning.

This is how most people live life. Thinking from the get-go that no matter what they do they’ll end up losing and failing. Whereas, the 10% of the world play the game(life) thinking they can actually win and succeed.

And it’s not like you’re born with this mindset, you actually create it and reinforce it every day. You create it one day and then with your behaviors and decisions you keep reinforcing it until it becomes a belief in your heart. A belief that you deserve to win and be whoever you choose to be.

Now that you know how to stop being a loser go out in the world and change your reality.

How To Stop Being A Loser #Recap

  • Start by being truthful to yourself
  • Eliminate you insecurities
  • Cultivate positive habits
  • Cultivate a winner’s mindset
  • Reinforce both habits and mindset
  • Realize we’re all fucked up
  • The game of life is fair and you’re in control of most things
  • Hustle and grind
  • Grow 1% a day
  • Look at life as a game…You can either win or lose…you decide.

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