How To Overcome Laziness: 3 Tricks You Can Implement Now

How To Overcome Laziness: 3 Tricks You Can Implement Now
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How to overcome laziness is one of the most searched questions on google and for a reason. Feeling and being lazy doesn’t bring anything positive into your life. On the contrary, it only brings you negativity and keeps you away from everything you’ve always dreamed of. Aren’t you tired of always feeling like you don’t have enough motivation to actually take life by the horns and live to your potential? I feel you… This is why in this article below I will teach you how to overcome laziness and show you how you can too start being the person you’ve always dreamed of.

We human beings are inherently lazy and it’s not our fault, mother nature made us this way. According to this article “Here’s Proof That You Are Wired To Be Lazy” from Times Magazine, we humans were designed this way to preserve energy for the next hunt. Basically, the brain’s main function is to save up as much energy as possible in order to have better chances of surviving. The brain doesn’t know if you’ll have enough food to survive and reproduce, thus, spends energy only on really important functions(walking, speaking, thinking, etc).

This is why it always seems like a constant battle to get stuff done. Going to the gym, making lots of money, learning to paint, going to school, are simply unnecessary things the brain refuses to spend energy on. This would explain why it takes a lot of willpower and discipline to accomplish most goals.

Do Stuff You Actually Like

The best way I’ve come to find in order to overcome laziness is to do stuff you actually like.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing things you actually like time goes by fast and you can’t wait to do it again? But, when you do stuff you hate or simply not excited enough, time slows down and you can’t wait for it to be done already?

This is totally normal behavior programmed on our brains by mother nature herself. You see, we human beings work on a reward/pain basis. We basically do stuff only for the reward that comes after, aka “the prize” or for the relief of pain aka “risk of death”.

We have sex because “it feels good”, we eat and drink because “it feels good” and so on. The moment there’s no big enough reward for our actions we immediately refuse to do it. Even though it might be good for us in the long run, it doesn’t bring any instant reward, unless we actually like what we’re doing.

When you love what you’re doing you’re actually getting an instant reward which is the good feeling chemicals released in your brain(dopamine). This constant reward is what drives you into achieving your goals, whereas not getting it, only brings you to not completing shit.

The only way to combat this is with doing shit you like or using discipline and determination. Discipline is basically doing something you don’t feel like doing just because you know it’s good for. You’re basically overriding your brain’s commands and taking the wheel.

Have A Big Enough Why

Having a big enough WHY is the second easiest way to overcome laziness and become productive. When you have a big enough reason on why you’re doing something, laziness or fear of failure simply take the back seat. When your why is so big, you’re basically communicating to your brain that you must accomplish this task no matter what…that your “survival” depends on it.

It’s only when your WHY is not really that important to you that laziness comes creeping in. This is the reason why people that have been extremely poor become extremely rich or why people that were fat when young end up extremely fit. These people had a big enough WHY to fuel them all the way to achieving their goals.

“When the dream is big enough, we find the motivation to get through the tough times”


When your WHY is bigger than life, you don’t care about the odds or challenges ahead. You’re on a “I’ll pay whatever price there is”, “I’ll sacrifice myself” mentality which makes you forget about feeling tired or lazy.

A grandmother asked me once for advice…

She said: “I want to learn how to use a cellphone but it’s just so hard, why can’t I do it?”

I said: “Your WHY is not big enough!”…

-“Imagine your granddaughter leaving for university and she tells you…”Grandma, I want to talk to you via facetime and tell you about my experiences in college…”

-Now what would you tell her?

She said: ”Now that’s different..ofcourse I would learn, she’s my granddaughter!”

I asked her: “ So what changed?”

She didn’t know what to say…

I said: ”It is only when your reason is bigger than yourself that you’ll do anything you set your mind to. In this case, your granddaughter made you forget about how hard learning how to use a phone is and you simply decided to do it no matter what”

Being Accountable To Someone

The last thing that will help you overcome laziness is exercising accountability. When you’re expected to do something it is hard to not do it and fail those people that were counting on you. In this case the feeling of letting someone down is so strong that it overpowers the feeling of laziness and tiredness.

When you are not expected to do something you simply don’t do it…

Why would you?…if there’s no reward or even possible feelings of pain?

Now, there are 2 types of accountability:

Being accountable to yourself or being accountable to something outside of you.

Being accountable to something outside of you is the easiest out of the 2 because it doesn’t require as much willpower.

Things like:

  • Waking up early so you’re on time for a meeting.
  • Getting the work done to be on a par with your business partner.
  • Going to the gym because your gym partner expects you to be there.
  • Working 2 jobs so your children go to a good school.

These are all things or people you are accountable to.

On the other hand, you have accountability to yourself, which is a little harder but becomes easier with practice.

It all comes down to:

What are your standards?

What are you willing to accept and what aren’t you willing to accept?

Things like:

  • Working 2 jobs because you’re not willing to drive a shitty car.
  • Maintaining a fit body because you look down to obesity.
  • Working hard because that’s who you are.
  • Starting a business because you aren’t the type of person that follows orders.

These are all examples of being accountable to one self.

#Last Words

To recap the 3 things you must do to overcome laziness are:

  1. Love what you do
  2. Have a big enough WHY
  3. Be accountable to something

Once you change and adopt these 3 things into your life, you’ll see for yourself that the laziness you always felt will start vanishing. Think about all those things you love doing, like video games for example…

How you spend hours playing and you can’t wait to wake up the next day to keep at it. This happens because you love it some much that laziness goes out the window. Your “why”, in this case, to beat the level you’re currently on is so big you don’t even care about sleeping. And finally, the accountability you have to yourself is so massive( not feeling like a failure) that not reaching your goal is not even a question in your head.

Apply this same concept and go out and start living the life of your dreams…It’s time.

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