The 50 Most Common Regrets Men Have After 30

The 50 Most Common Regrets Men Have After 30
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I’ve searched all over the internet looking for men above 40 sharing their worst regrets in life. I’ve searched on forums like Reddit and websites like Quora, even yahoo answers, and have compiled the most common regrets into a list. Without further ado, I present to you… The most common regrets men have after 30.


As far as we know we only get one chance to experience this thing called “life”. We only get one at-bat in the game, not two, not three. This is why you must make the best out of it and make it a mission to be and have the best life possible.

Maybe right now you’re struggling and don’t know how to stop once and for all, and start living with purpose. You’re not alone man, we’ve all been there…We’ve all been stuck in that shitty place before.

This is why it’s important to get advice from people that have already played the game. They’ve made the same mistakes you’ve made or will make in the future. They’ve been through more shit than you have and because of it, they might have a thing or two to say about the subject.

Regrets Men Have After 30: Part 1


“One life. Just one. Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams”


  • Not being self-confident in high school/college
  • Not working out in high school/college
  • Not having a high SMV in high school/college
  • Not reading enough books
  • Not saving money
  • Not having a job as early as possible
  • Not fucking as many girls as you could when single
  • Not fucking the girl you didn’t like very much (would’ve made a nice story)
  • Not taking advantage of learning in school
  • Not taking enough risks when you could
  • Not starting a business
  • Not asking your crush out when you had the chance
  • Not making enough friends
  • Not throwing your own house party at least once
  • Not having a mentor at an early age
  • Not eating healthy early enough
  • Drinking too much
  • Spending money on useless shit
  • Spending too much money on girls
  • Getting in debt to seem “cool”
  • Not breaking up with a girl sooner
  • Having toxic friends and sticking with them for too long
  • Not having friends with the same values as you
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Smoking too much weed

Regrets Men Have After 30: Part 2


” You only regret the things you don’t do”

Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Wasting time on video games
  • Not knowing about self-improvement before
  • Not knowing how to fight
  • Studying something you hated in college
  • Listening to your parents too much and not doing what you feel is right
  • Living for other people instead than for yourself
  • Getting in the wrong career for money
  • Not experiencing what it feels to be fit and healthy
  • Not experiencing what it feels to have muscles
  • Not traveling with friends to different countries
  • Not going on a road trip with your mates
  • Not dreaming big enough when you didn’t have anything to lose
  • Not working hard enough when you had the energy
  • Not following your dreams
  • Not having enough experiences that make you grow
  • Spending time in prison and missing out on life
  • Not taking up hobbies when you had the time
  • Not spending enough time by yourself and get to know who you are
  • Getting married too young. Especially with the wrong person
  • Not confronting your fears early enough
  • Having children way too young
  • Putting up with a job you hate for a long time
  • Getting a DUI
  • Not living in the moment enough
  • Not spending enough time with parents
  • Not reading regrets from people older than you,

What Will You Do Now?

After reading this list you have 2 options. Either stay doing the same shit you’re doing now, or change. Commit to start living the life you truly want to live and start changing your ways.

I just shared with you the 50 most common regrets men have after 30.

Do you think those men enjoy their lives right now knowing they didn’t try their best?

Do you think those man will die happy knowing they lived the life they wanted?…

The answer is no…

Now, it’s your duty to take advantage of this knowledge and avoid having the same regrets these men have.

The moment to be who you are is now.

The moment to live the life you want is now.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for “when I’m ready”, do it fucking now. Who knows if we’ll have another chance to experience this incredible reality called life. We simply don’t know.

Why not make the best of it, just in case?

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