14 Signs You Might Have Toxic Friends

14 Signs You Might Have Toxic Friends
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Are you wondering if the “friends” you currently have are toxic friends? Are you wondering if the people you’re spending the most time with are actually affecting your life negatively? We’ve all been there, you’re not alone! This is why below I’ll share with you 14 foolproof signs that you might have toxic friends and what to do about it.

Let me tell you something before we begin with the list…

If your friends are not pulling you up they’re dragging you down. It’s as simple as that.

I know that you might think that because you’ve known them for a long time you consider them your friends. But that’s bullshit. That doesn’t mean shit.

It’s not fair for you to be surrounded by people that pretend to be your friend. Real friends have the same values as you and help you become a better person. They’re supposed to be the happy light in your life, not the darkness.

So my friend read along and make your own conclusions…

Toxic Friends Sign #1: They Don’t Get Happy When You Achieve Something.

The first sign that you might have a toxic friend is the way they react when you achieve something in your life.

Maybe you’ve graduated college, maybe you’ve lost 20 pounds in a month, whatever it is, they always have the same reaction. Instead of being happy for you and cheering you on, they do the exact opposite. They put you down or point out how you could’ve done better.

They basically spread on their negativity and hide the fact that deep down they wish they could be in your spot.

For someone close to you to not get happy when you have something good going for you is the fastest way to tell that they’re not good for you. A true friend would congratulate you and cheer you on. Their true, sincere support would be felt and known miles away by you.

Toxic Friends #2: They Don’t Like It When You Self-Improve.

Every time you evolve as a person, every time you improve who you are, they find a way to make it a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that when you improve your life, toxic friends feel like they’ve been left behind.

They’re so blinded by their toxicity that instead of improving along with you or asking you how you did it, they act against it. A real friend would be more than happy to see you improve on every aspect of your life and even follow your foot steps.

Toxic Friends #3: They Have Toxic Habits.

Does this sound familiar to you:

  • Hey let’s go drink a few beers after work?
  • Hey let’s smoke weed and play xbox!
  • Why do you care about dieting so much?

Yeah…these are the most common things toxic friends say.

Toxic people have toxic habits…This is why they’re so toxic.

They don’t seem to care about improving their lives, instead, they fall for instant gratification. Going to the gym and working out is out of the question for them. Eating healthy and avoiding shitty food is something they’ll never do. Drinking alcohol and smoking weed is a given on weekends(even weekday nights). Playing video games after work instead of improving their lives is just what they do.

Now, why would you consider someone like this a friend…When they’re not even friends to themselves?.

Toxic Friends #4: They Don’t Have Their Shit Together.

They’ve been on this planet for more than 35 years and they still don’t have their shit together?

Let me tell you something…The only way to not have your shit together after so many years is by tripping with the same rock over and over again.

Toxic friends rarely have their shit together. They still haven’t learned what responsibility is and they don’t plan to anytime soon. It’s as if they’ve stuck themselves in a phase of life that was supposed to be over with a long time ago, without ever growing and learning from their mistakes.

People like this are the worst friends you could have. As much as you love them and care about them, they will ultimately drag you down with them, if not already…

Toxic Friends #5: They’ll Talk Behind Your Back.

Friends that talk shit about you to other people without you ever knowing, are more than toxic…They’re your enemy.

As much as they pretend to be your friend, they secretly hate you and envy you. Why else would they be talking behind your back?

A true friend would never talk behind your back! A real friend is supposed to be always by your side and talk good things about you.

Toxic Friends #6: They’re Negative AF

Everything they see in the world is negative. Everything they talk about seems to be about the bad shit that happen in this world. Instead of seeing the positive out of things they always see the bad side.

When you’re around them you inevitably feel worse than when you were alone. Their energy is so low and negative that it invades your own and makes you feel like them.

Toxic friends like this are the exact definition of energy vampires because they suck out all the good out of things. Now, why would you even want to be around people like this? When there are thousands of positive people out there that you could be great friends with.

Don’t do a disservice to yourself and stay friends with people like that, hoping they’ll change someday…They never will.

Toxic Friends #7: They Never Take Responsibility

If something goes wrong in their lives, they had nothing to do with it(yeah right). Every time something happens to them it wasn’t their fault.

Toxic friends like this think of themselves as victims. They always seem to have an excuse for something they did wrong… especially to you. If they accidentally break your laptop, it wasn’t their fault and never apologize. If they asked to borrow your car and then crash it, it wasn’t their fault,it was yours for letting them borrow it.

They simply don’t ever take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they blame the rest, they blame the world…instead of owning up to their mistakes like the adults they are.

Toxic Friends #8: Partying Every Weekend Is A Priority

As soon as they’re out of work, the only thing on their mind is going out and partying. It’s as if they only lived for Friday and Saturday nights.

Now, it’s not actually bad to party per se, but to do it every weekend to fill up some kind of emptiness is a completely different story. The only reason one should go out and party is to celebrate something special. Maybe business is going amazing or it’s your friends birthday, etc….all these are good reasons to go out and party.

The problem with toxic friends is that most of the times they want you to tag along every weekend with the only objective of getting wasted. If you actually have a goal you’re working towards to then these kind of friends will only make it harder to accomplish it.

Toxic Friends #9: You Never Make Good Decisions When You’re Around Them

It seems as if every time you’re around them you always end up making bad decisions.

You’ve been working out and eating healthy all week and somehow when you’re with them they tempt you to cheat and eat garbage. Then you go back home and regret every single decision you made when you were with them. You end up regretting drinking, eating the burger, smoking the cigarette, etc.

It’s not in your best interest to lose track of your goals because of other people’s bad influence. So my friend, how about you instead get friends with the same values and goals as you?

Toxic Friends #10: They’re Always Asking For Help

You can ask for help once, twice, even three times but the problem is when it becomes a habit.

When you notice that your toxic friend is always asking you to help them out then you can be certain that they’re exploiting you. A natural healthy, friendship should always be 50/50 or as close to that as possible.

Plus, that’s beside the point…If you have friends that are always asking for help, then it means they don’t have their shit together yet and that’s not good.

How long can it take a person to get their shit together?

6 months, a year?

Whatever its…if they’re still asking for help after years and years then you know this person won’t change.

Toxic Friends #11: They Lie All The Time

People that lie all the time need to get the fuck out of your life. Not only does it eliminate the trust among you too as time goes on but it is purely pathetic. And the funny side of it is that toxic people like this lie about stupid shit.

They have become addicts of telling lies to people for no reason to the point that they start believing them. If you want to be successful in life then don’t let this toxic habit rub on you. And the best thing to not let it is to filter out the people you’re friends with.

Toxic Friends #12: They’re Rarely Take Your Side

I had a toxic friend like this once, back in high school. To the world, we were best friends, but every time we’d talk to other people and I had a disagreement with the other person, he would take their side instead of mine. This seemed okay in the beginning you know, but as time went by, it seemed to happen more and more often.

Another thing my old “good buddy” would do is make me look bad or make fun of me when we’d talk to girls. He would basically put me down in order to put himself up in front of the girls. Little did he know that this behavior only comes off as weak and pathetic and girls do notice, believe me.

Toxic Friends #13: They Like To Gossip

Talking about other people’s lives is something they’re extremely good at. It’s as if they had a fucking Ph.D. in gossiping.

Now, why would you want to be around a person like this?

People that spend most of their time talking about other people’s business are unhappy, low energy people. They make themselves feel better by talking bad about people they don’t even know.

If you ask me, this is the exact definition of a loser and you might want to run as far as you can from people like that.

Toxic Friends #14: They’re Self-Centered

Toxic people, most of the time are really self-centered. They think the world revolves around them and that’s including you! They don’t care about your life as much as they care about theirs, so every decision they make is basically to favor them.

Haven’t you noticed that every time you have a conversation with a person like this you always end up talking about their problems? It’s as if they think your life is perfect so they don’t even bother asking you how you are doing.


  1. They’re not happy for you when you achieve something
  2. They hate it when you improve yourself
  3. They have toxic habits
  4. They don’t have their shit together
  5. They’ll talk behind your back
  6. They’re negative as fuck
  7. They’re not responsible
  8. They like to party every weekend
  9. You make bad decisions when you’re with them
  10. They lie all the time
  11. They always ask for help
  12. They never take your side
  13. Love to gossip
  14. They’re self-centered

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