The Formula Of Success To Get Anything You Want In Life

The Formula Of Success To Get Anything You Want In Life
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Is building a multi-million dollar business something you desire? Do you want to be in the best shape of your life? Do you want the house of your dreams? Aren’t you tired of always failing at everything you do? Always wondering what successful people have that you don’t…Asking yourself why can’t you have the life of your dreams just like they do…Enough is enough man!

Successful people aren’t special or divine beings chosen by God…Nah! The only difference between you and them is that they know something you don’t. They know the exact formula of success and how to apply it consistently throughout their lives.

This is why today I will share with you the secret of success, the exact formula to get everything you want out of this world. After you know the formula, it will be up to you to apply it into the things you desire…

What is success?

According to the dictionary SUCCESS is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.

It’s the accomplishment of something you’re going after. This can be building a business, learning a skill, losing 20 pounds, etc. Whatever you want out of this reality is the goal and you living that goal is success.

What is failure?

Now, according to the dictionary, failure is simply the opposite of success or the lack of. However, I’ve come to learn in life that failure can be one of 2 things: A lack of success or feedback.

The problem is that the world attached a negative connotation to the word failure. How about just simply calling it feedback? Does’t sound so bad anymore right?

Or information that helps you know where to go and what to change.

Success Is Like Baking A Cake

Formula Of Success

We’ve all been successful at some things throughout our lives. It’s just that we don’t recognize them because we didn’t give them too much thought.

One thing most humans are really successful at is at driving a car.

Now you may not have thought of that before because it’s so common, but the truth is, that at some point of your life you didn’t know how to do it, and now you do it without thinking.

That in my book is considered success!

You had a goal in mind, you put energy into it for a period of time and now you own that skill.

You see, success is simple yet hard, and that’s why most people don’t live successful lives.

Now, I’m going to share with you something about success that really clicked in my brain and helped me see all of my dreams as “easy” to achieve.

The Baking A Cake Analogy

Okay, let’s say your goal is to bake a cake. Once you bake it and have the cake in your hands then that’d be a success.

So the first step is to find out what the ingredients are:

A + B  + C + D = CAKE


You see, as long as you follow the formula 100% you’ll get the fucking cake every single time. It’s very simple because it’s math.

The eggs, plus the flour, plus the water, plus the baking mix equals the cake.

Now, what would happen if you miss the eggs?

You don’t get the cake!

Because …

Flour+water+baking mix= something else that’s NOT the cake (aka failure)

Missing one of the ingredients in this formula will never give you what you were going for, which was the cake. It’s only when you add up every single ingredient that gets you to your goal (aka cake).

Now, what is the difference between baking this cake with:

Building muscle?

Building a business?

Learning a skill?

There is NO difference because it’s all the same. Everything in this reality is the same and they’re all equally achievable. It’s only us humans that put meaning into stuff. It’s only us that decide what is hard and what is not.

Every single thing in this reality has a formula to get it, to bring it into existence.

The reason people don’t get what they want out of life or “fail”, is because they simply didn’t follow the respective formula 100%.

They missed one of the ingredients to get the cake at the end…

The Formula Of Success

The formula: a+b=c

Everything you want to bring into existence falls down to this formula:

A + B =C


Okay let’s apply it to different goals so you see it works…

Building Muscle


Learning How to paint

Paint+time= Knowing how to paint

Building a business

Work on your business + time = successful business

Now if you change your mindset and start thinking this way then there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish in your life.

Now, this formula it’s not just doing the thing over and over without learning shit or getting better. Instead, you must keep getting feedback and tweaking your approach every single time; constantly be improving it.

You can go to the gym and lift the same weight for a year, but that is only going to get you so far. You must be continully pushing yourself a little bit more and learning from the the day before.

Overcomplicating Shit And Success

Formula Of Success

The problem nowadays is that most people tend to overcomplicate shit for no reason. They overthink and make shit seem harder than it really is.

Most things in this world are simple enough for us to do them all in one lifetime. I guarantee you there are at least 100 people on this planet right now that have accomplished what you want right now; all while under the same circumstances as you.

If they could do it, so can you. Why wouldn’t you be able to bring into existence the same shit they did? Are they smarter? Are they special beings? No, my friend, they just followed the formula 100% for that thing they wanted, and never lost focus.

It’s as if you would tell me, I want to build a cake but I just can’t!…. I see people on tv baking amazing cakes all the time but I just can’t…They must be special…

Now that is just insanity! You would think that person was out of their mind right?

And that’s how rich people think of the poor…

That’s how fit people think of the fat…

That’s how geniuses think of common folks…

And the list goes on…

They know that they aren’t special…They know they’ve followed the formula and you haven’t.

This is the reason why people that have the shit you want, don’t feel bad about you. They have no sympathy, because if you really wanted the thing… you would have it.

If you really wanted it, you would follow the formula.

Success And Watering A Plant

Another secret successful people know that you don’t is that you must always water the plant.

In order to make something grow you have to put energy into it. The plant has the potential to be a massive tree but without water(energy) it will never achieve its goal.

We all have a set amount of energy a day…let’s call this water.

Now what would happen if you had 5 plants?

You would have to divide all the water you have and give each one some of it. But in the end, none of them would get enough water to grow, and end up dying.

Instead, what would happen if you just had 1 plant?

You would put all the water you have into it and it will grow to be a massive tree.

The same happens with our energy. All of our goals need to be watered daily by us in order to grow and prosper. If you have to many goals at once none of them will prosper, but if you have 1 or 2 then they have the best chance to become something big, just like the massive tree.

As long as your goals get daily energy from you, they will keep growing just like the plant.

Everything Has A Price

Formula Of Success

The last information I want to give you is… that everything in this world, has a price. Everything in this reality we call “life” requires some sort of sacrifice in order to manifest itself.

I didn’t make the laws of the universe, but it seems that you always have to give up something in order to get something else back.

Imagine the world is a catalog, and under every desire people want, there’s a “price.”


Price (Sacrifice): Long hours at work + few hours with family


Price (Sacrifice): No junk food+gym+no beer

Successful business:

Price (Sacrifice): Long hours of work+obsession+minimal hours with loved ones

Marrying the love of your life:

Price (Sacrifice): No other girl +  time by yourself

You get my point?

As long as you’re willing to offer the sacrifice, you’ll get the things 100% of the time…no exceptions.

Everything has a price, but the question is… are you willing to pay it?

What Will You Do Now?

Formula Of Success

I have shared with you the things you need to know about how to accomplish anything you want in this world. After reading this article at least 2 times and really grasping this way of thinking, then you will see the world as a game…a game that you can win.

You now know the formula to beat the game.

And the funny thing is that nowadays there’s so much information that everything has become overly complicated.

All of the things I’ve learned about success can be found in the bible. This is no secret knowledge hidden away by “bad people” that want to control the world. This is just common sense and observation. This reality truly works on a cause/effect basis, and everything can fall into a mathematical equation.

The problem with us humans is that we are the ones getting on our own way, and we don’t even know it.

Now go get everything you desire!

Not because you need it, but because you can.

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