Why Anger Is A Man’s Best Friend

Why Anger Is A Man’s Best Friend
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In today’s day in age, men are fucking zombies. They walk around dead inside, whining and complaining about the shit they lack.

Have you ever seen a tiger complaining?

I don’t think so, motherfucker!

So what the fuck is it that it’s holding us, men, back today?

It’s a little magic word I like to call ANGER.

Let me tell you fucking why!

Have you ever been so angry that you punch right through a fucking wall???

What happened after you calmed down? Weren’t you surprised at the giant hole you left on the wall?

At that instant, you didn’t think “I’m gonna hurt my self” Or “this wall is going to stop my blow.”

No, all you thought was about your anger and your fist going right through that wall.

So what if you could channel that anger and use it when you need it most.

Well, you can…

In fact, that is the secret ingredient that is keeping you from succeeding in life!

Fuck what society tells you about anger

Society today tells us to smile all the time. But what if you don’t fucking fel like it? Are you supposed to fake something you don’t even feel? Why? To please other people?

And then when you are angry, and they tell you to calm down, why should you?

Every emotion has a purpose, and it’s there for a reason. That means that when you contain your anger, you’re also missing out on the purpose of that emotion.

In fact, famous basketball players Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, used the technique of talking shit to players so that they could talk shit back and give them a more significant reason to smash them.

You see, anger is not an emotion we should demonize but one we should use to our advantage.

Picture the scenario where someone slaps your om in the face and then proceeds to spit on you, and then the only way that you could hit this person back was if you first said hi to a random girl and asked for her number.

Would you really pass up that opportunity and get approach anxiety, or would you use all that anger and march over to that girl, and did what you had to do so you can slap that asshole that hit your mom?

so what’s the difference between that and everything else?


So fuck what society tells us, and use that aggressive energy that you have bottled up inside to do whatever it takes to win.

All the things anger has fueled for thousands of years

  • Hunting
  • War
  • Fighting
  • Sports
  • Protection
  • Invention of weapons
  • Order


Can you imagine a caveman sprinting towards a bison and impaling it with his spear all while smiling? Probably not.

He is going to be angry ready to kill or to be killed — all for the purpose of feeding his family.

That emotion gave him tools like:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Laser Focus
  • Overwhelming confidence
  • Zero regards for the outcome

The only thing in his head at the time is; GET THIS SHIT DONE!

You can enjoy the same benefits if you learn how to use your rage properly.

How you can use anger in your daily life

  • Use it to fight the stagnation that comes with depression
  • Use it to do things that frighten you
  • Use it to obliterate procrastination
  • Use it to get chick ( Why do you think women get horny when their man get angry at them?)
  • Use it to speak up and state your opinion
  • Use it to lift more massive shit at the gym
  • Use it to stay disciplined in your diet ( you fat fuck)
  • Use it to gain power
  • Use it to protect your family

You get the point; you can use anger in any area of your life. It will take you from your pussy excuse making mentality to the mentality of a real alpha.

How to make yourself angry?

  • Think about all the people who have humiliated you
  • Think about all the women who have rejected your pussy ass
  • Think about all the times you should have stood up for yourself and didn’t
  • Think about all the things people say you lack
  • Imagine a scenario where someone is abusing one of your loved ones
  • Frown on purpose( the physical effects the emotional and vice versa)
  • Hit something
  • Hit yourself ( like a killer gorilla)
  • Think about your goals being like a navy seal mission
  • Think about all the people that doubt you
  • Think about all the unfairness that life brings
  • Think about all the wasted years in your life
  • Think about your untapped potential
  • Think about when you have confirmed to societies low standards

Those are some ways to get you into that state of rage and high aggressiveness. Trust me on this! That is what your life has been missing all along.

Try it for a week; you have nothing to lose! (But your vagina)


Now it’s up to you to use that secret power that we men have been kept in the dark from for the last 200 years! Use it to build the life you were destined for!

Don’t get caught on this always be happy BS!

All emotions are there for a reason, and we must use them accordingly.

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