The Reason You’re Not Getting The Women You Want

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Women You Want
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Just imagine, walking into a bar and immediately making eye contact with the hottest girl in there. You notice her looking at you and checking you out. Then, you proceed and look her way, only making her blush and smile while she looks away from you. You literally made this girl wet in the spot and you know it. You know you’re the hottest guy in that bar and you bet your ass every single girl in there knows that too.

Today I’m gonna tell you why you aren’t that guy and instead are the loser standing there witnessing this mating ritual while holding a drink in your hand. Below I will open up your eyes and show you why you aren’t the guy that the hottest women want. Why you’re stuck with low quality, unattractive women and what you can do to turn your game around and live the life only the top 5% of men live.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin…

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Girls You Want: “Your SMV Is Low AF”

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Girls You Want 1

First off, let me tell you something. If you’re not getting the type of women you want, it is 100% your fault. It’s not your upbringing, it’s not your facial features, it’s not your circumstances, it’s none of that. The bottom line is that the reason for you not being attractive enough to mate with the hottest girls is that your SMV might be on the floor.

Now, what is SMV?


You see, your social market value is what determines the type of women you mate with throughout your life. You literally mate with girls that are the same or below your social market value.

If you’re not currently able to mate with hot women is because your social market value and hers do not match.

Listen to this and listen well:

Women tend to mate with men that have a higher social market value than them. I didn’t make this rule….If you have any complaints, complain with the men upstairs, for he’s the one that designed it this way.

And, evolutionarily speaking, it makes a lot of sense….here me out…

Why would the hottest woman in a tribe, mate with the “weakest” men in the tribe, if she could mate with the “strongest”, “most dominating”, “most successful”, man there is?

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Women You Want 6

If she would’ve mate and have children with “not the strongest” man in said tribe, her and her offspring would have less odds of surviving and thriving. It’s only with the strongest most dominating man that she has the best odds of surviving and thriving. It’s only with that man that her offspring would have the best chance of dominating in life.

So from that perspective it makes total sense, doesn’t it?

So you see, God or whoever created this reality knew what he was doing and made the game fair…

Okay now that you’ve understood that concept let’s talk a bit more about SMV.

The mating game was designed as a transaction.

You give something to the woman and the woman gives you something back in return. With the purpose of both parties being happy and fulfilled at the end of said transaction.

The problem here is that when your SMV is low and hers is higher, she is basically repulsed and angry for you to even have the audacity of even trying to have a transaction with her. It’s as if you were trying to rip her off in her eyes. Now, like everything else in life, there are exceptions to the rule, but right now I’m talking about the norm or what tends to happen 99% of the time.

Low SMV vs High SMV

Low SMV Would Look Something Like this:

  • Being broke or having a shitty job (no resources)
  • Bad skin (unhealthy,showing signs of a possible disease)
  • Bad Style ( Not confident enough or wealthy enough to peacock)
  • Overweight ( Lack of self- control or discipline, maybe some mental issues)
  • Bad Hairstyle or ungroomed Facial hair( No self esteem and no sense of self care)
  • Skinny( not strong enough to protect or defend against possible threat)
  • Old or beat up car (No resources)
  • No friends( Not socially smart or there’s something wrong with him)
  • No girls around you (There must be something wrong with him…Why do girls not mate with him?)
  • Not having your own place ( He can’t take care of himself, no resources)

Now, High SMV Would Look Something Like This:

  • Rich and a good job ( plenty of resources for him, me and our possible children)
  • Clear skin( Healthy, no signs of disease or bad genetics)
  • Good style ( Confident)
  • Fit and muscular ( Plenty of self control and discipline)
  • Nice hairstyle and very well groomed ( High self-esteem and high sense of self care)
  • Nice car ( plenty of resources)
  • Girls around you ( If women are around him he must be the “alpha” or one of the best options to mate with)
  • Own place ( He can definitely take care of himself and has plenty of resources)

You see, this is what determines where your SMV is at. The good news is that if your SMV is currently low, you can totally raise it.

This is why at the beginning I said that it was 100% your fault. Because as long as you’re willing to work on improving every aspect of your life, you have a chance of having a very high social market value. No matter if you’re not good looking enough, or if you have a small dick, as long as your SMV is in the top 15%, you’re more than good… that is if you want the hottest chicks.

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Girls You Want: “The Product You Offer Sucks Dick”

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Girls You Want 2

First let’s get something clear and out of the way. In current times, women are the buyers and we men are the sellers. Specially now since we have things like Tinder and Instagram where most of the dudes act thirsty and basically beg women to be with them(it’s super pathetic if you ask me).

So with that in mind, you have to think of yourself as a fucking product.

Most of the guys I see nowadays expect for hot women to like them when their product sucks dick. Now, why would a hot, attractive girl buy something that sucks when she could have the best product out there.

Just imagine for a second that you’re the “hot” woman and you have the option of buying the iPhone X or a Samsung….

Of course you would get the fucking iPhone, there’s no doubt about it. You would always buy the best thing you can for the money you have. It would be insane if you did otherwise right?

That’s how hot women think like and I don’t blame them at all when lame, ugly guys with low SMV approach them and expect to get their numbers. It’s basically an insult to offer someone a shitty product when they can totally afford the best there is.

Don’t you think?

So stop dwelling and start bettering your fucking product man!

You literally have the power of turning your shitty Tracphone phone and turn it into a hot, sleek iPhone X, if you really want to and put in the time.

Make your product so good and so amazing that girls would want to buy it all the time. Make your product so irresistible that it gets a high demand in the “market”.

The problem with most guys is that they complain without ever putting themselves in girls’ shoes for a minute. Once you have their perspective it’s that much easier to get what you want. All you need to know is what the customer wants to buy and then you create the product around it.

Bettering the product you offer ain’t easy work but god damn, it’s totally worth it.

If not just ask Steve Jobs if the thousands of hours of hard work were worth it now that the iPhone is basically people’s lives. Ask him if it was worth it to sacrifice so that people literally spend days under the rain making a line just to get their hands on that amazing product he created.

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Girls You Want: “You Haven’t Been A Hard Worker”

The Reason You’re Not Getting The Girls You Want 3

If you clicked on this article it’s because you haven’t worked hard enough until this moment. If you had you wouldn’t have problems with attracting the women you desire.

As long as you work hard on yourself and improve your SMV you’ll be more than good, trust me…

And it’s not a matter of YOU being the best product in the world…You just have to have a better product than the next guy out there.

This game is all about competition just like business.

You’re literally competing with the next guy to see who gets the best women. Just like Tesla competes with Honda and Toyota and so on.

Now, everytime I explain this to guys the most common question I get is:

  • So Omar, that means that I have to compete with every single guy in the world?
  • I have to stress over competing with just every guy out there?

And what I tend to reply and get ingrained into their empty heads is:


You just have to have the best product in comparison with the guy NEXT to you.

If you’re at a party or a get together, you obviously don’t have to be better than Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber, but you damn well have to be better than Bobby or John at that party.

It’s all based on context and the situation.

Women want the best product in the situation or environment they’re in. This is why the secretary tends to fuck the boss and why the tourist girl fucks the tour guide and not the tourist next to her.

In the first example, the secretary saw the boss as the best product. She could’ve easily fucked the guy in the marketing department, but not because the boss, in that situation, was the guy with the higher SMV(or with the best product).

In the second example, the tourist girl saw the tour guide as the leader and the one that knew everybody in that group of tourists. He was the one offering the best product in that moment.

Both of these guys, “the boss” and the “tour guide” are not offering the “BEST” product in the world and they could never compare to what Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber offer. But at that moment, in that context, they did and offered something better than the guys around that girl at that moment.

Once you understand this concept and actually see the world through a woman’s eyes then you have the fucking power and ability to change your reality.

It’s not a woman’s fault or God’s fault, it’s only your fault my friend. This game was designed like this and there’s nothing you can do about it but play it, master it, and ultimately win…

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