16 Things Real Men Simply Don’t Do

16 Things Real Men Simply Don’t Do
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Do you think you are a real man? With 100% honesty, do you believe you act and think like a real man? If you answered yes, then my friend, keep doing what you’re doing. If you answered no, then you are not alone…Real men are a dying breed, especially here in the US and it’s not society’s fault or propaganda or anything like that. The only responsible for this sudden “real men” epidemic are men themselves.

For the past 30 years, men have been acting weak and adopting many of woman’s qualities, resulting in a broken society like the one we’re experiencing at the moment. Nowadays feminine men are more common and manly men are almost extinct. This is why we must take charge and responsibility so we change the course of where things are going.

In the article below I’ve come up with 16 common traits most alpha men have and the reasoning behind them. This will not only open up your eyes to the truth of being a fucking man but also teach you how to start being one and embracing your manliness. Being a weak man has become so accepted that it’s become the norm… and this is no bueno. Going against one’s own nature will only bring chaos to one’s life and then the whole world as we see it.

Why do you think young men are very unhappy and unfulfilled nowadays? Is it because of technology? Absolutely not…It is because they have stopped being men…they have stopped being who they were designed to be.

1. Show Weakness

  • Real men avoid showing weakness to other people, especially their loved ones.
  • Showing weakness serves absolutely no purpose in a man’s life but does the complete opposite.
  • Now, there’s a difference between feeling weakness and showing it. One can feel weakness from time to time but one thing is to feel it and another is to show it. We’re all human beings and at the end of the day there’ll be days where you feel like shit and want to let it out.
  • But now, why in the world would you show this part of yourself to the world or to the ones you love? It absolutely serves no purpose and to the contrary, it makes your loved ones lose respect for you…especially women.
  • There is nothing a woman hates more than a weak man. In her eyes, it’s not only pathetic but disgusting.

2. Bully

  • A real man never bullies…to the contrary, he defends the weak.
  • Real men are natural born protectors and leaders…they would never even think about bullying anybody.
  • Bullying is something a weak, insecure man does to compensate for his feelings of weakness and shame.
  • A real man feels good about himself and his life as a result of always doing the right thing, so he never feels the urge to make others feel bad in order to make himself feel better. He already feels good and instead, tries to make others feel good.

3. Complain

  • A real man doesn’t complain, for it does nothing.
  • Why would a man waste his time complaining when he can simply go and solve the problem? It doesn’t make any sense for a strong man to complain because he is capable enough to skip the complaining and go straight to what he doesn’t like and solve it.
  • In the other hand, weak man, since they’re so weak and can’t solve the problem themselves, they have no other choice but to complain and wait for others to help him.
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4. Lie

  • People that lie are people that live life in fear and afraid of the consequences of their actions.
  • Real men aren’t afraid of anything because they know they can handle anything that’s thrown at them.
  • The reason people lie all the time is that they feel weak inside and don’t feel capable of confronting the truth.
  • A man that tends to lie will never be a real man because he lacks strength. It’s impossible to force a real man to hide the truth of what he thinks because he doesn’t feel weaker than anyone.

5. Steal

  • Real men don’t steal anything because they know they are capable of acquiring anything by themselves.
  • When men steal something, it’s literally them telling you that they’re so weak and scared that they can’t get something for themselves so instead, they rob the man next to them.

6. Beg

  • Begging is what you do when you have zero respect for yourself left and real man happen to have plenty.
  • A real man would rather die with honor than to beg for something and live like a weak, pathetic man.
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7. Worry about minutiae

  • Can you picture James Bond putting a facial on? Can you picture King Leonidas worrying about how he looks in those new pants he bought? Can you picture a gladiator being worried about a pimple he got on his forehead? Of course not…
  • Men throughout history have simply not had the time to worry about stupid shit like that when they had to go to war, help their family survive, and hunt for food. This trait has been passed down through time and real man know this and embrace it.
  • Real men are too busy with their purpose and mission that they don’t have time to even think about stupid shit like that.
  • Weak men are so lost in their lives that worrying about the minutiae of life is the only mission they have available. This is why you see young men nowadays wearing earrings, putting too much thought on their outfits and worrying about their hairstyles.

8. Follow the crowd

  • Real men “don’t just simply” follow the crowd but they follow what’s right, even if it means going away from the crowd.
  • Real men are not afraid of being alone or being attacked by others because they know who they are and what’s right.
  • Weak men, on the contrary, follow the crowd because they are consumed by fear and insecurity.

9. Put on hold his purpose for others

  • The first priority on a man’s life is his mission, then everything else comes under that.
  • In order for a man to bring happiness to himself and the world outside of him, he must first be fulfilled inside. In other words…in order for you to be able to fill everyone else’s cup, yours must be filled first so you have something to pour.
  • Weak men don’t understand this about themselves and let others dictate their life as they please.
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10. Procrastinate

  • Procrastination is a made up word invented by weak men to make themselves feel better about their mediocrity.
  • You can’t be a real man and procrastinate at the same time, it’s not possible.
  • Procrastinating by definition is when you postpone something you promised yourself you were gonna do. So by “procrastinating”, you are breaking your own word and being disloyal to yourself.

11. Hide who he is

  • A tiger is a tiger. An eagle is an eagle. A shark is a shark. A man is a man.
  • A real man embraces who he is and feels proud of being a man. He is who God created him to be and embraces it fully without apology… just like a tiger is a tiger.
  • Weak, beta men don’t know who they are and also hide who they are. They’re like tigers complaining about being tigers because they want to be eagles.

12. Care about people’s opinion of him

  • Would a king be worried about the peasant’s opinion of him? Would he be worried about the queen’s opinion of him? Absolutely not, because he is the king and feels like one. He is in the highest position of the hierarchy and a real man feels the same.
  • Real men feel equal or better than everybody else around them, as a result of their bravery and hard work.
  • Now, why would you even care about someone else’s opinion of you when you deeply know you’re equal to them and even better? It’s as if you were concerned about a 5-year-old’s opinion of you…it doesn’t make sense.
things real man simply don't do 4

14. Feel jealousy

  • Real men don’t know what jealousy even means or feels like, for jealousy is wanting something someone else has that you can’t have.
  • Strong men in mind and body don’t feel these emotions because they don’t feel less than or inferior to anybody else.
  • It’s easy for a weak man to feel jealous of someone else because he feels incapable and powerless so he resents everybody who’s ahead of him.

14. Cheat

  • Cheating is nothing more than a person showing how weak they are.
  • Why would a real man cheat if he knows he’s capable of accomplishing anything he sets his mind to.
  • It’s only weak men that have the need to cheat because that’s the only way they can get ahead.
  • Also, relationship-wise, why would a real man cheat on his wife if he’s made a commitment to be with her? A real man would never lose his integrity and word for anyone or anything. Weak men, on the contrary, are so weak that they sell their integrity and word for a quick moment of satisfaction.

16. Fear other men

  • Real men don’t fear other men because they know they’re capable of handling anybody if the situation arises.
  • Even if a man risks his life for not fearing other men, he knows it’s better to die like a man than to live life like a coward.
  • Weak, insecure men are the only ones who fear other men because they’re cowards.

16. Disloyalty

  • A real man depended on the man next to him in order to survive when hunting for food. This is why loyalty is so ingrained in men’s minds and instinctive nature.
  • Disloyal men are like cancer because they literally threaten your life and the life of the ones around them.
  • Real men honor loyalty and are repulsed by disloyalty because it’s been passed down in their DNA as a “threat to survival” for thousands of years.

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