​7 Signs That You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur

​7 Signs That You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur
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Ever think that maybe college is not for you? Do you feel more inclined to work for yourself, instead of putting in hours for somebody else? If so, then you probably have entrepreneur DNA. But how can you be sure though?

After all, choosing to be an entrepreneur comes with significant risk, some which include; You have to leave the safe route of college; You have to go against what most people are advising to you; and you have to probably invest a lot of your hard earned money to get started.

So with all that on the line; how do you make sure you’re making the right decision when you leave it all behind, to become an entrepreneur? No pressure right?

Well, keep calm because in the following article I’m going to help you find out if you’re actually meant to be an entrepreneur or if you’re just barking up the wrong tree.

Let’s get one thing straight;

Just about anybody can be an entrepreneur. All you need to become one is a strong work ethic and something of value to bring to the market.

This is evident in all the ex-doctors, police officers, engineers, and many other individuals of other professions who transitioned into entrepreneurship and succeeded.


So I’m not here to say that you have to be born an entrepreneur to become one. But what I will say is that some people are born with that entrepreneur DNA. Right from the start, they possess all the God-given talent to become a great entrepreneur; with relative ease and much enjoyment.

These natural entrepreneurs usually display particular patterns of behavior that signal that he or she is a natural, and that is what we will examine in this article.

If you find yourself naturally possessing any of the behaviors I’m about to show you, then you know you are meant to be an entrepreneur.

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: School Bores You

Be An Entrepreneur

Have you always been lazy when it comes to school? Not because you’re a lazy person, but because school just doesn’t interest you. If so, then this lack of interest in school is a good sign that you’re probably meant to be an entrepreneur.

You see the way you learn in most schools is 80% theory/reading and 20% doing/hands-on, and a born entrepreneur doesn’t operate this way.

A born entrepreneur operates in the opposite of the way school teaches; he must spend 80% of his time doing, and 20% reading.


Entrepreneurs have a very hands-on approach to work, and they must, because if they don’t approach work this way, then they get bored.

The reason being is because an entrepreneur is naturally highly creative, and when he’s not creating or mixing things up often, then he’s not getting enough stimulation to keep his mind focused.

So, when it comes to school, it’s just not stimulating enough for the highly creative mind of an entrepreneur.

Therefore, don’t feel bad if you truly suck at school, and you hate it with a passion. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid; it just means that you have entrepreneur DNA, and that’s the path you need to be following.

“I didn’t fail school, school failed me. School fails Entrepreneurs every day, because it’s not built for entrepreneurs it’s built for workers.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: You’re Highly Creative

Be An Entrepreneur

As mentioned in the last point, a natural entrepreneur is a highly creative person. Ever since childhood, an entrepreneur is highly imaginative, always thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to improve things.

And when you put an entrepreneur in a situation where he must perform a task that requires no creative thinking, then he or she becomes profoundly depressed.


It’s like putting a mathematician in a line of work that requires no math; he’s going to feel useless and upset. We must use our abilities to be happy with our range of work indeed.

So examine your life, do you usually come up with new ways of doing things. Do your friends tell you that you come up with great ideas?

If you do, then you possess the creativity to be a successful entrepreneur!

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: You’re A Loner

Be An Entrepreneur

If you display the characteristics of an introvert, and you prefer to be by yourself doing your own thing, then that means there’s a good chance you have that entrepreneur DNA.


Well, because if you prefer to be by yourself, then that means you don’t get your sense of fulfillment from social interactions, but from putting your attention to a particular purpose, AKA, your business.

Sacrificing your social life is a huge part of being an entrepreneur.

Not because you want to, but because you have to spend so much time immersed in your work, that there isn’t time for anything else.

One of the main reasons why most fake entrepreneurs fail is because they just can’t make that sacrifice. The need for social interaction that they have is greater than the need to make their business succeed.

So if you’re naturally a loner, then sacrificing social interactions will be a walk in the park for you. You’re ready to put in unlimited time into your business.

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: You’re A Risk Taker

Be An Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur runs into risk right from the start. He must invest large amounts of his money or an investor’s money, and have faith that there is going to be a return on it. That is why already being an individual whose experienced with, and even embraces risk-taking is huge!

As an entrepreneur, you regularly play the win all or lose all game, and most people aren’t down for that.

So in a way, you must be a person that displays excellent strength and unattachment to possessions. Because if you do happen to fail, which will happen, then you’ll be okay with taking the loss and picking yourself back up to try again.

So think about your past, do you usually put it all on the line? And when you lose big, do you react accordingly by picking yourself up?

If you do, then you’re meant to be an entrepreneur.

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: You Hate Schedules

Be An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can be a bit rebellious, in the sense that they don’t like when people tell them what to do or when to do it. And as a natural entrepreneur myself, I can testify to this characteristic that entrepreneurs tend to have.

It’s not that we’re lazy, no, we love to work! And we can spend well over 14 hours a day working. But one thing we love just as much as we love the hustle is our freedom.

You take our freedom, and you take our happiness.

Why are entrepreneurs programmed this way?

I believe it’s because our highly creative and novelty seeking brain hates routines.

You see, in a routine, you do the same thing every day, so the chance of seeing something new in your day to day life is very slim. And when there is no novelty, then there is no new information coming in; that the entrepreneur’s brain can take, combine with old info, and form into a new idea.


Plus, without novelty, our dopamine thirsty brain doesn’t get the proper dose of dopamine it requires to keep us balanced, so we become depressed.

So if you’re a person that hates 9-5 jobs or any other position that requires a strict schedule or routine, then you should probably start writing that two-week notice and go to where you belong, your own business!

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: You Look Forward To Challenges

Be An Entrepreneur

Ask any entrepreneur; the job comes with challenges arising every day. And not just a specific type of challenge, but new difficulties; ones that you’ve never seen before.

Therefore, if you are a person who enjoys and thrives in challenging situations, then you my friend are a natural when it comes to entrepreneurship!


And as you can already guess when an entrepreneur is in a job that throws no challenges at him to overcome, then he is out of his element and unhappy.

So if you are indeed that person that becomes unhappy when your career throws no challenges at you, then you are meant to be an entrepreneur!

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur If: You Are A Big Dreamer

Be An Entrepreneur

Do people ever tell you that you’re crazy because of how unreachable your dreams seem?

If they do, then you share the same dreaming ability as other entrepreneurs!

You see, to an entrepreneur, there are no limits, he understands that the road to success consists of a simple formula;

Unrelentless Work+Consistancy+Patience+ Perseverance= Achievement of your wildest dreams.

A natural entrepreneur understands this concept clearly. So he does not fear failure or questions his dreams.

So if you are a person that understands this formula, and isn’t afraid to dream big, then entrepreneurship is for you!


There you have it guys! Those were seven signs that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur. If you possess two or more of those signs; you should seriously consider leaving what you’re currently doing and opening your own business. All it takes is a little courage and faith; the rest will all come naturally to you since you’re, well, a natural!

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