Why Watching TV & Playing Video Games Are Destroying Your Manliness

Why Watching TV & Playing Video Games Are Destroying Your Manliness
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The reason why we men like watching sports, movies and playing video games is because it emulates what our role would be like in real life(in nature). By doing things like playing video games, we men get a chance to tap into our hunter DNA and get the reward of feeling like real men for once.

Before the internet and television era, we men didn’t have as many distractions around us as we do now. All we had to focus on was on the “day’s mission”, which usually involved something physical like hunting, fighting or building. Every day of a man’s life had to do with surviving and helping his family do the same.


In current times, since most of us don’t have the need to go out into the real world to hunt, fight or build…we satisfy those needs by mimicking the same behaviors we would’ve had back in the day. We imitate them by doing things like watching sports or movies that provide us with a close enough satisfaction.

Being a man and sticking to the role is so ingrained in us that we’ve created ways to still feel like a man and satisfy our instinctive nature without actually doing the “real” thing.

Consider this…

Why would men be so attracted and fascinated by watching “other men” play a game like soccer on tv?

Why is it that is us men that enjoy playing games like “Call of Duty” and spend hours doing so?

It’s because by doing things as such, we unconsciously satisfy our desires and instinctive needs as men.

What watching sports on tv really is, is watching 2 tribes at war. 2 tribes want to win and achieve a certain goal but only one wins and the other one loses.


It’s been proven by many scientific investigations, that the testosterone levels of men in the winning team, after a soccer match, raises significantly while the men’s in the losing team lowers dramatically
So what does that tell you?

It tells you that our nature as men is something we must embrace and preserve. It not only makes us feel good about ourselves but keeps us healthy and strong…mentally and physically.

Has it ever happened to you that when you’re watching movies like Braveheart or The Gladiator, you feel more confident and excited about life?

The reason most of us men enjoy these types of movies so much is that at that instant your brain didn’t differentiate what was “real” and what “wasn’t”.


So what’s basically happening is that our brain gets all those dopamine hits assuming you’re actually living what the main character’s living in the movie. When the main character’s fighting against an enemy or fucking an attractive woman, our testosterone actually goes up just like the main character’s would.

This is also why after watching a great movie you actually feel good… why, when the main character overcomes an obstacle and feels victorious you too feel those emotions.

Now here comes the problem…

Watching movies, sports and playing video games are good sometimes but end up doing the exact same thing porn does to us.

They’re addictive(just like porn) because they’re drugs that give us dopamine hits and make us believe for a second, that we’re actually alpha males….when in actuality are not.

Instead of going out to the world and accomplishing shit in “real life”, we use this drug called “media” to satisfy those instinctive needs we have as men.

Why would I go out of my house(cave) and hunt an animal or build a house, or even fight with another man, if I can simply stay inside my “cave” and pretend I’m doing all those things and momentarily feel good about myself as a man?…

This is the entire problem with playing video games and watching tv regularly. They divert us from what’s really important and end up turning us into weak, inadequate men. Instead of actually experiencing those things you watch others do on tv, you’re tricking your brain into believing you are… however, at the end of the day, you’re not developing yourself or even growing.


All of these things are drugs and they’re created to control you and keep you tame just like a lion in a zoo. The lion is a fucking beast in real life, but as long as you keep feeding him every day and mimic his environment, he’ll never develop and reach his greatest potential as the fucking lion he is.

Since the lion is getting the dopamine hits he needs every day to satisfy his hunter, aggressive, alpha behavior, he simply doesn’t find the need to actually become the monster he is and kill the people that are holding him captive in the zoo.

Men today, are just like the lion trapped in the zoo. But the difference is that we actually have the key to get out of the cage.

So why would we intentionally stay there?… tame and comfortable, getting fed that drug when we could go out there and experience the real thing…It doesn’t make sense.

The role of a man has been flawlessly designed to be incentivized by the seeking of satisfaction.

We go out and hunt so we get the “good feeling” caused by dopamine when we eat and provide for our families. Build structures and villages and get dopamine hits and as a result, keep us and our loved ones safe from the dangers of the world.

We fight, go to war and compete for the same reasons and it all works out perfectly because, in the end, we end up feeling good as the man we are and contribute to the world as a side effect.

Instead, when we simulate our role and get the dopamine hits, no one benefits from it since it’s a SIMULATION, including you. The world doesn’t benefit from you, existing and your wife and children either.


Therefore, cut out the addiction of the “media” and start experiencing the “real thing” as that’s the only way to be truly happy and have an appreciation for yourself.

This doesn’t suggest that you should never enjoy these pastimes ever again… but to be mindful of the detriment they have on your manhood and life overall.

Rather than watching a soccer match why don’t you find some people to play soccer with in real life? Won’t you only make new friends and future allies, but you’ll get the “real thing” after the match ends instead of “faking it” by watching others play on tv.

Why don’t you instead of playing games like Call Of Duty, you schedule a lesson on how to shoot a gun at a gun range and experience it in “real life” all while getting the real dopamine hits. Not only will you feel a rush of raised testosterone but you’ll also learn a new skill that might be useful in the future.

All I’m trying to say is that what we’re doing right now in this “social media”, “internet” age is fucking us up in the long run, especially as men.

We’re deceiving our brain into believing we’re actually doing these things( hunting, fighting, building) in real life when we’re not. So as a result, we don’t have the need to actually go out in the real world and grow.

The disservice we’re doing to ourselves as man is enormous because at the end of the day the potential is there and it’s up to us to release it.


  • Replace watching sports on tv with playing sports in real life.
  • Replace watching movies with living an exciting life just like the main character is in the movie.
  • Don’t play video games about shooting or fighting or anything else…Instead learn how to shoot in a proper shooting range, go sign up in a boxing gym.

Finally, be conscious that these “pastimes” we’re told are “normal” in actuality are not and end up damaging us and our stored potential in the long run…

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