30 Quotes From Entrepreneur Juan Diego Gomez That’ll Change Your Life

30 Quotes From Entrepreneur Juan Diego Gomez That’ll Change Your Life
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Juan Diego Gómez is currently one of the most influential and successful personalities in financial education in Latin America. He is the Director and founder of “Invertir Mejor” and is the creator of the YouTube channel on topics of financial education in Spanish with more followers: Invertir Mejor(“Investing Better” in English). Today I bring you 30 quotes from entrepreneur Juan Diego Gomez that’ll change your life today.

Even though most of his content is in Spanish the information and advise is very valuable and will surely motivate you to keep grinding.

Beware!… Most of the phrases below will feel like a bucket of ice-cold water thrown on your head.

Best of Juan Diego Gomez 1-15

1. “The entrepreneur was not born to complain, he was not born to cry … He was born to sell tissues, while others cry.”

2. “Most of the poor seek a fixed salary, and get it… and that’s what keeps them poor. “

3. “Up your income to the level of your dreams, so you don’t have to lower your dreams to the level of your income.”

4. “When I started my business, they would tell me: – What guarantee do you have that it will go well? And I answered: I don’t need guarantees, only knowledge, determination, and hunger.

5. “The poor are full of excuses not to be rich. The rich are full of excuses not to be poor. “

6. “When you have high expectations for your life, you become more demanding with what you read, what you earn and who surround you.”

7. “While minorities become rich by doing what they love, the majority survive by doing what they hate… A matter of focus. “

9. “Poverty is the sum of badly utilized hours.”

8. “The lack of money makes you poor for a while; The lack of ideas makes you poor for life. ”

10. “I prefer to be happy than rich… – I prefer both things! ”

11. “I want to see blood in your eyes, fire in your heart and gunpowder in your intestines when you tell me about the purpose of your life.”

12. “Ask yourself if all the money you lack has got to do with all the fears that you have left.”

13. “Who surrounds with extraordinary, extraordinary becomes, who keeps toxic company; toxic becomes. “

14. “Conformism should be cause for divorce.”

15. “Anyone who has been unable to fulfill their own dreams can not be the counselor to fulfill yours.”

Best of Juan Diego Gomez 16-30

16. “Do not lower the price of what you do, better yet increase the value of who you are.”

17. “Impact millions; and you will be filled with millions! “

18. “When someone tells me that getting money is very difficult, I just tell them: if you keep thinking that way, I assure you it will be.”

19. “The comfort zone is too small for someone to become great inside it.”

20. “You will never get big by avoiding what bothers you.”

21. “If someday you have the fortune of being fired from a job you do not like, take it as an opportunity to find your path”

22. “As long as the majorities continue to misuse their time, they will always lament that the minorities are left with everything”

23. “Most people do not progress because they lack money, but because they have too much fear”

25. “We are the product of what we constantly read. There is no difference between those who don’t read and those who can not read “

24. “The sense of urgency awakens the genius we all carry inside”

26. “How can someone change their assets without first changing their way of thinking? One externalizes what he has in his head “

27. “They only ones who deserve to live an extraordinary life are the ones who have the guts to live it. The others, can continue living what they have today. “

28. “Only high pressure transforms carbon into a diamond; because of fear of pressure, most die only as carbon …”

29. “They ask me for good advice?, here it goes: -Stay close to those who have already achieved the results you want.”

30. “If you lack the guts to go after an extraordinary life! Maybe you deserve the life you have today!.”

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