Be Like A Mirror & Become Great In No Time

Be Like A Mirror & Become Great In No Time
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If your goal is not to become great I don’t know what is. Certainly, if you’re reading this, it’s not to become a “not so great man” is it?… I believe that every man’s duty in this life is to become as great as he is capable of becoming. Not only will you have a great life but you’ll be okay and in peace with your time on earth 10 seconds before your death. There’s nothing more hurtful than departing knowing you didn’t play hard enough in the game. This is why today I want to teach you a concept I’ve been pondering on lately. It’s called “be like a mirror and become great in no time”.

This approach is not only helpful but very logical and if you implement it precisely you’ll be great before the year’s over…Now, wouldn’t you like that?

First… what’s a mirror?

A mirror is this thing human beings invented for the sole purpose of reflecting and replicating whatever is in front of it.

Have you ever considered how insane it is that anything you put in front of a mirror is instantly replicated on it? It doesn’t take a few minutes or even seconds, it’s instantaneous.

The mirror doesn’t care if the thing in front of it is good or bad, it simply reflects whatever stands in front of it perfectly without exception. So what would happen if you were to become a mirror and a great man were to stand in front of it?

Wouldn’t you replicate him and become him?

Interesting huh?…

Follow me here…

Who’s A Great Man You Want To Become Like?

The first step to transforming yourself into a mirror is to first choose which great man you want to become like. There are many great men in the world, this is why you must be extremely careful in deciding who you want to be like.

Moreover, what I like about this concept is that it’s not limited to just mirroring 1 person. You can actually mirror 2 to 3 individuals(at most) at the same time.

Let’s assume you want to change your physical appearance. You would then need to find someone you aspire to look like physically. Let’s say you want to look like those Gymshark athletes on Instagram.

Then, you want to be a businessman like Marc Cuban or Gary Vaynerchuk. And finally, you want to have the social wittiness and magnetism of one of those guys from RSD.

You don’t need to limit yourself to only mirror 1 person because you can actually mirror various guys for each aspect of your life…all at the same time.

Like I said before I would advise starting with 2-3 guys maximum due to our limited amount of focus. It’s better to start small and not overwhelm yourself by trying to completely change who you are overnight. Give your brain some time to adapt and familiarize with the new person you’re trying to become.

Become The Mirror…

The second step of the “become a mirror” concept is to actually become the mirror and leave your old self in the past.

Becoming the mirror is super easy as long as you really understand the person you’re trying to become like. The key here is to not do what the person you’re trying to become SAYS but do what he DOES.

You need to do exactly what the person you want to be like does. You must act and behave just like that great person does until it becomes natural to you.

Let me give you 1 example:

Let’s say I want to become like Gary Vaynerchuk…

Things Gary does that I must do:

  • Be active on Instagram/ Do Instagram live
  • Post every day on Instagram
  • Have a Podcast
  • Hustle 24/7 Rest only on Sundays
  • Be super positive
  • Answer every comment I get
  • Make youtube videos
  • Collaborate with other artists/influencers
  • Eat a healthy diet and train regularly
  • Not consume any content, only create content
  • Not watch any movies or any media

As you see, these are some of the most famous things Gary Vee does…It’s not really what he “tells” you to do but it’s actually what he DOES…So, if you replicate everything he does 100% of the time you’ll end up becoming very close to what he is today.

You can apply this method with businessmen, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, investors, motivational speakers, etc….the possibilities are limitless.

Let me give you 1 more example…

Let’s say…I want to become like Fitness Youtuber Joe Delaney(or any other)…

I would need to:

  • Do the exact same workout Joe does
  • Follow the exact same diet Joe did to get his physique
  • Start doing Youtube videos
  • Be active on Instagram
  • Coach people online and help them with their physiques
  • Travel the world while working online and make sick videos
  • Read books about philosophy
  • Listen to Joe Rogan and Sam Harris

After you do everything Joe does it’ll be impossible not to be similar to him. The idea here is to not end up being EXACTLY like the person you want to become but ending up being as GREAT as they are… as a result of emulating their ACTIONS.

Copying someone’s ACTIONS instead of “listening to what they say” is the fastest way to becoming great like them. Become a mirror and replicate their actions and behavior.

As you know, a mirror doesn’t think or listen… it just “mimics” whatever is in front of it. You must do the exact same thing and start acting like the person you want to be like. Soon enough it’ll become so natural to you that you’ll actually be great in your own right and have your own uniqueness.

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