Best Cardio To Lose Weight: The Top 8 Exercises

Best Cardio To Lose Weight: The Top 8 Exercises
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Losing weight is not a difficult task per se but requires plenty of focus and discipline. You might start seeing results by changing your diet and caloric intake…but that will only take you so far. After some time just lowering your calories won’t be enough and you’ll need to start doing cardio. So today I’ve decided to show you the best cardio to lose weight, starting from best to least effective.That way whenever you need to speed up your weight loss, you already know what to do…

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1. Jumping Rope


Jumping rope is one of my favorite cardio exercises to do because of its practicality. The only thing you pretty much need is a jumping rope and you’re all set! You can literally burn 800 calories under an hour or more depending on the speed and how many times you stop to catch a breath.

Jumping rope is a bit hard because of the rhythm you have to keep in order to perform the exercise. But once you get the hang of it, the possibilities to melt the fat off are endless. Realistically speaking you won’t be jumping rope for an hour straight, but you could jump for an hour with many breaks in between; that way you catch your breath and drink water as needed.

The thing here is that you don’t have to do it without stopping but simply maintain your heartbeat up at all times. As long as you do that you’re on your way to melting all the fat off your body.

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

  • Like simplicity
  • Have good rhythm
  • Want the most effective cardio out there

2. Sprinting

CALORIES BURNED PER HOUR: Up to 15 cals per minute

Next, comes sprinting which is super effective but requires a lot of effort from your part. Sprinting is one of those things in life that are extremely good for you but require a lot of effort.

When you sprint you’re literally running as fast as you possibly can for a set amount of time(usually 30 seconds). Then when you feel like you can’t run anymore you stop for about a minute and then do it all over again.

When you’re sprinting your brain literally thinks you’re running away from something( usually some sort of danger ) and your life “depends” on it. Therefore your brain’s main priority is to get you out of that situation as fast as it can. So then it goes straight to your fat storage reserves(your fat gut) to get energy from to accomplish that goal and keep you safe.

With that evolutionary perspective in mind, you bet your ass this is one of the best fat loss cardio exercises out there.

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

  • Like the outdoors
  • Love running
  • Want something fast yet effective
  • Want to tap into that primal part of the brain

3. Elliptical Machine


The elliptical machine is one of my favorite forms of cardio because of the low impact it has on the joints.

Whenever you need to lose weight and don’t want to go outside to sprint or jump rope, the elliptical machine is your best bet.

There have been times in the past where I needed to lose 5 pounds in a week and literally burned 1000 calories a day doing this. I would get on it and burn 500 calories then get off it to cool off and then burn the remaining 500. In under 1.5 hours, I had burned 1000 calories and none of my joints or knees hurt, which tends to be a problem when running.

Give it a try whenever you’re finished with your usual workout… but make sure your heart rate remains up throughout the session(for optimal caloric burning).

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

  • Hate the outdoors
  • Have problems with joints or knees
  • Want something quick after your weight training session
  • Hate running

4. Swimming


Swimming is said to be a pretty fast way to lose a shit ton of calories because when you swim you use your entire body.

The problem with swimming though is that first, you need a pool, which not many people have available. Next, you need to monitor your time and speed with your phone or any other device. That way you know how many calories you burned and keep track of your progress.

In my opinion, if you have a pool at your disposal go ahead and swim hard… but I personally like to keep track of the calories I’m burning off. So, if you don’t care about numbers that much I would recommend you to add swimming to your routine.

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

  • Like the outdoors
  • Want to work on your back
  • Enjoy the water
  • Want something fun

5. Cycling


Cycling is one of those activities that you have to like a lot in order to get all the benefits it gives. If you are an outdoor kind of dude, then cycling will certainly help you in your weight loss journey. Not only are you in nature, but you’re using your legs and core to cycle and maintain balance.

If you don’t own a bicycle and still want to get those benefits cycling gives, then use the stationary bikes at your gym. Stationary bikes may not be as optimal due to the lack of effort when it comes to balance, but you’re still using your legs a great deal.

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

  • Like the outdoors Have strong legs
  • Enjoy riding bicycles
  • Want something fun

6. Jogging


Jogging is a no brainer when it comes to weight loss…

This exercise is not as hard as sprinting and not as passive as walking, making it very “people” friendly. It’s exactly in the middle, making it one of my favorites and go to’s whenever I need to lose a few pounds.

The only problem that I’ve found with jogging, frequently, is that it has a direct impact on the knees. Besides that small factor, this exercise is good enough to help you burn all the fat you need. That is, as long as you have the right form and proper consistency.

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

Don’t have knee problems or injuries
Like a less intense form of cardio
Enjoy running

7. Stairmaster


The Stairmaster is one of those cardio exercises that feel more like a weight training session with sprinting combined, rather than just cardio.

This exercise is all about the legs and how fast you can go up the stairs without stopping. Remember, the faster you go, the more calories you’ll be burning… so keep that in mind. In order to go for an hour without stopping though, the trick is to find the sweet spot between resistance and speed.

This Cardio Exercise Is Good If You:

  • Want to tone your legs and glutes
  • Like a less intense form of cardio

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