3 Ways To Feel More Alive Than Ever As A Man

3 Ways To Feel More Alive Than Ever As A Man
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I can’t help but notice that everyday men seem to become more and more robotic. Most of them feeling dead inside, and life just seems repetitive and boring to them. Why is that? If anything, we live in the safest time in human history; we should feel more alive than ever!

And that just might be the problem…

We live in an odd time; one that is extremely different from how the world has previously been in the past thousands of years.

Think about it; it wasn’t up until the last 50 something years since women have had the freedom that we have today.

It wasn’t up until  the last 50 to 150 years that men can go to prison for fighting.

And, up until the last ten years, people have gained the capacity to insult each other in a manner where they can remain safe, via social media.

You see, the safety that we live with in this current time also has a downside, and it’s that it has made us soft. It has made us suppress the very things that make us human, and the things that make us feel the most alive!

In the following article, I’m gonna make you aware of three things that the men of today are missing from their life, and how they can regain their happiness by simply adopting these three things back into their lives. Things that the men before us had but was somehow lost along the way.

The Opportunity To Let Out Their Aggressive Energy

Feel More Alive

Have you ever been in a situation where you got mad at someone at your job, but instead of letting out the anger, you had to hold it in and suppress it?

I know I have!

So where does that angry energy go? Does it just disappear?

I don’t think so.

You see, my theory is that when you hold in all that energy that is in the form of rage that wants to come out, then you eat away at yourself a little. And over time what happens is, one of two things;

1) You become too good at suppression that emotion, which leads to you feeling dead and robotic.

2) You can no longer keep suppressing the emotion, so you explode! And in the process end up doing something you will regret, like hurting somebody.

Neither outcome is a good one.


It seems like this peace and love trend that society is pushing is doing more bad than good if you ask me.

I say that because of the evidence I see; suicide rates are the highest they have ever been; school shootings are prevalent now, and hate between people of the same nation seems to be higher than ever!

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should take baseball bats to work and beat people and destroy everything in sight, no, I’m saying we should let men and even women have their moment of rage, a chance to let out that aggressive energy without the possibility of ending in prison for something minimal.

Obviously, it needs to be controlled; we don’t want people getting killed. But if someone disrespects you at work, you should be able to yell and defend yourself without getting fired. If two men have a problem, they should be able to go outside and fight if they choose to, and without getting arrested.

Do you think a Spartan in his day would hold in his rage, his need to yell, and hit something? I doubt it. So why did we change that now? It’s not like the human body has changed at all since the spartan days.

But let’s be real; the acceptance of aggression is probably not going to happen, so you have to find other ways to get rid of that aggression. This is because aggression can be good; it is a necessary emotion for wars, hunting, and for protecting your loved ones.

Trust me, by letting out that aggression you will feel so good, like if somebody just revived you, and you can finally feel again!

So what can men do in this day in age to let go of that aggressive energy and no longer feel like zombies? Here are a few suggestions;

  • Play a physical sport. One where you can use your strength and aggression like football or boxing
  • Get a heavy bag in your house, that way you can scream and punch the bag until all that energy is let out
  • If someone disrespects you badly, then don’t hold it in, yell and confront the person if you have to. Make yourself be respected.
  • Buy some MMA gear and spar with your friends; get a feel for what it feels like to fight another person, just like our ancestors did probably every day!

You get the point, stop holding in all that aggressive energy. Let it come out! Atleast, a few times a week or a day if you need it. Take a moment to release that energy. You will feel so much better and alive because of it.


Feel More Alive

The Romans had the Gladiator games; the Aztecs had “the Aztec ball game,” and the early Greeks had wrestling. Pretty much every civilization has had some type of sport to satisfy our need for competition.

We always want to win, and find out who’s the best; this is a drive that has been with us humans since the beginning of time. That’s probably why till this day we still have the Olympics; that need for competition isn’t going anywhere.

The problem is that, unless you’re a professional athlete, then you don’t get to satisfy that need for competition. And that is the second reason as to why we men are feeling so dead inside in this time.

In fact, today we are discouraged from competing, because when you compete, someone is going to lose, and that someone will get his feelings hurt, and society can’t have that.

Screw that!

There needs to be losers and winners, that way the winners can keep working hard, and the losers can begin working harder to win!

Let’s stop with all the 8th place trophies because we don’t want the children to feel bad. It’s bullshit! The children need to learn the lesson of hard work and perseverance.

So do your poor dead body a favor and start competing. The easiest way is to join a sports team obviously, but there are other ways like;

  • Creating little competition games with your co-workers
  • Competing with yourself to beat your last best effort

You can pretty much make a competition out of anything, do it!

Why do you think Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Muhammed Ali were obsessed with their craft? Because they had a chance to compete! The competition made them feel alive!

Therefore, adopt competition back into your life, don’t let society take that masculine trait of competitiveness away from you; it is for you to enjoy.

Passionate Love

Feel More Alive

It is kind of surprising to me that the profession “Pick Up Artist” is actually a profession in this day in age.

Like shouldn’t a man talking to a woman and loving her be a natural thing?

Did Vikings seek the help of a PUA to get the courage and the strategy to speak to a girl? I highly doubt that!


And that my friends, is the third thing we are missing; the ability to express freely and passinately what we love .

There is no reason why you, me, or any other man should suppress what he feels for a woman or several women.

Falling in love is a natural thing; feeling lust for a woman is a natural thing. Why should we suppress what comes naturally for us?

Obviously, like with anything else, there needs to be a limit; I’m not saying men should go out and disrespect women. All I’m saying is that if a man finds a woman attractive, then he has every right to show it; to walk up to her and let her know that she lights up a fire in him.

But no, instead we live in a society where it’s taboo for a man to approach a random woman and tell her how he feels — a community where if a man looks at a woman too much, it is considered harassment. Meanwhile, the woman is wearing a tiny skirt that reveals half her ass cheek. Does that make any sense?

So my friend, fuck what society says, and let your passion come out of you!

Stop suppressing the fantastic feeling of love! If you feel like you love a girl, then go up and tell her. If you find a random woman attractive, then look at her, check her out, but only with the condition that you actually go up and talk to her after.

Holding in and suppressing the emotion of attraction and love is deniying the very thing that makes you a man. Therefore, you will probably feel dead inside if you keep containing the things that make you a man. Stop it!


There you have it guys, stop suppressing and adopt the natural emotions that I have revealed in this article, and you will feel more alive than ever. Cause let me tell you, the only thing worse than death is… Being dead while alive!

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