3 Ways To Target And Grow A Specific Muscle

3 Ways To Target And Grow A Specific Muscle
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Let’s face it; we all go to the gym to look damn good! And when it comes to having that aesthetically perfect Greek God body, muscular proportion is everything. Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with the genetics to grow every muscle proportionally.

You know what I’m talking about; you either have a big back, but a small chest; or you have a big chest, but small arms, and that’s actually my problem. I’ve always had excellent chest genetics; my chest grows insanely quick, but not my biceps and shoulders, they are laps behind my pectorals.

It sucks, because when I wear a shirt, my chest looks fantastic in it, but not my arms and shoulders, they do not fill the sleeve. And it is that lack of proportion that does not let me attain that perfect Greek God look.

But I’m not here to tell you a sad story; no, I’m here to give you solutions. So in the following article, I’m going to provide you with five tips which helped me and can help you, grow those muscles that lack that genetic lottery.

Increase The Frequency

Just this tip alone will give you 60% of the growth you desire on that specific muscle! All you need to do is train that particular muscle more times per week.

For example, I usually workout each muscle once per week, but if I want extra growth on a particular muscle, then I work that muscle three times per week; one intense workout, and the other two light workouts.

So let’s take my shoulders, which I usually lack size in; I will have my regular shoulder day on Monday, where I do four different exercises. But then on Wednesday (legday), and Friday (back day), I also do two shoulder exercises at about 70% intensity, along with the other exercises for the muscle for that day.

I know at first it might scare you since many people are under the impression that you must let the muscle rest a long time. But then how do you explain athletes who work the same muscles every single day?

Take a gymnast, for example, they train every single day, using the same muscles over and over with no rest, and they seem to be doing just fine. And the crazy thing is that they are jacked!

The constant use of the muscles forces them to adapt by becoming more durable and growing.

Another good example is soccer players; they use their legs muscles so much that their legs are huge! And again, zero sign of wearing down; maybe in the joints, but no wear in the muscle.

So take that muscle that is keeping you from that perfect proportion, and work that motherf#%&@ until it catches up to the rest of your body!

Controlled Movements

Ever see a young man in the gym swinging his body and rocking that weight back and forth as fast as he can? Yea, that guy is a beginner…

Experienced bodybuilders know that to grow a muscle you must concentrate on the form; to create a sweet and slow controlled movement. This way of working out is the way to make those massive gains.

You see, if you’re going to strictly size and aesthetics, then you must focus on hypertrophy training, and hypertrophy training requires a high amount of TUT ( Time Under Tension).

The longer you can keep that muscle you want to grow under tension, then the more it is going to be forced to work and develop.

So if you’re doing a bicep curl, for example, the initial movement (curling the dumbbell to your body) must be slow and controlled. And the negative movement ( lowering the weight back down) must also be slow and controlled; that method of lifting will give you the most TUT.

It was when I began training this way, that I say my best muscle development and a sick proportion! So try it yourself.

Progressive Overload

It’s all cause and effect; we already mentioned that working the muscle more often brings forth the effect of more muscle growth. Now, in this tip, we add another cause to the equation; Progressive overload!

All progressive overload is, is gradually increasing the weight by a little bit every time you go to the gym.

The effect of doing this is; it causes your muscles to have to adapt to the more massive load, and therefore, grow in size, to accommodate the requirement of the work.

Now keep in my, I said a LITTLE BIT every time. You don’t want to make a drastic jump in weight, because then you are going to sacrifice TUT (Time under tension), and form. Sacrifice those two, and the progressive overload will not be as effective.

So for example, If I’m starting to work on my biceps; one week I will curl the 20’s for ten reps, and then a week or two later, I will try to do the 25’s. Sometimes your muscle will not be ready for the heavier weight, so in that instance, you can increase the number of reps with the old weight rather than move up.

So instead of doing just ten reps with the 20’s, I will do twelve or fourteen reps with the 20s. I will do this until my muscle does get strong enough to move up to the 25’s.

Do not be afraid of looking weak; instead, let go of your ego, and realize that by doing the proper thing your results will be that much more impressive in the long run!


Get that proportion you want, and grow that specific muscle by doing the tips I have mentioned above. Along with the tips remember to remain consistent and eat the proper diet for muscle growth.

  • Increase the frequency
  • Controlled movements
  • Progressive Overload

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