4 Rad Qualities of Introverts That Are Superpowers

I can’t help but notice that we live in a society that rewards extroverts and punishes introverts. “you should talk more,” “why hasn’t so and so said a word?“, “Why are you so quiet?“. Little do they know us introverts fly under the radar like a stealth bomber. While they do the talking, we do the hustling, and after you hear about these 4 qualities of introverts, you’ll know we have the upper hand!

Qualities of Introverts #1 Ability To Formulate Own Thoughts And Avoid Group Think

Qualities of Introverts

We, humans, evolved to be very social creatures, and for a good reason. Some animals, if not most, are stronger, faster, and more durable than we humans are.

If it weren’t for our intellectual and social capacity, we humans would be doomed; wild beasts would be able to overpower us instantly.

Instead, because of our numbers and our ability to work together as a unit, we rule the world.

So great! Our social capacity makes us perfect and all-powerful.

Not quite…

Even though our social nature is our greatest strength, it also comes with a downside; GroupThink.

the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.
“there’s always a danger of groupthink when two leaders are so alike.”

While in groupthink we are discouraged from making thoughts of our own because we are so dependent on the group, and this isn’t good.

It’s not good because it puts a stop to creativity and improvement; we let others think for us.

You can already foresee the point I’m trying to make.

An introvert is less likely to be affected by groupthink because he or she is usually separated from the group.

And it is this separation that allows the introvert to formulate thoughts of his own, and come up with new creative ways of doing things; all which is for the better.

And the is one of the greater qualities of introverts…


For an extrovert, stepping out of groupthink is not as easy, and this is for two reasons;

1) He doesn’t spend enough time alone in his thoughts to come up with his own ideas.

2) His bond with the group is so tight; that he blindly trusts and follows the group’s ideology.

On the other hand, the two points above are things that come naturally to the introvert; he spends most of his time alone, and he trusts his own ideas over the group‘s, because his bond with them isn’t as tight.

It’s no surprise as to why some of the greatest inventors of technology and new ideas in history have been introverts!

Just to name a few; According to Inc.com.

  • Albert Einstein
  • Rosa Parks
  • Bill Gates
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Isaac Newton
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Larry Page
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Jk Rowling
  • Warren Buffet
  • Michael Jordan
  • Charles Darwin
  • Elon Musk
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Nikola Tesla

Now you might say, “ok, there are many other inventors.”

And yes, there are. But to the caliber of the ones on that list? I doubt it!

In that list alone we have the greatest physicist of all time; the greatest basketball player of all time; the man who created Google, and the inventor of the theory of evolution!

So, you, introvert; stop being ashamed of being one.

Instead, use it to your advantage! You have the potential to be that next big name that changes everything, and it is your introversion that will take you there. So be grateful for it and own it!

Qualities of Introverts #2 Ability To Be Alone All The Time

Qualities of Introverts

Success requires many sacrifices, and one of the main ones is social interactions.

Just ask any prominent entrepreneur; they will tell you that they lived in their work, and had zero social life during their come up years.

Most people are not willing to make that social sacrifice, especially extroverts. The success they could gain isn’t worth having to leave all the fun and their friends. Of course, I’m generalizing, this isn’t true of all extroverts, but most.

Well, to an introvert this isn’t a sacrifice, it’s their everyday life! An introvert already spends most of his time alone; he prefers it!

So when it comes to achieving massive success, the introvert already has an advantage over all the extroverts, in that he or she has one less sacrifice to make.

I am a great example of this superpower!

I use to think that having to drop my friends and focusing all my time on my business and this blog was going to be hell on earth. But right after starting, I soon realized that I loved being by myself working, much more than being out somewhere involved in small talk.

So utilize that introvert quality! Use that time you spend alone to create something great.

Qualities of Introverts #3 Ability To Truly Listen

Qualities of Introverts

Extroverts love to talk, and being the center of attention fuels their energy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But I believe there is so much more value in listening…

The main difference between the poor and the rich is knowledge. That is why people with an education tend to be more successful than people without one, common sense.

Knowledge may come in the form of a college course, a book, an internet article, a mentor, or a Youtube video. It doesn’t matter how you obtain it, but that you gather it and put it to use.

Did you spot the keyword?

It is (Gather), you must gather the knowledge, and this is where introverts shine because they are such good listeners. An introvert’s gathering skills are off the charts.

Unlike extroverts, introverts don’t spend as much time on stating their opinion. They rather listen and ingest as much of what is being said, and that in itself is a superpower.

The introvert gets to “gather” much more knowledge because of his focus on listening!

Next time you spot two extroverts in conversation, analyze them. You will find that before one of them is done speaking the other will begin his sentence.

By that simple sign, you can tell that neither one really ingested and fully digested what was said. They just listened superficially and responded with their own opinion.

So as an introvert, next time you’re in a conversation, don’t be ashamed that you don’t have anything interesting to say back. Instead, keep doing what you do; analyze what was said, and absorb all the useful information to take with you!

Qualities of Introverts #4 Ability To Think Endlessly

Qualities of Introverts

Ah man, If thinking was a professional sport, there is no doubt in my mind that the introvert would take it every time!

Us introverts, we live in our heads; we have imagined every possible scenario for every possible situation.

We think so damn much that people often ask us “How was la la land?”

And the crazy thing is that we absolutely love it!

So how is overthinking a superpower?

Thinking excessively is a superpower because it allows you to be overly creative.

Just like we discussed in the first point, introverts are known for thinking outside the box; they spend all their time alone coming up with their own ideas and solutions to a variety of problems.

And most times they do find those solutions. Solutions that change the world and make tose introverts heroes, like Mr. Einstein.

You see, creativity is what propels the human race forward; without the creative efforts of many of the people that have lived before us, then life as we know it would not exist.

Creativity = Progression

Also remember, the people that are involved in that next big creative breakthrough are rewarded, and heavily.

So use that introvert quality of thinking non-stop, to come up with solutions to problems that most people don’t even imagine taking on.


Now, don’t make the mistake of not working on your social skills because you feel invincible after those 4 introverts Qualities. It would be best if you still worked on your social cues so you can communicate with other people those beautiful ideas you thought about.

And never forget your introvert superpowers of;

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Your friendship with loneliness 
  3. Your massive active listening ears
  4. Your never-ending thoughts

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