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How To Be Social And Not Die In The Process

Yup, the introvert’s greatest challenge—attaining quality friends to satisfy his need for social interaction. As an Introvert myself, I too am familiar with the feeling. We love to be alone, but every once in a while fantasize about having friends we could call and have a blast with. But there is none to be found.

No need to worry though, because you don’t have to change who you are or pretend to be an extrovert to attain those friends. All you have to do is make a few adjustments to your life, and follow the tips I’m going to give you. By doing so, you will finally decipher the puzzle of how to be social and have the friendships you deserve.

Let’s get one thing straight…

You are an introvert for a reason… that’s because you are very selective on the people you like to interact with, and no matter how much you try to change that, it’s not going to. For that reason, it’s necessary that your cicle of friends be similar to you.

Similar people will not only stick around longer, but you’ll be able to have way more fun with them.

Therefore, the following tips will be based on finding friends who will mesh with you naturally.

Also, realize that you will have to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve this goal. Without talking and asking people questions, you know putting in the effort, the results you want won’t come.

How To Be Social Tip 1: Start With Co-Workers

How To Be Social

One of the most accessible places to start expanding your circle is at work; this is because you’re there most of your time anyway, and that will make people there easy to talk to since you’re familiar with each other.

It’s simple, all you need to do is bring up conversations about places that are fun and in the area. By doing so, you can read their level of excitement to the discussion, and if it’s a positive one, you can plan a trip to that place. So start looking for exciting people who you might think would make cool friends.

how to be social

Even if there is no one exciting at your workplace, go out with some of them anyway. They might know and bring other cool people or even pretty girls to the activity; ones which you can befriend. You have nothing to lose so try it. Some of the coolest people and craziest experiences I’ve ever had was with co-workers.

How To Be Social Tip 2: Join A Club Related To Something You Love

What’s better than doing something you love, while at the same time making a ton of friends? That’s right nothing!

With that being said, the next tip is to join a club of an activity you enjoy. This could be dance, painting, martial arts, chess, reading, business, or whatever other weird things you might be into!

The point is to join a club because clubs are usually made up of several people. And since it’s a club about something you enjoy, then those are all people you have something in common with; therefore will make great friends to you. These people will be easy to talk to and will probably share numerous things in common with you.

List of clubs you can join:

  • Yoga
  • Salsa
  • Cooking
  • Acting
  • Guitar
  • Bingo
  • Video Game
  • Spanish
  • Book
  • Fitnes

How To Be Social Tip 3: Talk To People At Your School

How To Be Social

Similarly to co-workers, people at school are usually people who are in your age range and typically share the same interests as you. These interests include the opposite sex, making money, trying new things, and making friends.

For that reason, make friends with these people. To do so simply turn to your side and ask the person next to you something, wait till they respond, and then keep the conversation going by asking more questions.

Check out how Dawson from one of my favorite Youtube channels BigDawsTv make friends in college.

Now, obviously you’re not going to go about making friends the same way, he’s doing a prank so he’s trying to be funny. Or maybe you will, I mean it’s working for him!

But the point of the video is to show you that people are open to making friends, and if you put in the effort to go out of your way and talk to strangers, then it’s impossible for you not to make friends.

How To Be Social Tip 4: If Religious; Talk To People At Church

If you’re a religious person, then talking to people at church is a great way to make new friends.

You see, for the most part, people at church are very friendly; they’re almost always open to conversation and hanging out. Plus, since you already have something in common with them, then connecting will be quite easy.

Also, realize that people at church don’t just hang out with people from church, they have other friends. Ones which you can meet and befriend by being there.

How To Be Social Tip 5: Play Team Sports

How To Be Social

There’s nothing like a hot, sweaty basketball game to become friends with people. This tip has to be one of my favorites because it’s fun and it feels the most natural out of all the tips.

And like most of the other suggestions, you have something in common with these people, that means you can do things like go to a bar to catch some professional games, and even go the games themselves.

To put this tip into action open up another browser window right now and look up recreational basketball or basketball leagues. If you play another sport then look up leagues for that sport, I’m sure there are many.

There’s enormous potential for meeting many people with this tip because most sport’s teams require more than 10 people to play!

How To Be Social Tip 6: Hit Up Old Friends

How To Be Social

Unless you were homeschooled or you were a loner your whole life; you must have a bunch of old friends you’ve left in your past, hit those friends up.

Even though you may not have spoken to them in years, most people are happy to see old friends and catch up. I’m sure those old friends will respond positively and be ecstatic to hang out.

And once again, all of these old friends have new friends; therefore, you can meet a lot of new people through them.

How To Be Social Tip 7: Go On Friend Making Sites

How To Be Social

At first, friend sites might seem a little creepy, but then again, so where dating sites when they first came out. But look at where dating sites are now, according to Eharmony, more than 40% of Americans use online dating. When the future arrives, you have to adapt to it, if not you get left behind.

So how do they work?

Well, the best thing about a friend making site is that; similar to a dating site, they match you to the people you would most likely have stuff in common with. Another cool feature is that if someone is going to an event nearby that maybe you’re already going to, then the site lets you know so you can link up with them.

Friend Making Sites Available:

  • Meetup App
  • Nextdoor App

How To Be Social Tip 8: FaceBook

A couple of years back when I was highly into Game and pick-up, I was trying to find someone to go out with to pick up women.

The problem was I couldn’t find anyone since pick-up is such a taboo topic in our current society. That was up until I realized that the answer to finding someone was right in front of my nose, Facebook groups!

All I did was look up pick-up and game in the search bar, and a bunch of different Facebook groups dedicated to those topics came up. I was surprised to find that in those groups many men were heavily into Game and made plans to go out together all the time!

Through these groups I met some pretty cool dudes and ended up gaining some pickup experience. That experience later led to meeting some cute women. It was all a win-win!


Like everything else in life, when it comes to how to be social, doesn’t just happen naturally. You have to go out of your way and make it happen! Otherwise, stay lonely and bored, and you better not complain, because you have chosen to stay that way. If you do decide to make a change and get that social life you want then follow the eight tips I gave you above; you will be glad you did.

  • Start going out with Co-workers
  • Join a club related to something you love
  • Talk to people at your school
  • Talk to people at church
  • Play team sports
  • Hit up old pals
  • Go on friend-making sites
  • Find people on Facebook groups