How To Get Over A Girl And Get A Better One

An interesting study revealed that the average man will go through 2 break-ups of a year or longer in length before finding the one. So if this was your first one, there might be another in the horizon, so you BETTER learn how to get over a girl. And if this is your second break-up, well, the one might be coming up very soon, so you better get over this break-up quickly! The following article will teach you how, in the most effective, time-efficient way.

1. Get other girls

How To Get Over A Girl 1

One of the most effective ways to forget about a girl you really liked, is to meet other girls. Like they say in Spanish speaking countries: “Un clavo saca a otro clavo” or “A nail pulls out another nail”. Meaning that you fill the void of the “old” girl with the “new” girl.

The reason it works so well is that, part of the damage that comes from a break-up is done to your self-esteem. Meaning that you start doubting your self-worth and if somebody else will ever love you. But, if you begin getting attention from other girls straight away, your self-esteem takes less of a hit.

So enjoy the red panty nights, Casanova 😉

2. Go out and do new things

How To Get Over A Girl 2

When we go through a break-up, we tend to think alot—all kinds of things!

  • Like

Does she still love me?

Is she with someone else right now?

I’m I underserving of love?

Will I ever get over this?

You see the trend? It’s all mostly negative thoughts that aren’t one bit productive. Without a doubt, you will end up depressed.

That’s why to avoid ending up in the pit of depression, you must get out. Keep your mind occupied!

You will obviously still feel the pain, but at least the activity will keep you somewhat sane. Plus, once the break-up trauma passes, you’ll have cool stories to tell about all the stuff you did after your breakup.

3. Put your energy into something you love

How To Get Over A Girl 3

Whatever we put our attention on expands and grows. Try to put your focus on things that you love doing instead of placing it on her. This will not only feel good but gradually increase your happiness level.

4. Get new hobbies

How To Get Over A Girl 4

Learn new things and adopt new interesting hobbies into your life. There are always things we’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Now is the time to discover new passions and try new cool things.

5. Travel

How To Get Over A Girl 5

If you want to clear your mind then traveling has got to be the best antidote. There’s nothing like going to a place you’ve never been and see things you’ve never seen. Aside from forgetting about your problems at home you’ll open up your mind to new possibilities and get a new perspective.

6. Improve yourself

How To Get Over A Girl 6

Self-improvement goes without saying. It is the ultimate way to evolve as a person and leave behind those that didn’t make your life better, in this case…her.

7. Get rid of everything that reminds you of her

How To Get Over A Girl 7

Get rid of every text she’s sent you, every letter she’s written to you, every gift she’s given you. Whatever it is that reminds you of her you need to give away or throw in the garbage. Not letting go of those things that keep reminding you of her will only make the process harder.

8. Erase her from your social media

How To Get Over A Girl 8

Erase the girl you want to forget about from all your social media platforms. The last thing you’d want is to see her with another guy on instagram.

9. Start thinking rationally

How To Get Over A Girl 8

Think rationally about the whole situation and don’t act based on what you’re currently feeling. Realize that you’ve clicked on this article for a reason…Because you want to forget her. Don’t act irrationally by dwelling about the situation or begging her to take you back.

10. Think about your future

How To Get Over A Girl 9

There’s nothing more exciting than to think about your future when trying to forget about a girl. Think about the future girl that will come into your life. Think about how she’s going to be the right one for you and how better your life will be because of it.

11. Get everything out of your system

How To Get Over A Girl 10

It is only normal to have a lot of shit built up inside you. You’ve cared about this girl a lot and now you’ve decided to get over her. This is why you need to talk to a friend and say everything you need to say about the subject. After you’re done and you got everything out of your system is time to move on and never talk about her again.

12. Realize she wasn’t for you

How To Get Over A Girl 11

Realize that if things didn’t go as you wanted, it’s because she wasn’t the right girl for you. You guys weren’t meant to be together and that’s the reality of the situation. Also, realize that something better is coming your way and that’s why you’ll need to forget about her in the first place.

13. Remember the reasons why you guys aren’t together

How To Get Over A Girl 12

Remember all the reasons why you guys are not together at the moment. Maybe you guys were a couple or even just “friends” but the fact is that you liked her a lot and now you want to get over her for good. Think about all the things that made you guys not be compatible and ask yourself…why would I want to be with someone that’s not a perfect match for me in the first place?.

14. Remember she has flaws too

How To Get Over A Girl 13

If there’s one truth in this world is that the sun will come up tomorrow and that no girl on this planet is perfect. Think about all of her flaws and how she’s not this idealized version of her you have in your mind.

15. Spend more time with friends and family

How To Get Over A Girl 14

Try to spend as much time with friends and family as possible. This will not only better your relationships with them but make you be in the present moment and not think about her anymore. Ask your friends how their lives are doing, What plans do they have for the future, etc. Focus on them instead of yourself and soon you’ll forget she even existed.

16. Exercise and get in shape

How To Get Over A Girl 15

Moving your body and lifting heavy shit is super effective when feeling down or depressed. It’s impossible to think or dwell while doing hard shit like lifting weights or sprinting. Try to get your heart rate up at least 5 times a week if not every day and focus on your body instead of your mind.

17. Take advantage of being single and enjoy it

How To Get Over A Girl 16

Take advantage of all the good things that come with being single. You’re finally free to do just whatever it is you want to do. Do you want to travel with your group of friends? Go!… Do you want to stay up all night dancing at a club? Go!… Now is the time to enjoy your friends and most importantly yourself!

18. Keep yourself busy

How To Get Over A Girl 17

How to get over a girl? It all boils down to staying busy every day until you just forget about thinking about her. The worst thing you can do is stay at home all day and get bored out of your mind. When you’re bored you tend to overthink shit and it worsens the situation.

19. Don’t spend time with friends in common

How To Get Over A Girl 18

If you two had friends in common it’s recommendable to not spend time with them anymore. Decide if the friends you had in common with her were more “your” friends or more “her” friends. Then separate yourself with the ones that were more “hers” and stay cool with yours. By doing this you’ll avoid seeing her at parties or reunions.

20.Be patient and be aware that everything gets better with time.

How To Get Over A Girl 19

The last point on the list is to be patient as fuck and realize that everything heals with time. There’s no problem big enough in this life that doesn’t get better with time. One day you’ll look back at this moment in your life and laugh at how stressed out you were. You’ll see this experience as something you learned a lot from. With patience and time soon enough you’ll get over her for good and move on with your life.

Everything’s gonna be okay.