How to Make Her Miss You: The 2020 Approach

If there’s a single thing I’ve learned throughout the years, is that women want you and end up falling for you in your absence. In those moments when she’s thinking about you. This is why many “seduction experts” tell you that when you are with a woman, to create “good feelings.” That way, when you aren’t around, she notices and ends wanting to see you again. But how do you do it exactly?. How do you make her miss you to the point of blowing up your phone?… Saying she can’t wait to come over and “Netflix n Chill” (wink, wink)…The next 3 tips I’m about to give you will clear up the most important question ever, regarding women…How to make her miss you? 

This sacred knowledge I’m passing onto you, use it wisely, and share it with your bros.

Let’s be real…

While it’s true that advice on how to make a woman miss you are vastly available on the internet. It’s also true that most of those “tips” completely suck.

Most of the information I see on this subject comes from a manipulative and weak place. They tell you to “fake it,” to “pretend,” in order to impress her.

Fuck that, we’re done with that BS!

It doesn’t work. You might be able to fool her the first time, but eventually, she will see through your tricks.

1. Don’t pretend to have a life. Actually, have a life…

How to Make Her Miss You1

Many authors and coaches recommend you to “not answer her text messages right away”… “To not call all the time,”… “that it’s not you who asks for a second date,” etc. Those recommendations are good and all, but they come from a weak place. From the idea that you have to pretend to be exciting and leave her to do the chasing.

In theory, it sounds right, and it can even get you incredible results, but to a certain extent. The problem is that most guys who do this, pretend to be a man they’re clearly not. The worst thing about it is that it is all fake.

Only done with the intention of deceiving, making her think that you are interesting, when in your mind, you’re not. This alone already leaves you in a very unattractive position. A position you don’t want to be in if you really desire to be a guy who gets women.

Change your reality

The trick here’s to change your paradigm. To not “pretend” to have an exciting life just to make someone like you. Do the exact opposite… actually, make your life interesting because that’s what YOU want.

When you do this, you leave behind the addiction of needing validation from women. You’ll end up focusing more on yourself and live under your own terms. You’ll start working on bettering yourself and becoming the best version of yourself.

Basically, you’ll become a MAN and leave behind the boy that only looks to “impress” with the hopes of getting laid.

Having an interesting and exciting life will naturally make other people want to be part of that experience. In her case, she’ll want to be part of that fun, and for that reason, she will miss you when she’s not with you.

2. Take things easy

How to Make Her Miss You2

Yes… you really like her. Sure… you spend lots of time thinking about her. Yes… you want to be with her to touch her and kiss her. All of this is entirely normal, but remember that whatever you experience… she does too. What I’m trying to say is that she can also think about you, want to be with you and want to kiss you…as long as YOU are not thereThe problem with most guys is that they don’t let the girl feel these emotions. Let me give you this piece of advice I learned a long time ago…” The more scarce something is, the more valuable it is”

When you give away your time, when you give away your company, when you give away yourself, you are ceasing to be valuable and attractive to women.

Don’t act desperate

Blowing up her phone with texts and calls all the time makes you seem just like every other loser out there. Not like the “prize“you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should act like a complete asshole and treat them badly just to seem “cool”. What I’m saying is that you take things with ease, without desperation and you don’t put her on a pedestal.

When you begin to act desperate, you give off this (unattractive) vibe of “I need you”.Of no irls exist in my life so I can’t let you go”. You give off a feeling of scarcity and of having a shitty life where you seek external stuff to fill in the void, like having a woman in your life… to have a less shitty life.

It might sound ironic to you but it’s true, the less you seek to be liked by a woman, the less you seek her validation, the more SHE’S going to want YOU to like her, the more she’ll seek for your validation and the more she’ll want to be with you.

3. Respect your value

How to Make Her Miss You3

Everything you’ll learn about seduction and game comes down to respecting yourself…respecting your value as a man.

Like I mentioned before, behaving like the guy who easily gives away his time instantly drops your value to zero. It’s possible that the girl you like makes you want to be attentive and act like a gentleman, but one thing is being attentive and another a pushover. There’s a very fine line between those two, so be careful.

When you respect your value you respect everything that makes up your life: your time, your tastes, your hobbies, your preferences…and people will start respecting you. There’s nothing more pathetic and disgusting in a man than complaining about women rejecting him all the time. If you don’t respect yourself how is the rest going to do so?… If you don’t love yourself how are they going to love you?… If you don’t even like yourself, how do you expect people to?… Do you see the contradiction?

Many men want women to call them, to chase them, but they’re full of bitterness and resentment. Even they’re depressed and sexually frustrated they expect women to go crazy for them…This is not possible!

Last thought…

If you want everything in your life to take the direction you wish, from your career to your relationships, you need to make serious changes. It’s more than likely that what you’re doing today to become happier, more attractive, more successful and healthier AIN’T working at all. Remember this:

“If you want to accomplish something you’ve never accomplished before, you have to become someone you’ve never been”

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