5 exercises you need to build a great physique

The ONLY 5 Exercises You Need to Build a Great Physique

Nowadays bodybuilding has become too mainstream and thus overly complicated. Luckily for you, the reality is that you only need the following 5 exercises to build a physique like a fucking Greek God. Don’t get me wrong, it will not…

ectomorph workout

Ectomorph Workout, 6 Hacks For Quick Muscle Gains

How can I put on weight? What should I eat? What supplements do I take? Is there any ectomorph workout that will help me stop being this bony, weak, non-sexy guy? Today I want to give you my ectomorph workout and diet hacks that have helped me gain over 50 pounds of mass. (20 lbs in the first 3 months!). 

cheap foods to build a great physique

7 Cheap Foods to Build a GREAT Physique

If you are like me and don’t like to spend more than you have to to get the best results physique wise then this article might be exactly what you are looking for. I am tired of fitness magazines and fitness sites promoting their useless products just to make a buck, fuck that!. The fitness industry has overcomplicated something that is supposed to be simple and inexpensive, nutrition! 

Best Exercises For Back: The Only 3 You Need To Build a Massive Back

What is the only muscle group that makes a man look like a powerful threatening savage? THE BACK! That v taper that makes you look like Superman, that v taper that makes the opposite sex know you are a testosterone filled alpha man without saying…

how to lose a pound a day

How To Lose a Pound a Day: This is How I Did it

Recently, I was faced with a very big problem. I had a planned trip to Chicago(10 days away) to finally try the deep dish pizza. I knew I wasn’t going to let myself go and resign to my reality, so I decided to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. But I didn’t know…

How To Lose Arm Fat: The Secret Nobody’s Telling You

How to lose arm fat has to be “THE” thing I wondered during my teenage years. You see, I was the chubby kid in high-school and I hated it. I would’ve done anything for someone to tell me the truth about losing fat in my arms. It would’ve saved myself many hours of…

how to win a fight

How To Win a Fight vs a Bigger Man: 7 Tips

In life, you will be challenged by other men, it is inevitable, it’s part of being an alpha. And sometimes these other men will be bigger than you are. Therefore, it’s your job to learn how to win a fight against a bigger man. Most of the time…