Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You: 25 Red Flags To Watch Out For

After knowing the 25 signs that are a girl doesn’t like you’ll know for sure if the girl you like is actually into you or not. Usually, you can tell very quickly when a woman is not interested in you. But, sometimes, you like her so much that you become blinded by the attraction and fail to read the signs. This not only wastes your time but also makes her hate you and ultimately become less and less attracted to you. It’s better to catch the signals early and reassess your strategy than to make her hate you at the end.


In the dating world you have to see yourself as a product and women as your customer. After realizing this concept, then you can tell if your product is good enough that the girl you like is actually interested in “purchasing”. If after reading the 25 red flags you realize the girl you like doesn’t like you back…you have 2 options:

signs a girl doesn't like you

1.Leave her alone until you better your product(yourself).

2. Or, leave her alone and find a girl that is willing to buy the product(you) as it is.

Either way you must leave the girl alone if you know she DOESN’T like you. Everything you do after realizing she’s not into you is just worsening the situation.

Now, let’s begin:

The 25 signs that a girl doesn’t like you:


When a girl likes you she finds any excuse necessary to touch you…to be closer to you.


When a woman likes you she’d cancel anything just to see you and spend time with you…You’re her priority, the only thought on her mind.


Holding eye contact is a sign of interest and girls do this on purpose so you know they’re interested in you.


If she takes more than a day to reply to your text…be sure to know that you’re not that important in her life.


Body language communicates more than oral language. If her body language is all closed down, then she doesn’t feel comfortable with you.


When a girl likes you a lot, you’re like her drug…she can’t get enough from you. If she’s not interested in having a conversation then she thinks it’s not worth it to invest time in getting to know you.


If you find yourself initiating the texts, making plans, or being the one who has to ask all the questions, she simply not interested in what you offer.


This is a big one that not only works for girls but for everybody. If someone is more entertained looking at their phones instead of listening to you…then there’s a problem.


Her making plans with you or asking you, what are you up? to are a rarity.


It’s not a coincidence that when you two are “out”, it’s always with a group. She doesn’t want to give you the wrong message(that she likes you)!


When you see her from a distance and wait for her to look back but she never does. Don’t be confused…She noticed you way before you did. It’s just that she doesn’t want you to think that she likes you so she avoids the eye contact.


When you flirt with her she doesn’t flirt back. Instead acts serious and changes the subject.


You DM her about how was her day and her response is “K”…Do you need it to be spelled out for you?


You see her at the dance floor and ask her to dance…she says “no” or gives an excuse like: “I gotta go to the restroom”, “My friends are calling me”, “Maybe later”. No bueno…


Being alone with you would mean that you’d have a chance to make your move. She intentionally avoids this by simply not being alone with you.


Everytime you play by touching her, she moves away or gives excuses like: “I don’t like when people touch my hair” …You better believe she would love the guy she likes touching every inch of her body.


When someone is not interested in you, they simply don’t put the effort in looking their best when they’re around you. They simply don’t have anything to get out of it since they don’t find you attractive.


This is a big one that you must always remember. If the girl you like is not laughing at your lame jokes then there’s a 90% chance she’s not into you. Girls want to be liked by the guy they like. If it means laughing at your lame jokes they’ll do it.


Talking about other guys in front of you means she doesn’t see you as a potential mate. Instead she sees you as just a friend or as one of the girls.


Smiling is attractive and girls know it. If she’s not smiling much around you, she might not want to send the wrong signal that she likes you.


Have you ever been with a girlfriend and she asks you “what are you thinking”? Girls that are actually into you want to know every single detail about you. If she’s not eager to know more about you it’s because she’s eager to know more about someone else.


If she’s not asking you about your family, goals, career, past, favorite foods,etc…she’s just not that interested man. For you to actually want to know things like that about a person you really have to like them and enjoy their company.


She talks to you about her other friends and wants you to meet them. Because she wants you to stay away from her and not think about her romantically.


“K”, “OK”, “w.e” or any emoji in replacement of a phrase, are all signs of her just wanting to end the conversation or simply not feeling it enough to invest more time in it.


You talk to her about this new great restaurant you discovered and she doesn’t follow along asking questions about it or seem interested at all. She knows there’s the possibility of you asking her to go there so she avoids keeping the conversation alive.


If after reading the list you realized this girl you’ve been dreaming about doesn’t like you…I recommend you stop any communication you have with her and do the following:

  • Better yourself
  • Fix what you don’t like about yourself
  • Make more friends
  • Get healthier

Overall, it comes down to increasing your sexual market value.

The reason she’s not into you is because she’s not ATTRACTED to you. In order to become a more attractive man you have to change what you’re doing right now. You basically have to become a better version of who you are at the moment. If you’re still ost I recommend you reading: 7 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive.

However, if after reading the list you realize she is in fact into you, then my friend, I congratulate you and keep doing what you’re doing.

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